Dear and expensive: What German pay for the car

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The German favorite child: The car is still of great importance to the citizens of Germany. That’s why motorists also make their car cost a lot – both in terms of purchase and in entertainment. A representative forsa survey commissioned by CostBend shows when car owners willingly open their pockets and where they would rather save. 1

What matters when buying a car
As carefully as the Germans cultivate their car, they are also careful when choosing a model. Which vehicle ultimately manages to get into the garage depends on various factors. First and foremost, the purchase price is undisputed: For 89 percent of the respondents, this plays a major role in the acquisition of wagons. However, car vision is in demand, especially with regard to the long-term use object – as the buyers know. Fuel costs (68 percent) are number two of the most important decision factors, followed by maintenance and repair costs (61 percent). However, the amount of motor insurance contributions for 58 percent of motorists plays a major role in the car purchase.

Special equipment is a man’s business
If the vehicle choice is made, it goes to the equipment: the ride comfort would be the car drivers most often a surcharge when buying a car. More than two-thirds of the respondents (69 percent) would dig deeper into their pockets when buying a car for climate control. Even for a seat heater 55 percent of the drivers would be willing to spend more money. Similarly important to them is the automatic assistance when parking – more than every second would pay for the helper an extra charge (54 percent). Only then are safety extras such as Auffahrwarner or emergency brake assistants (46 percent), driving stability system (41 percent) or distance control (34 percent) selected. In general, when buying optional equipment, men would rather treat something than women. This is especially true for multifunction steering wheel, cruise control and xenon or LED headlights. A special audio system and sports suspension would be men and younger drivers under 30 years above average often worth a surcharge.

After buying a vehicle: That’s how much the maintenance costs
The purchase of a car must be well considered, because this brings along with the purchase price and considerable care and maintenance costs. A majority of car owners (40 percent) said they spent 100 to 500 euros last year for car care and maintenance. One third (34 percent) spent between 500 and 1,000 euros. Almost one in five (18 percent) car drivers even broke the 1,000 euro mark for vehicle maintenance costs. Less than 100 euros last year, only 6 percent of the wagon owners.

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