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Make your land pass

Choose your mortgage loan insurance to reduce the cost of your financing for the purchase or construction of your home. We help you find the best loan insurance contract on the market!

The Pass-Foncier loan


The Pass-Foncier loan is a real estate loan that allows modest households to finance the purchase or construction of a house without having acquired the land, thanks to a repayment system spread over time. This scheme was available to borrowing homeowners who started their operations before January 1, 2011. Today, there are alternative loans to land loan such as the loan 1% housing for a purchase in the new or the loan 1% for a purchase in the old.

3 conditions to benefit from PASS-FONCIER

  1. to be first-time buyer of his principal residence
  2. to be eligible for assistance from local authorities
  3. have tax revenues that comply with the PSLA resource limits

Loan insurance

money loan

As with any home loan, this type of loan must be secured by loan insurance. And you are free to choose your mortgage loan insurance outside the lending institution. Whatever the type of credit you want to subscribe, we offer you the tailor-made individual insurance quote with the lowest rate of the market, among the offers of our insurance partners.

Whether for a mortgage insurance, a loan insurance pass land , a loan insurance in fine or a rental investment insurance, we help you get the best offer of protection that will guarantee your loan: you are well covered and a very attractive price.

1 State project with 1% housing: the real estate loan Land Pass

This is home project finance at € 15 per day. Or how to become an owner of a quality real estate without the risk of getting into debt dangerously for the rest of its existence.

The financial advantages of the Pass-Foncier loan system are an important guarantee of security: the 1% housing buys the real estate and relocates the family in case of repayment problem.

From the amount of taxes up to 20% of the interest of the real estate loan can be deducted