3 best eBook plugins for WordPress sites (in 2021)

Almost 60% of marketers reuse their content 2-5 times, and a common way to reuse your content is to turn it into an eBook. You can then sell your eBook on your WordPress site or self-publishing platforms, like Amazon Kindle or Barnes & Noble, and generate passive income.

And the great thing about eBooks is that they are more accessible to readers. Unlike regular books that you buy from a bookstore or ship to your door, eBooks can be downloaded directly for reading.

What is an eBook?

An eBook refers to any book or document that you can download and read electronically. It is often much shorter than a regular book (a minimum of 10,000 words), which makes it easier for people to self-publish. e-books and earn passive income.

In addition, e-books can be read on a computer, tablet or smartphone, which essentially makes them e-books.

3 best eBook plugins for WordPress

With a WordPress eBook plugin, you can quickly turn your blog content into an eBook. It also allows you to sell, watermark and download your eBook directly from your website or deliver it by E-mail.

In short, an eBook plugin allows you to:

  • Sell ​​your eBook online
  • Distribute it by e-mail
  • Encrypt your content
  • Demonstrate industry expertise
  • Build brand credibility
  • Educate your audience
  • Make your content more accessible to readers
  • Grow your subscriber list

Specifically, an eBook plugin helps you leverage your existing content and re-engage with your target audience.

With that, here’s my pick of the 3 best eBook plugins for WordPress sites:

1. Print my blog

Print My Blog makes it very easy to turn your blog content into eBooks that you can sell on your website or other platforms.

The plugin allows you to print thousands of blog posts with just a few clicks. It also allows you to add print buttons to help your visitors publish your articles.

Print my blog optimizes your content for eBook distribution by avoiding page breaks in images, removing sidebars and site logos, as well as allowing you to use other plugins in your print content.

With the exception of eBooks, you can also create:

  • White papers
  • User manuals
  • Lead magnets
  • Product brochures
  • Event brochures
  • Restaurant menus
  • And more.

Cost: You can get started for free with Print My Blog. Depending on your publishing needs, they also offer Pro versions for $ 71 to $ 599 per year.

2. Ebook template

Like Print My Blog, Templatic Ebook also helps you turn your content into eBooks. Best of all, it also offers integration with WooCommerce, making it easy to sell your eBook on your site.

The plugin is beginner friendly with a straightforward setup and straightforward design. It’s also 100% responsive and looks great on multiple devices including smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

Templatic Ebook comes with various customization options to design your eBook the way you want.

For example, you can use custom widgets to swap or include new items using a simple drag and drop builder.

Cost: Ebook template starts at $ 69 for a single site license.

3. Bookomatic

Bookomatic is an automatic post generator plugin that transforms your WordPress blog content in e-books. It uses the Google Books API to turn your website into an automatic blogging or e-book machine.

For example, the plugin comes with a built-in text synonymizer, which randomizes posts so that no one knows your content source.

It also allows you to translate your content into any language and make your eBook accessible to your target audience in any country.

Overall, this plugin simplifies the publishing process and helps your content attract any geographic audience.

Cost: Bookomatic starts at $ 21 for a regular license.


EBooks are a great way to repurpose your blog content and educate your readers on topics you are passionate about while making passive income from self-publishing. E-books are easily accessible to readers and save them a visit to the traditional bookstore. The world is moving towards the use of digital products across the board, so now is the time to embrace it in any way possible.

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