32% of people do it behind their partner’s back, new study finds

It’s hard to overstate the importance of an online presence for young people today. Yet a surprising new claim from website builder Squarespace may still shock you: “Gen Z finds digital life more important and memorable than life in person,” they wrote, after concluding a study on digital habits. of more than 2,000 American adults.

The company found that about 60% of adults under 40 “think how you present yourself online is more important than how you present yourself in person.” As you can imagine, this can contribute to some pretty surprising online habits, including some that seemingly affect our romantic relationships. Read on to find out what a third of people admitted to doing behind their partner’s back online and how it can affect your own relationship.

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With the online presence being viewed with such importance, it might not come as a surprise that so many people are secretly keeping tabs on the profiles of their partners on social networks. This can include looking at their posts, following who liked their posts, or taking note of the posts. they have seen or liked.

The Squarespace survey found that 32% of people admit to looking for their current romantic partner at least once a week. The rates are much higher for young couples: 51% of Gen Z and 55% of Millennials regularly engage in the habit online.

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The habit of searching for your current partner may have gained momentum as a lot of relationships start online these days. If you’ve been matched with someone on a dating app or site, it’s now considered standard practice to research a date before meeting them IRL.

According to the survey, 86% of Gen Z and 79% of Millennials snoop online before meeting people for the first time. On the flip side, only 65% ​​of Gen Xers and 44% of Baby Boomers do the same.

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While many view pre-dating spying as a fundamental part of online dating safety, some continue to do so during the early days of a relationship. A Mashable author probed this topic by sending out his own poll and found that most respondents admitted to having the usefulness of light espionage as a conversation tool. “I will cross [my date’s] social media again to see what I missed and take the opportunity to ask them questions about themselves. Fun vacations, hobbies, etc. Explained a 30-year-old respondent.

Another respondent, Michelle klejmont, a 24-year-old from New Jersey, added that for some, a little spying may just be an extension of your in-person worship. “I always watch my boyfriend’s Instagram and look through my camera roll at photos and videos of him just because it makes me happy to see his face,” she explained. “He also confessed that he stalks my Instagram just to look at my face too :).”

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According to the Mashable investigation, there is a time limit for acceptable spying as the relationship takes shape. “Almost everyone seemed to agree that the spying should end once the relationship is exclusive. Some even said they stopped on the first dates,” the author wrote.

While checking a partner’s public profile is a far cry from their privacy, most say it should become somewhat outdated if the dynamics of your in-person relationship are strong enough.

In other words, your online presence may be essential from the start, but in the end, it’s the actual interactions that matter most after all.

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