4 digital marketing agencies that will help you boost your business

The world of advertising has changed dramatically over the years. Traditional marketing methods are no longer used and companies are now moving towards digital marketing to boost their business. Nowadays, people use Google, Facebook, and other social media pages to search for products and services that follow this trend. Businesses should focus on harnessing the strengths of digital marketing for the success of their products, services and campaigns.

In fiscal year 2020, the digital advertising industry in India had a market size of around 199 billion Indian rupees, up from around 47 billion the previous year. By fiscal year 2024, that figure is expected to reach around 539 billion rupees, demonstrating a significant increase in the industry sector, according to a study by the Stastia research department. These numbers in themselves prove that digitization is the future we are heading towards.

Below are the 4 best digital marketing agencies that can help your business grow:

AND MediaLabs

ET Medialabs is India’s leading digital marketing and analytics company focused on growing businesses using digital marketing, data and AI. It is both Google’s first partner and Facebook’s marketing partner. The management of ET Media laboratories is made up of seasoned IIT and IIM professionals with more than 10 years of experience. They have a unique set of skills linked by a customer-centric approach and honed by years of experience in the industry. It also helps its clients with automated media buying using smart algorithms to dramatically increase ROI.

Digital LogicServe

Logicserve is a leading digital marketing company providing a full range of digital marketing services. They deliver high quality brand and performance marketing campaigns across various platforms such as search, social media and mobile. They also collaborate with their clients as “digital consultants,” identifying gaps, strategizing, and implementing the best-suited technology stack for their business just in time to achieve peak results.

Shows India

Performics India helps businesses manage their advertising and operational demands holistically, including supply chain, product flow, product / content merchandising, and commerce engine sales components. Advisory services, customer marketing, and voice benchmarking are all included in their full-time solution. All parts of their clients’ affiliate marketing programs are managed by them, including partner and program development, media optimization, channel alignment, and campaign administration.


Digidarts is driven by growth, innovation and performance. Social Media Marketing, Media Buying, Search Engine Optimization, App Store Optimization, Digital Branding, Web Analytics, Pay Per Click Ads, website development, affiliate marketing, etc. are some of the digital marketing services that they offer. Their team works closely with their customers to develop effective and empowering digital strategies to strengthen the brand’s reputation and online presence in new and exciting ways.

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