5 Free Website Builders To Build A Personal Online Portfolio Without Coding

You no longer need to be a developer to build your own website. With these free website builders, you can build anything from a personal portfolio to a large-scale online portal.

At this point, it is impossible to be a business without a website. Everyone needs them and luckily it’s easier than ever to create one. All thanks to the growing movement of no-code tools for building apps and sites. You don’t need to know HTML or CSS to build a professional website or personal online portfolio page.

1. Aspect (Web): The best free website builder and builder for beginners

Appearance wallet generator interface

How can Aspect be free? This is a question that you will find frustrating as you use the app and realize that there has not been a better free website builder. For most people, it’s actually as good as professional paid software like Wix.

Aspect is a web-based builder that works in your browser. The first step is to choose a layout from its wide range of templates. Spend time here and choose the one that suits your needs. This will make your job much easier.

The application itself is streamlined and straightforward. The left column is where you create pages and look at elements (and their code, only if you want to). The right column contains items such as a navigation bar, container, image, button, text, and drop-down buttons. Check out the Components section for more out-of-the-box elements, such as a three-column text section, pricing table, and headers and footers.

You can edit every element and component in granular detail. It’s one of the few apps that offers things like how rounded you want the corners of a button to be. Anytime, you can check what your website looks like on a desktop, tablet, or phone.

Once registered, you can publish your Aspect website by creating a custom Aspect page or on your own domain as well. Aspect contains simple instructions on how to redirect your current domain to the website you just created.

And the final kick? You can download the entire website with just one click at no cost. Surprisingly, it’s a free app. This could lead to bankruptcy of professional website builders.

2. mmm.page (Web): The Easiest Drag & Drop Personal Website Builder

Mmm.page is a blank canvas to make a website with any design you can think of.  To show creativity!

If this is your first time building a website, start with mmm.page. It is the easiest and easiest website builder for absolute beginners who have nothing else to do but drag and drop elements.

Create a free account to get your own URL and start building the site. The builder interface has a set of tools on the left, which you can click to add to the page: text, stickers, buttons (for links to social networks or other pages), images, YouTube links and shapes. Each of these items is customizable just like you are running a basic Paint program.

It’s literally a blank canvas, and you can go wild with the look you want. You are not bound by any wireframe and layout restrictions that other website builders place on you.

When you increase the size of an item or move it, mmm.page alerts you to the visible area on a phone versus a desk. It’s a good way to create mobile-friendly web pages without worrying about what is right and wrong.

You can add multiple pages, create a full-fledged website with sections like About and Categories, or stick to a single page website. mmm.page is spectacularly simple.

3. HexoPress (Web): Turn Google Docs into Blog Posts and Website

HexoPress turns Google Docs into blog posts, making it one of the easiest ways to build your own writing website.

For those used to writing in Google Docs or Microsoft Word, the complexity of starting a blog can be overwhelming. HexoPress turns Google Docs into a website, where you publish articles by simply dragging documents into a folder.

Here is how it works. First, create an account on HexoPress and set up information like website name, tagline, About section, and your author’s name. This process creates a HexoPress folder in your Google Drive, which means free website hosting on your cloud drive. Any Google Docs file that you copy-paste into this folder becomes a new post on the website when you refresh the HexoPress settings.

It’s effortless and retains most of the document formatting including images, videos, header links, tables, etc. Anytime any formatting looks incorrect, you can easily change it by editing the document in the folder.

Blog posts will be chronologically based on when you pasted a file into the folder. Also, HexoPress doesn’t allow you to change the look of the site, so you’ll have to live with the simple theme shown in the image above. But hey, given the ease with which the app allows blogging, it’s worth it.

4. Znaplink (Web): Personal portfolio of links, with detailed analysis

Znaplink is a forever free app for creating a mobile-friendly online portfolio page, linking your best work

If you have a diverse set of online spaces that you are active in, Znaplink is ideal for building a personal online portfolio. You won’t host anything on this page itself, but you link to your other spaces in a beautiful and efficient way. The best part? Znaplink promises that it will always be free, unlike several other such services, to build a link page like Campsite and Linktree.

Sign up for your unique Znaplink URL, which can also be changed later. Add an image, your bio details, and links to your Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and other pages you want to promote.

The app’s straightforward interface places the wallet linking system next to a live preview of what the final page will look like on a phone. The basic idea is to create folders for any series of links. For example, if you want to link to your top articles, create a folder for “Featured Articles” and add multiple links to it. The links for each folder scroll horizontally on the final page, while the main page scrolls vertically.

Znaplink also wants to help you understand your readers and provide detailed analytics for your page. It also integrates with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixels and offers basic SEO tweaks. Best of all, it looks modern and sleek, making it a great place to create an online portfolio for free.

5. 8b (Web): Easy Builder with a range of templates for common websites

8b offers a variety of templates for common types of websites, making it easy to build your own

8b is yet another no-code tool for building websites and doesn’t have much different functionality. But it does the little things well and is a great option for those who want to start with a free website and maybe upgrade to a paid account.

The free account has over 250 premium sections and templates for common websites like wedding site, company page, restaurant portal, etc. It’s a super simple, drag and drop website builder that anyone can edit without coding knowledge. .

These are all progressive, mobile-friendly web apps that come with an SSL HTTPS certificate and support Google AMP and Analytics. You also get unlimited storage and bandwidth, which is pretty cool for a free site.

What are the restrictions? You will need to stick with a custom 8b.io subdomain and only build single page websites. You will also see some ads on your website. All of these can be removed for $ 2.42 per month.

Should you create your own site or pay a professional?

All these free apps to build your own website without coding will inspire you to build your own site. They’re actually pretty straightforward for freelance professionals, certain types of small businesses, startups and app builders, and other basic website uses. If nothing else, try them out before looking for a professional option.

However, if you are a decent sized business, you may still want to consider bringing in a professional. If you expect high traffic to your site, it is helpful for a developer to handle server hosting, SEO management, and other technical aspects of running a website.


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