5 highly effective B2B digital marketing strategies

The B2B digital marketing space is seen as an emotionless area where customers make logical purchasing decisions based on quantifiable positive results.

The main question that concerns decision-makers and that you need to answer is, “How will buying from you help our business grow?” “

They look at their budget, their return on investment and their profits.

Your success will depend on the ability of your service or product to positively affect your customer’s business. Are you going to save them time, resources or money?

The B2B digital marketing space is an exciting yet stimulating environment in which you can excel if you know what to do.

Here are five very effective B2B digital marketing strategies you can use.

1. Research

A marketer who only thinks about his own results will push his services in the customer’s face only to meet rejection.


They failed to assess the client’s needs and tailor their services accordingly.

Start by doing detailed research on your target customers.

This will help you get to know your prospect, understand their weak spot, and benchmark your product against the competition.

You will then be able to fine-tune your product and adapt it to fill the gaps in their existing solutions. You need to show how your product or service fits and benefits their business.

By combining this strategy with the ones we’ll share below, you can then create a niche-focused strategy for other companies in this industry.

Specializing in a particular industry makes marketing efforts easier because you will have in-depth knowledge that can make you the go-to expert.

2. Cold call

Cold calls remain an effective strategy to get in touch with decision-makers. But it only works if you do it right.

Most people have no patience for cold calling. You will likely have less than 20 seconds to capture or lose their attention.

Use the time to offer a compelling solution to the challenges they face. Your ability to resolve their problem may get you halfway to closing the sale.

Avoid making the call really cold. first research the prospect and his company.

People would rather deal with a knowledgeable person who is interested in their opinions or issues rather than a high-pressure cold call from a telemarketer.

What if the person says “send me more information”

What they’re really trying to do is get rid of you without being rude.

Rather than hanging up, dropping the email, and waiting with your fingers crossed, take the opportunity to get more information from the prospect.

You can say, “I will, but I want to be sure that I only send you relevant information. Can you tell me _______ ? “

This follow-up question opens the almost closed conversation to further exploration.

Go carefully and listen carefully to their responses as this will give insight into the issues they are having.

If the prospect cuts you off by insisting that you email them the information, thank them and send the information.

3. An interactive website

Your website is probably the first point of contact other businesses will have with your business.

It is the best platform for a business to speak accurately and concisely about its solutions, share testimonials, and answer questions.

Businesses interested in B2B digital marketing should consider their websites as their best seller yet and equip them accordingly.

It works around the clock and provides visitors with information to encourage them to become more engaged and improve your income generation.

If you haven’t developed or optimized your website, now is the time to do it or you will continue to miss leads that can be turned into sales.

You can improve the attractiveness and online visibility of your website by:

  • Optimize specific keywords that revolve around what you do
  • Create a clutter-free layout optimized for mobile use
  • Include your client portfolio and testimonials (from influencers if possible)
  • Include location and contact details
  • Post useful content regularly (more details below)
  • Guest post on other reputable sites
  • Include a live chat for quick response to questions

4. Use LinkedIn for B2B marketing

Most businesses run social media accounts across multiple platforms which is time consuming and caters to the wrong audience.

For B2B marketing, focus on the business-centric platform and LinkedIn.

Research shows that this professional network generates up to 277% more B2B leads than other social media accounts.

Start identifying potential customers and connecting with them. Any content you post will be visible to your connections, exposing your brand’s services and products.

You can invest in LinkedIn Premium to receive potential leads based on the specifics of your business and send your prospects Sponsored InMails.

LinkedIn offers many ways for businesses to generate business, including:

  • Showcase pages that allow you to target specific consumer segments to provide them with targeted content.
  • Native video functionality to help improve your brand authenticity and spread your services.
  • Lead generation forms that automatically fill in a potential lead’s profile data when they click on your sponsored content ad. Once they submit the form, you will receive their name, contact, job title, company name and location.

5. Prioritize the information needs of your audience

Successful B2B content marketing prioritizes the information needs of your customers over your self-promoting messages.

At all times, potential buyers are at different stages of the buying process.

Content is only king if it helps the prospect feel like the information provided is about them and not you.

At the awareness stage, buyers are looking for educational content such as social content, blog posts, e-books, and videos. This group is not yet ready to buy, but the information provided could convince them to take the plunge.

At the evaluation stage, the prospect wants to know that you know your stuff. Live webinars and white papers help you mark your authority as an industry leader.

Those in the buying stage are looking for trial offers, demos, product information, and case studies. They are ready to buy but want proof that what you are selling will be right for their business.

Closing thoughts

While B2B Marketing appears emotionless, decision-makers are human and emotions can influence their decisions. Especially if they see personal value in what you are selling.

By looking for prospects, make cold calls, by updating your website, using social media and using targeted content, your digital marketing efforts will pay off.

What digital marketing strategy is working for your business? Let us know.

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