50 Best Design Studios & Trending Design Agencies 2021 Tips

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Check out the top 50 cutting-edge design studios and agencies

Without a doubt, the WWW is a wonderful place. It is full of beautiful and professionally designed websites; But Is there a creative team (within the company) behind each of these corporate websites? Our guess is probably not.

Most of the time, the design studio and the agency are the forgotten heroes behind most of these great productions. Made up of a group of passionate designers and developers, these people understand exactly what their clients need. Not only is their work a source of inspiration for many designers, but they are also trendsetters.

Without further ado, we would like to reveal to you some of the group members responsible for the great websites we visit every day. In no particular order, we present 50 avant-garde design agencies and studios. Complete list after the jump.

45Royale Inc

Enthusiastic web design studio located near bustling Atlanta, Georgia. With only two companies, these people did a great job of planning, designing and managing. [View portfolio]

Appeal to the masses

Japanese design house with a lot of portfolio.


Weight change

Small, one-person-run studio currently based in Chicago covering a wide range and variety of jobs, never limited to one client type or job type. [View portfolio]


A product design, development and strategy company [View portfolio]

Lagarto room

Website design agency and marketing agency. [View portfolio]


Small in size, but designed for the big names; Nike, American Eagle Outfitters and Effen Vodk. [View portfolio]

Wonderful union

Award-winning Seattle-based interactive design company with an excellent portfolio of clients including Dreamworks, Getty Images, Microsoft, Nintendo, Xbox, and Zune. [View portfolio]


Nice name, almost 20 years of experience in the industry. [View portfolio]

Design by Tolleson

With expertise in identity, printing, packaging, interactivity and environments, the Tolleson studio creates initiatives that integrate multiple disciplines. [View portfolio]


Offering experience in branding, advertising, printing and web design.

Interactive alarm clock

Creative, agile and passionate web design agency based in Boca Raton, Florida. [View portfolio]

VSA Partners

Graphic design house with design as the center of gravity. [View portfolio]


Eclectic group of thinkers, designers, programmers and artists.[View portfolio]



Design studio based in New York City, NY and Fort Lauderdale, FL

2Advanced studies

Founded by its Creative Director Eric Jordan, 2advanced is perhaps one of the best in the business.

Target range

Full service and comprehensive marketing company formed by a group of highly qualified specialists in technology, communication and marketing.


Comprehensive design studio working in print, film and interactive media based in France

Toko Design Sydney

Multidisciplinary design studio working for national and international clients in a wide range of fields.

Tilt Design Study

The design chapel

Teehan + relaxed

Founded by Teehan and Lax, the company was started by creatives for creatives.[View portfolio]


Independent digital agency based in Birmingham, UK. [View portfolio]

Things and nonsense

Small but with a great reputation for creating robust designs and highly accessible websites. [View portfolio]

Study K

Stop conception

Founded by Douglas Bowman, the Creative Director of Twitter.[View portfolio]

So wrong


Small private company specializing in interaction design. [View portfolio]


Large spaceship

Digital creation agency driven by innovation.


i like dust

Specializes in graphic design, illustration, motion graphics and product design.


Remote control

Wiredrive sets a new standard for online production and presentation, supported by a team of people who are redefining the digital workflow landscape. [View portfolio]

Interactive fantasy (Fi)

Fi offers premium multimedia platforms and interactive services. [View portfolio]

Leo Burnett

Hybrid works

Happy tooth

The people behind the web design of the AIGA and WordPress blogging platform.[View portfolio]


Small interface design studio that creates simple, fast and hyper-usable websites and interfaces


SimpleBits designs and builds simple, usable, and attractive interfaces that consider speed, file size, readability, and accessibility using web standards. [View portfolio]

Meta design

NDesign studio

Fuse project

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Do you know more?

There are certainly other great design studios out there that make what we have here only scratch the surface. If you know more, we appreciate a review. Either this current post or we’ll create a sequel.

Leave your suggestions in the comment box below, thanks

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Final Words: 50 Top Trendy Design Studios & Agencies

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