After Windows 11, Microsoft sets its sights on website builders

After introducing its free website builder in February, Microsoft announced a number of new features and integrations for Smart Pages that will make the service more accessible to small businesses looking to build their own online presence.

Previously, users of the software giant’s website builder had to use the social and advertising tools of its digital marketing center. Now, however, Microsoft has announced a standalone mode for smart pages that allows anyone to build, edit, and publish their own website without having to enter payment information.

While not all businesses need to advertise online, if a Smart Pages user later decides to do so, signing up for Microsoft Advertising is quick and easy to reach even more potential customers. .

Smart pages analysis

In addition to announcing a standalone version of Smart Pages, Microsoft has also introduced a new set of analytics tools to help businesses explore how users interact with their website.

With smart page analytics, site owners will be able to track important metrics like pageviews and clicks. By tracking these metrics over time, they can see how the improvements and changes they’ve made to their site are affecting the customer experience. In addition, they will also be able to assess how their advertising activity contributes to increasing the effectiveness of their site as well as its potential.

Finally, Microsoft has allowed companies to create a Smart Page directly from their Bing Places account. This means that customers who view their business on Bing Places will be able to go straight to their website where they can see even more information.

Companies interested in testing the standalone mode of Smart Pages can register here to join the waiting list.

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