customers affected by Amazon Sunset’s decision to take advantage of Similarweb’s new free offer

TEL AVIV, Israel – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Similarweb (NYSE: SMWB), a leading digital intelligence platform, today announced the availability of a free website ranking API. The new free service is one of many steps Similarweb is taking to help customers impacted by Amazon’s decision to end the service in May 2022. Businesses interested in using the new API can register here for more information and access. customers can also instantly view Similarweb rankings for free on the web. And for the first time, Similarweb is launching a self-service offering, based on its first digital intelligence platform, that will meet the needs and use cases of users. This new offer will be available in all markets around the world via a simple credit card transaction.

A free trial of Similarweb is available here. Free trial users will have unlimited access to Similarweb DigitalRank (TM), a market-leading ranking of website performance, in addition to the premium Similarweb Digital Marketing and Research Intelligence solutions, which help users go beyond simple ranking, allowing them to uncover actionable information that impacts website traffic performance. With these solutions, users can:

  • Make strategic decisions based on the most comprehensive, real-time view of competitive activity across all digital marketing channels, not just website ranking scores.
  • Spot new opportunities traffic and engagement trends as they occur, and understand which audiences are engaging with your competitor’s websites and their industries over time.
  • Use real-time traffic sharing data adapt to market changes as they occur
  • Reference cross-industry engagement and website performance metrics to expose competitor digital strategies
  • Analyze the performance of any marketing channel over time to make data-driven decisions about resource allocation and ad spend for maximum ROI
  • Obtain demographic and behavioral insights on the critical audience, a metric missing from, to improve user targeting and retention
  • Discover and prioritize keyword opportunities based on search volume, optimize keyword traffic share and monitor search traffic trends

Similarweb is a recognized leader in web traffic analysis and ranking, and these services are backed by the company’s comprehensive, granular, and timely data platform.

“Similarweb has always been a leader in the data our users get and the quality and accuracy of our information,” said Or Offer, CEO and Founder of Similarweb. “While this is a bittersweet moment with the closure of, I’m thrilled with the opportunity it provides to expand our reach even further as we become the standard for digital rankings and the global website intelligence. ”

About Similarweb:

As the most trusted platform for understanding online behavior, millions of people use Similarweb information daily to enhance their knowledge of the digital world. We empower everyone – from the curious individual to the business owner – to make smarter decisions by understanding why things are happening in the digital ecosystem. Find out more here:

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