Attention Microsoft, here’s a Surface Studio rival of China’s biggest tech company

In October 2021, Alibaba unveiled a new all-in-one (all in one) PC as part of its family of cloud-based computing products. The Wuying AIO PC follows the original Wuying, a little light client which could sit comfortably in the palm of your hand and act as a gateway to the formidable cloud computing Infrastructure.

A spokesperson for Alibaba has now provided us with more details on the all-new AIO, which doubles as a professional PC. Two versions will be offered; one with a 23.8-inch Full HD screen and a Pro version with a larger 27-inch touchscreen that offers a resolution of 2560 x 1440.

The latter is a potential cloud-connected alternative to $ 3,500 Surface studio. As Microsoft’s flagship product workplace, it can be positioned upright or lying down thanks to a clever folding mechanism, and can be used with an active stylus. The only photo shows someone drawing on the device in what looks like Photoshop, alluding to Alibaba’s ambition to attract designers to its platform.

Other specs shared with us include two 3W speakers with independent audio DSP, headphone jack, HDMI in / out, USB-A and USB-C.

Alibaba Wujing AIO PC

Wuying AIO PC in the flesh (Image credit: Alibaba)

Surface Studio 2

Microsoft’s Surface Studio 2 (Image credit: Avenir)

Workstation as a service

We are not sure whether the Wuying AIO PC will be a bloated thin client or a real one. video editing computer/photo editing workstation. But it looks more like the old one.

The Wuying Cloud Computer is available in several configurations, so users can tailor the level of computing power (in configurations similar to VPS hosting) to their needs. For example, dual-core with 4 GB of system memory for schools, quad-core with 8 GB of RAM for programmers, and 72-core with 278 GB of RAM for rendering and other memory / computation-intensive tasks. Users also have the option of freeing up additional computing power when it is not needed.

Alibaba has confirmed that pricing for the device will be announced later this year with limited shipping to mainland China.

Alibaba is one of China’s largest tech companies by market capitalization, currently valued at around $ 450 billion. It operates in a number of verticals (Web hosting, dedicated servers, CDN, online storage, virtual office etc.) and has one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the countryside.

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