Bays to the protected CBD metro line –

The metro route from Bays to CBD will be protected under proposed changes to the planning rules released today for consultation with the community.

Felicity Greenway, executive director of state policy and strategic advice at the Ministry of Planning, Industry and Environment, said changes to the government’s planning policy that covers infrastructure projects would protect the corridor from any development that could affect the project.

“The Sydney Metro West rail project will transform the way we travel in Sydney, which is why we must do everything possible to avoid any delays or unforeseen costs,” said Ms. Greenway.

“We put regulations in place to protect the Westmead to Bays corridor, while the evaluation of the development proposal was underway. We are now extending these protections from Bays to the CBD.

“This means that development requests in the rail corridor may need to be verified to confirm that they are not impacting the project, as they could result in realignment, design changes and huge costs. “

Ms Greenway said that under the changes, the Sydney Metro will review the proposals to determine if they will affect the project.

“Sydney Metro West is the largest and most ambitious infrastructure project ever in New South Wales,” she said.

“The project will provide world-class public transport service to communities from Paramatta to the city, so we need to make sure it can be built quickly and smoothly.”

The exhibition will also include a number of updates proposed to improve the functioning of the national environmental planning policy. Other minor changes are made to the policy to modernize the language and ensure that it is up to date and continues to meet the needs of the community.

For more information and to have your say on the changes proposed until Friday, February 11, 2022, visit the ISEPP transport web page.

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