Behind Facebook’s Media Review and What’s Next for Meta and Publicis

Dating app test and Facebook name

The agencies present had to demonstrate how adept they were at managing advertising budgets to buy online, television and off-the-shelf ads, and they had to demonstrate their ability to oversee programmatic ad campaigns in real time. Ad Age previously reported on this programmatic testing, and more details have emerged, such as how Facebook asked agencies to place ads for its online dating app.

A dating app is a good example because it shows if a media buyer can drive results to acquire new users, if they can target the right audiences and keep the placements “brand safe”. “This is good because there are a lot of shadows going into programmatic activity,” one of the top executives of an advertising agency said in a recent interview, speaking under the guise of anonymity. “When you run a clear and transparent programmatic offer, what customers want to understand is that we can talk about whatever we want around deliverability, adequacy, security, but there is no there’s nothing like a live buying exercise to see it all in action.

Facebook, now Meta, is seen as a tough customer due to its tarnished recent history, with the social network blamed for internet problems in general. Facebook executives have been the target of whistleblowers like ex-employee Frances Haugen. In September, Haugen emptied thousands of pages of company documents that depicted Facebook and its sister app Instagram as dangerous services that spread misinformation, thrive on engagement through outrage, exacerbate societal divisions at around the world and harm adolescents.

The beleaguered Facebook brand was one of the reasons the parent company is now called Meta. It wants to position itself as a “metaverse” company, capable of developing the new generation IT platform; less cynical than web 2.0 social media with a more enlightened view of web 3.0.

The “metaverse” is one of the reasons that Publicis and its many sub-agencies, including creative ad stores like Saatchi & Saatchi, Leo Burnett and Digitas, are intrigued by establishing a relationship with Meta. “In the long run, it will help the group,” said a creative agency director, who requested anonymity. “I don’t know how yet. … We can be in tune with Meta and have our customers at the table earlier.

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Of course, these types of perks are part of what makes any major deal with Meta scary for rival agencies and brands. With this review, there were concerns that Meta would force Publicis to commit to sending more advertising in its own way. Facebook generated nearly $ 85 billion in ad revenue in 2020. As Publicis’ major brand clients seek to allocate their digital ad budgets, some are already wondering if the advice they receive could be affected by the warm new relationship. of Publicis with Meta. Everyone involved in the pitch dismissed this notion as a non-factor, and are not at all part of the deal Facebook has with its new agency.

For the agencies that lost the review, Havas and Dentsu, some say there is a sense of relief in being able to avoid the policy of having Meta as a client. But that seems like wishful thinking. “Come on, it’s a hundred million dollars in the world for the winning agency,” said one of the key executives involved in the pitch. “Everyone wants to be a part of it. “

And for Publicis’ Spark Foundry, there are still details to be worked out – good issues to be had. Meta was very picky about how their account would be staffed, and there is a talent shortage in the advertising industry. The agency will now have to have hundreds of employees dedicated solely to marketing Meta, a new brand with a demanding marketing plan.

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