Best Series Characters, Ranked

The success of this fast-paced restaurant-themed new drama has many fans in shock ahead of the recently announced season two renewal. The FX series is available to stream on Hulu and is created by Christopher Storer, who helped produce the 2018 film Eigth year and directed the 2019 series, Rummy.

the bear separates itself from other dramas with its fast pace, gripping performances, and the particular setting of a small sandwich shop in Chicago. Although technically a drama, the explosive pace and intensity gives an action movie-like adrenaline rush. The rhythm here is reminiscent of the feeling of the Safdie brothers Uncut Gems or that of Damien Chazelle Whiplash. Comparatively, the series’ shorter episodic medium makes the narrative a little less exhaustive than a feature film while still giving the viewer the ability to binge-watch if they choose. The series has a lot to offer; the set design, writing and editing are all superb. But the series would be nowhere without the very talented performances of the on-screen actors. Here are the best characters in the series, ranked.

8 Natalie “Sugar” Berzatto

Natalie is the sister of the main character, Carmen. The show begins by discovering that Carmen and Natalie’s brother, Micheal, has committed suicide, leaving ownership of the restaurant in the hands of his other two siblings. Throughout the series, Natalie tries to connect with her brother, but remains distant in the day-to-day operations of the restaurant. The character is played by Abby Elliot, who puts on a great performance, especially when communicating with Carmen and navigating the relationship between him and her husband, Pete.

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seven Neil Fak

Neil, whom many of his colleagues call “Fak”, is not a full-time employee of the restaurant, but plays a vital role as a handyman who seems to be available whenever something goes wrong. He doesn’t have many lines throughout the season, but every time he does, there’s always something witty and hilarious that comes out of his mouth. The character is portrayed by Matty Matheson, who also starred in and created Viceland’s It’s dinner time!

6 Sidney Adamu

Sydney is played by Ayo Edebiri and is a new recruit at the restaurant after Carmen takes over as manager. She and Carmen are the only two professionally trained chefs in the kitchen and are instrumental in revamping the small sandwich shop. Sydney has a bit of a hard time adjusting to working with the tenured kitchen staff who are attached to her previous style of operation. The character provides a good balance of cooking personalities and is passionate about helping the struggling store turn a profit.

5 Mark

Marcus is responsible for the kitchen bakery. Following Carmen’s guidance and Sydney’s presence in the kitchen, her passion for baking is reinvigorated, which inspires her to pursue donut making in the kitchen. His extra work in the kitchen adds a bit of stress to the already tight cooking space. Throughout the series, Marcus’ calm demeanor and affable personality provide an escape from the high-pressure environment of the other kitchen staff. The character is portrayed by Lionel Boyce; her character progression picks up in the second half of the first season, and we’re excited to see what season two brings of the lovable character.

4 Tina

Tina begins the series very cold and distant. She refuses to adopt the new organizational strategies and fights with some of her colleagues. As the series progresses, she sees the change in the quality of the food produced, and eventually begins to admire the work done by Carmen and Sydney. The work goes from a chore to a duty for his community and is essential to defuse the tempers of some. of his colleagues. The character is played by Liza Colón-Zayas, who brings a level of candor and emotionality that is rare to see in a television series.

3 Ebraheim

Ebrahiem, like Marcus, is a point of calm in the kitchen. He quickly adapted to the new workflow following the change in ownership. His speaking roles throughout the series are few, especially in the early episodes of the first season. But, as the show progresses, we see more character development from Ebrahiem, and every line he speaks tells us more about his journey. As he reads aloud a review of the restaurant, we learn that he is proud of the work he has done. Later, in an attempt to calm down his colleague Richie, he relays a war story, showing us that he was a veteran of some type. Ebraheim is played by Edwin Lee Gibson, who does a fantastic job, and it will be interesting to see how the character progresses in season two.

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2 Carmen “Carmy” Berzatto

The character of Carmen is played by Jeremy Allen White, who is best known for his portrayal of Lip on the Showtime series. Shameless. White does a great job in Shameless, but in the bear, it really hones his acting ability and takes performance to a new level. His range of emotions and the depth he portrays is unmatched by the other talented actors he shares the screen with. He can go from calm to aloof to seething with anger in moments. White really puts on a gripping performance; Carmen’s character is likable, relatable, and easy to relate to. The complex emotions he goes through after his brother’s suicide are perfectly captured. If for nothing else, Jeremy Allen White’s performance makes this show well worth watching.

1 Richard ‘Richie’ Jerimovic

Closing the list is Richie. He might not be the most likable character in this set, but the character development we see throughout the season and the fitting performance of a blue-collar, lifelong resident of Chicago puts him in the spotlight. head of list. Richie is Carmen’s cousin and worked at the restaurant before Micheal’s death. He has a hard time adjusting to Carmen’s management style and often rebels against his cousin’s orders. We see a lot of Richie throughout the season, and some episodes seem to cover his struggles just as much as Carmen’s. He’s a little rough around the edges, but the writers of this show always find a way to get you to root for him. Richie is played by Ebon Moss-Bachrach, who also appeared in The Punisher. His Chicago accent and similar mannerisms are incredibly believable and add a layer of immersion to the show that helps set the show apart from the rest.

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