BOWWE CV Builder Review – A CV That Wins Interviews in 2021 –

A professional CV that stands out might be the only thing between your shortlisting and rejection when you actively apply and hope to land your dream job, especially if:

  • You are young and have no significant professional experience.
  • Considering your inexperience, you are worried that your potential employer will not be impressed with your CV
  • You don’t know how to create an effective CV or where to create it
  • You think a CV file is not working and an online CV could give you favorable responses from recruiters

Can you relate to any of these scenarios and feel the need to build an amazing resume that gives you the interview call you’ve been waiting for, so long?

If so, read on!

BOWWE – A Next Generation Online Resume Builder That Helps You Create The Perfect Resume Step By Step

With BOWWE you can:

  • Present yourself in a way that is unique and sets you apart from other competitors for the same position
  • Get greater visibility and get noticed by more employers
  • Creatively showcase your skills, talents, education and experiences

With BOWWE, you can create a modern and professional website for your CV and become visible to employers and recruiters.

Create an online CV: how it works

  1. Choose one resume template that corresponds to your industry.
  2. Personalize your CV according to your needs.
  3. Download a ready-made CV in PDF format or post it on the web and start applying!

BOWWE’s easy to use CV generator allows you to create your CV easily and in minutes and publish it to the web as it is very intuitive and deploys drag and drop technology. BOWWE allows you to edit all items unlimitedly and add or remove whatever you want.

BOWWE online CV vs conventional CV: what’s the problem?

Remember: Recruiters receive dozens of resumes and resume regularly, which is why yours may not look like a typical resume. Your CV is the only document that fully defines who you are, which is why it cannot be a “Cookie cutter” CV – one similar to what many others have.

Therefore, to build it you have to go for something beyond what the average model has to offer.

With BOWWE you immediately gain a significant competitive advantage and stand out from the rest of the crowd by making sure your resume does not go unnoticed and immediately draw attention of your potential employers.

8 key reasons to choose a BOWWE CV

24/7 availability

Your BOWWE CV remains available to employers 24/7, allowing headhunters to make offers to you throughout the year. All you need to do is share the web link when you apply.

An individual domain

A BOWWE CV has its own separate domain comprising your name and the BOWWE team will teach you exactly how to position and optimize your CV page according to search engines, making you an increasingly recognized player in the industry.

Better than LinkedIn

Everyone has a LinkedIn profile these days and it’s an effective job search tool without a doubt, but it doesn’t really give you that element of uniqueness. However, your own website that functions as your exclusive online resume not only increases your visibility on the web and social media, but is far more effective than LinkedIn.

Create as many as you want

Most often, applicants apply in more than one industry and must demonstrate a diverse set of skills. If you are one of them, or want to run your own A / B tests to see which one works best, you can easily create unlimited CV pages with BOWWE.

Get an advantage with BOWWE’s interactive interface

BOWWE’s simplistic drag-and-drop mechanism allows you to create eye-catching resumes that display your talents in the best possible way. With animation options and 3D graphics or banners that act as ‘calls to action’ and encourage recruiters to send out an interview invitation, BOWWE CVs dramatically improve your chances of being considered shortlisted. .

Develop your CV

It is true that most resumes are no longer than one page, and there are limits to what you can say in a PDF file. But, you have unlimited space to convince the recruiter with BOWWE, because it is the web. Your CV can be as long as you want, presented in an unusual way with a unique design. With an online CV, you can take your career to the next level, allowing you to include as much relevant information about yourself as you want.

Go digital

In a global village that is now more connected, digital and remote than ever, the world is rapidly moving away from paper mechanisms. BOWWE allows you to go digital and use an electronic CV in any situation where there is no need for paper. Instead of attaching a long file for the viewer to download and then view, just send a link, they can open it. However, in cases where you need to send a PDF, you can just use their PDF download feature and get a printable version (.PDF) of your BOWWE CV.

Follow your CV

BOWWE’s analyzes allow you to get an overview of how many people have visited your CV and which subpages have received the most attention. This actionable information allows you to optimize your CV accordingly and work on the parts of the CV that need to be improved.

Looking to explore even more possibilities?

Start creating your CV online from scratch and discover the great opportunities that BOWWE has to offer! Create your free account now!

Final thoughts

It doesn’t just end with an awesome CV. The BOWWE team supports you every step of the way and you can Contact us if you get stuck. A BOWWE CV will allow you to impress headhunters, gain visibility in search engine rankings when your name is searched, and become a recognizable name in your particular industry as you move up. the ladder of your career.



Project co-financed by the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund as part of the 2014-2020 smart development operational program.

Project: “The internationalization of the company and the promotion of the BOWWE brand”. Priority axis 3 Support for innovation in companies, Measure 3.3 Support for the promotion and internationalization of innovative companies, Sub-measure 3.3.3: Support for SMEs in the promotion of product brands – Go to Brand.

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