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The following awards and scholarships were presented to members of the 2021 Catasauqua High School class at an event on June 2.

Catasauqua Women’s Club: Olivia Emery, Stephanie Emery, Cassidy Fischl, Sabrina Safadi

Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Seminar-Representative: No Prize (COVID-19)

Catasauqua Women’s Club (for the highest average in applied English): Olivia Becker, Alexis Rushatz; (for the highest average in English-academic): Evan Webber

Catasauqua Lions Club: Donovan Ahart, Léa Bousaleh

Scholarships for Catasauqua high school alumni: Alexis Rushatz, Sabrina Safadi

Commemorative Prize of the Class of 1937: Olivia Becker, Alexis Rushatz

Class of 1951 Memorial Prize: Kaitlyn Weiss

Class of 1952: Stéphanie Crogan, Cassandra Kaeppel, Hailey Senatore Deschaine

Class of 1956 Lucille H. Lambert Memorial English / Journalism Achievement Award: Gabriella DeMaria, Sabrina Safadi

Commemorative Prize of the Class of 1957 (Outstanding Seniors in the TV Production Class): Janessa Ortiz, Alexandra Treiber, Ciani Vassa

Class of 1958 Memorial Award: Cassidy Fischl, Hamyah Jenkins

1959 Class Memorial Award (good attendance and good grades and is involved in extracurricular and community activities): Cole Schiffer

Class of 1961: Dominik Bennett, Janiyah Graves

SCH Class of 1976 (involved in city government): Trista Graser-Jewell

Class of 1984 Commemorative Prize (Senior Male or Female College Athlete accepted into two or four year college): Alexis Rushatz

Class of 2002 Prize: Angel Font, Angelina Grate

Class of 2004 Joseph Galm Memorial Science Award: Donovan Ahart, Briona Landis

Milne / Fahringer Arts Scholarship 2014: Maylea Cora, Stephanie Emery

Bruce A. Frankenfield Memorial Award (top ranked male and female): Matthew Ritter, Olivia Becker

Al Marhefka Memorial Music Prize: Kassidy Gruver

Catasauqua Garden Club Prize: Cassidy Fischl

Director’s Award for Outstanding Academic Service (outstanding service to the school over the past four years): Sabrina Safadi

Catty Crew Prize: Derek Troxell, Olivia Emery, Alexis Rushatz, Sabrina Safadi

Sage Stauffer Memorial Award (senior men and women on a football team considering further education and interested in football): Donovan Ahart, Madison Warren

Salem Kindergarten Alumni Graduation Award: Kaitlyn Bachman

Whitehall Chamber of Commerce Stock Exchange: No Reward (COVID-19)

Catasauqua Community Partnership Award (Most Contributing Senior Citizen to Community Service): Janessa Ortiz, Derek Troxell

Tracy Holmes Award (senior member of the field hockey and track teams who has had good attendance in high school and maintained good grades): Alexis Rushatz

John Phillip Sousa Concert Band Award: Cassidy Fischl

Frank “Jive” and Janice “Nin” Snyder Memorial Award (NHS and Varsity “C” Club senior men and women): Alexis Rushatz, Derek Troxell

Jeffrey Greb Memorial Scholarship: Emma Hawk

Alex Sofish Memorial Award (Students attending Penn State): Derek Troxell, Olivia Emery

Catasauqua Area Education Association Memorial Scholarship: Olivia Becker, Stephanie Crogan

Leonard Carlton Peckitt Scholarships: Alexis Rushatz, Derek Troxell

Arthur Williams Cross Country Prize: Luke Colon, Dorian Hoagland, Alexis Rushatz

Arthur William Business Prize: Destany Montanez

David Cunningham Memorial Girls Basketball Award: Alexis Rushatz

American Legion Post 215 (senior who through her interest in industry and social science student courses shows the clearest understanding of the world, our government and our community): Janessa Ortiz

Senior Frank J. Troxell Memorial Award: Austin Brett, Tyler Monahan, Janessa Ortiz, Alexis Rushatz, Sabrina Safadi, Cole Schiffer

Valley Forge Chapter-Pennsylvania Society Sons of the American Revolution: No reward (COVID-19)

National Daughters of the American Revolution Society: Sabrina Safadi

Mark Moser Memorial Scholarship: Kassidy Gruver

Charles “Chink” Gallagher Memorial Scholarship: Douglas Scott

Catasauqua Fire Department Community Service Award: Austin Brett, Janessa Ortiz, Ty Reitz, Sabrina Safadi, Derek Troxell

Sheckler Teacher’s Award: Olivia Becker, Mercades Watt

Michelle Shinsky Mason Award Class of 1970: Lea Bousaleh

West Point Dwight D. Eisenhower Leadership Award (Outstanding Character and Achievement): Angele Diamacoune

Deb Nothstein CAST Prize, Catasauqua Area Showcase Theater: Stephanie Emery

Alva R. Davies Art Grant: Alexandra Treiber

Barrasso Prize (in honor of Dale Buss to a senior pursuing a Bachelor of Science Education with a specialization in Biology): Tyler Monahan; (in memory of Vincent E. Spess to an elder who is a leader in the community): Alexandra Treiber; (from the Barrasso family to a student pursuing a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and / or science): Gabriella DeMaria

Sports Award to honor the memory of Michael and Emma Brosky and in memory and honor of Gail Brosky Gillespie (class SHC 1956): Derek Troxell, Hailey Senatore Deschaine

University Club “C”: Derek Troxell, Alexis Rushatz

Earl Stengel Memorial Scholarship (Outstanding Students & Senior Soccer Player): Tyler Monahan

National School Choral Prize: Kaitlyn Weiss

Slovak Center Social Club scholarship: Derek Troxell

CYAA Youth Award: Austin Brett, Cole Schiffer, Derek Troxell

Catasauqua Booster Club Award: Tyler Monahan, Hailey Senatore Deschaine

Catasauqua Hall of Fame Award: Alexis Rushatz, Derek Troxell

Michael H. Yaroma Memorial Fellowship for Integrity: (a senior graduate who has demonstrated integrity and recognizes why this is an essential life skill): Olivia Becker

Jim Kappes Memorial Scholarship: Lea Bousaleh, Maylea Cora, Gabriella DeMaria, Stephanie Emery, Jade Moseley, Emily Rivera, Mercades Watt

Robert S. Spengler and Bernadine S. Wehr Memorial Award (seniors considering medical specialization): Olivia Emery, Trista Graser-Jewell

Mark Reccek Memorial Award (seniors interested in one or more: law, politics, journalism and nursing): Angelina Grate, Janessa Ortiz, Marissa Rice, Sabrina Safadi

Gerald Case Memorial Award: Cole Schiffer

Jesse Crossley Award: Tanner Laudenslager

Quincy Jones Music Prize: Cassandra Kaeppel

National Walking Prize: Stéphanie Crogan

National School Color Guard Award: Stéphanie Crogan

Travelers Protective Association of America Selflessness Award Allentown Post L: No Award (COVID-19)

Raymond Hoffman Prize: Olivia Becker

Thomas Delong Memorial Award (Outstanding Senior Basketball Player): Derek Troxell

James P. O’Mara Scholarship awarded by the James and Sharon (O’Mara) Maida Foundation: Olivia Becker, Briona Landis, Tyler Monahan, Matthew Ritter

Walter Schlener Memorial Award: Angel Font, Jade Moseley

CASD Summer Jobs Program Award: Matthew Ritter

Stacey Bendzlowicz Memorial Scholarship: No Award (COVID-19)

Vincent V. Suppan Music Prize: Briona Landis, Marissa Rice

Lehigh Valley Chapter National Football Foundation and College Hall of Fame Scholar: Tyler James Monahan

Lehigh Valley College Football Athlete: Derek Troxell, Hamyah Jenkins

Colonial League All-Star Academic Award 2021: Derek Troxell, Alexis Rushatz

Kenneth C. and Shirley J. Wotring Memorial Scholarship Fund: Lea Bousaleh, Emily Rivera

Erik Hirner Memorial Scholarship: Trista Graser-Jewell, Alexandra Treiber

Carl Kratzer Memorial Community Service Award: Derek Troxell

Joseph Meeko Memorial Track and Soccer Awards: Ty Reitz, Hamyah Jenkins; (Football Award for Outstanding Male and Female Defensive Player): Derek Troxell, Olivia Emery

Meeko Humanitarian Awards (Joseph John Meeko Memorial Award): Derek Troxell; (Mary B. Meeko Memorial Award): Janessa Ortiz

Debbie Linton Memorial Track and Field Award (Outstanding Male and Female Track and Field Student-Athlete, School Achievement, Community Service and Volunteer Work): Tyler Monahan, Alexis Rushatz

Gift from a friend (Senior Accountant Award): Nicholas DeLorenzo

Officers of College Club “C”: Austin Brett, President; Derek Troxell, vice-president; Sabrina Safadi, secretary; Alexis Rushatz, treasurer; Janessa Ortiz, historian / public relations

Student Council Officers: Derek Troxell, President; Sabrina Safadi, vice-president; Olivia Emery, secretary; Alexandra Treiber, treasurer; Janessa Ortiz, sergeant. weapons

Scholastic Scrimmage Awards 2020-21: No Awards (COVID-19)

Senior Debate Team Award 2021: Stephanie Crogan

2021 Brown and White Awards (for editors) – news: Lucy Brubaker, Gabriella DeMaria, Sydney Gebhardt; photo: Olivia Burnett, Julia Dolon; critic: Dijon Chambers, Colin Germano; media: Cheyenne Gioielli, Peyton Taniser; activities: Hannah Kurczeski, Mitchel Lewis; sports: Tyler Monahan, Kalman Sasdi, Derek Troxell; reviews: Alexis Rushatz, Sabrina Safadi; (for editors) – Gael Daniel, Jacob Dove, Alana Henry, Timari Wilkins

Members of the National Honor Society: Sabrina Safadi, president; Alexis Rushatz, vice-president; Emily Rivera, Treasurer, Derek Troxell, Secretary; Alexandra Treiber, historian; (seniors) – Olivia Becker, Cassidy Fischl, Angelina Grate; (inducted 2021) – Lucy Brubaker, Valerie Davidheiser, Angele Diamacoune, Caylyne Eck, Sydney Gebhardt, Aidan Gerhard, Madison Harth, Taylor Hicks, Hannah Kurczeski, Maya Moussa, Chloe Moyer, Bronwyn Pacchioli, Ashley Ritter, Juliza Rodriquez

LCTI / DCO program: Daniel Faust

CHS Senior Drama Club Award: Stephanie Emery, Senior Class 2021 Member; Hannah Kurczeski, president; Valérie Davidheiser, vice-president; Emily Abbott, secretary; Angelina Dries, Treasurer

STARS (Students Taking Active Roles) leaders: Angel Font, president; Trevor Schappell, vice-president; Jasmine Foster, secretary; Mélanie Jimenez, historian; Trista Graser-Jewell, Treasurer

LCTI Class 2021 (Printing Technology / Graphic Imaging): Desiree Diaz; Web Design / Web Programming: Emily Rivera

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