Credit card companies abuse the unwary: NPR

Many credit cards charge high interest rates. But consumer advocates say that now many companies are taking it to the extreme by handing out cards that prey on unsuspecting customers with bad credit. Borrowers pay astronomical fees and consumer advocates say it is abuse. RENEE MONTAGNE, Host: Credit cards can …

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Can I get a car loan after repossession?

Immediately after a car repossession, obtaining a traditional auto loan can be difficult. However, there are ways to get into a vehicle after a while, and you can even work to repair your credit for future purchases with an auto loan. The lender gives, the lender takes When you finance …

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CFPB investigation shows credit scores a scam

For these credit bureaus to abuse their power to deceive Americans trying to take a more active role in monitoring their financial health is not just a breach of trust, it is dangerous. These agencies – along with a third, Experian – make up the national credit reporting industry and, …

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