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The following awards and scholarships were presented to members of the 2021 Catasauqua High School class at an event on June 2.

Catasauqua Women’s Club: Olivia Emery, Stephanie Emery, Cassidy Fischl, Sabrina Safadi

Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Seminar-Representative: No Prize (COVID-19)

Catasauqua Women’s Club (for the highest average in applied English): Olivia Becker, Alexis Rushatz; (for the highest average in English-academic): Evan Webber

Catasauqua Lions Club: Donovan Ahart, Léa Bousaleh

Scholarships for Catasauqua high school alumni: Alexis Rushatz, Sabrina Safadi

Commemorative Prize of the Class of 1937: Olivia Becker, Alexis Rushatz

Class of 1951 Memorial Prize: Kaitlyn Weiss

Class of 1952: Stéphanie Crogan, Cassandra Kaeppel, Hailey Senatore Deschaine

Class of 1956 Lucille H. Lambert Memorial English / Journalism Achievement Award: Gabriella DeMaria, Sabrina Safadi

Commemorative Prize of the Class of 1957 (Outstanding Seniors in the TV Production Class): Janessa Ortiz, Alexandra Treiber, Ciani Vassa

Class of 1958 Memorial Award: Cassidy Fischl, Hamyah Jenkins

1959 Class Memorial Award (good attendance and good grades and is involved in extracurricular and community activities): Cole Schiffer

Class of 1961: Dominik Bennett, Janiyah Graves

SCH Class of 1976 (involved in city government): Trista Graser-Jewell

Class of 1984 Commemorative Prize (Senior Male or Female College Athlete accepted into two or four year college): Alexis Rushatz

Class of 2002 Prize: Angel Font, Angelina Grate

Class of 2004 Joseph Galm Memorial Science Award: Donovan Ahart, Briona Landis

Milne / Fahringer Arts Scholarship 2014: Maylea Cora, Stephanie Emery

Bruce A. Frankenfield Memorial Award (top ranked male and female): Matthew Ritter, Olivia Becker

Al Marhefka Memorial Music Prize: Kassidy Gruver

Catasauqua Garden Club Prize: Cassidy Fischl

Director’s Award for Outstanding Academic Service (outstanding service to the school over the past four years): Sabrina Safadi

Catty Crew Prize: Derek Troxell, Olivia Emery, Alexis Rushatz, Sabrina Safadi

Sage Stauffer Memorial Award (senior men and women on a football team considering further education and interested in football): Donovan Ahart, Madison Warren

Salem Kindergarten Alumni Graduation Award: Kaitlyn Bachman

Whitehall Chamber of Commerce Stock Exchange: No Reward (COVID-19)

Catasauqua Community Partnership Award (Most Contributing Senior Citizen to Community Service): Janessa Ortiz, Derek Troxell

Tracy Holmes Award (senior member of the field hockey and track teams who has had good attendance in high school and maintained good grades): Alexis Rushatz

John Phillip Sousa Concert Band Award: Cassidy Fischl

Frank “Jive” and Janice “Nin” Snyder Memorial Award (NHS and Varsity “C” Club senior men and women): Alexis Rushatz, Derek Troxell

Jeffrey Greb Memorial Scholarship: Emma Hawk

Alex Sofish Memorial Award (Students attending Penn State): Derek Troxell, Olivia Emery

Catasauqua Area Education Association Memorial Scholarship: Olivia Becker, Stephanie Crogan

Leonard Carlton Peckitt Scholarships: Alexis Rushatz, Derek Troxell

Arthur Williams Cross Country Prize: Luke Colon, Dorian Hoagland, Alexis Rushatz

Arthur William Business Prize: Destany Montanez

David Cunningham Memorial Girls Basketball Award: Alexis Rushatz

American Legion Post 215 (senior who through her interest in industry and social science student courses shows the clearest understanding of the world, our government and our community): Janessa Ortiz

Senior Frank J. Troxell Memorial Award: Austin Brett, Tyler Monahan, Janessa Ortiz, Alexis Rushatz, Sabrina Safadi, Cole Schiffer

Valley Forge Chapter-Pennsylvania Society Sons of the American Revolution: No reward (COVID-19)

National Daughters of the American Revolution Society: Sabrina Safadi

Mark Moser Memorial Scholarship: Kassidy Gruver

Charles “Chink” Gallagher Memorial Scholarship: Douglas Scott

Catasauqua Fire Department Community Service Award: Austin Brett, Janessa Ortiz, Ty Reitz, Sabrina Safadi, Derek Troxell

Sheckler Teacher’s Award: Olivia Becker, Mercades Watt

Michelle Shinsky Mason Award Class of 1970: Lea Bousaleh

West Point Dwight D. Eisenhower Leadership Award (Outstanding Character and Achievement): Angele Diamacoune

Deb Nothstein CAST Prize, Catasauqua Area Showcase Theater: Stephanie Emery

Alva R. Davies Art Grant: Alexandra Treiber

Barrasso Prize (in honor of Dale Buss to a senior pursuing a Bachelor of Science Education with a specialization in Biology): Tyler Monahan; (in memory of Vincent E. Spess to an elder who is a leader in the community): Alexandra Treiber; (from the Barrasso family to a student pursuing a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and / or science): Gabriella DeMaria

Sports Award to honor the memory of Michael and Emma Brosky and in memory and honor of Gail Brosky Gillespie (class SHC 1956): Derek Troxell, Hailey Senatore Deschaine

University Club “C”: Derek Troxell, Alexis Rushatz

Earl Stengel Memorial Scholarship (Outstanding Students & Senior Soccer Player): Tyler Monahan

National School Choral Prize: Kaitlyn Weiss

Slovak Center Social Club scholarship: Derek Troxell

CYAA Youth Award: Austin Brett, Cole Schiffer, Derek Troxell

Catasauqua Booster Club Award: Tyler Monahan, Hailey Senatore Deschaine

Catasauqua Hall of Fame Award: Alexis Rushatz, Derek Troxell

Michael H. Yaroma Memorial Fellowship for Integrity: (a senior graduate who has demonstrated integrity and recognizes why this is an essential life skill): Olivia Becker

Jim Kappes Memorial Scholarship: Lea Bousaleh, Maylea Cora, Gabriella DeMaria, Stephanie Emery, Jade Moseley, Emily Rivera, Mercades Watt

Robert S. Spengler and Bernadine S. Wehr Memorial Award (seniors considering medical specialization): Olivia Emery, Trista Graser-Jewell

Mark Reccek Memorial Award (seniors interested in one or more: law, politics, journalism and nursing): Angelina Grate, Janessa Ortiz, Marissa Rice, Sabrina Safadi

Gerald Case Memorial Award: Cole Schiffer

Jesse Crossley Award: Tanner Laudenslager

Quincy Jones Music Prize: Cassandra Kaeppel

National Walking Prize: Stéphanie Crogan

National School Color Guard Award: Stéphanie Crogan

Travelers Protective Association of America Selflessness Award Allentown Post L: No Award (COVID-19)

Raymond Hoffman Prize: Olivia Becker

Thomas Delong Memorial Award (Outstanding Senior Basketball Player): Derek Troxell

James P. O’Mara Scholarship awarded by the James and Sharon (O’Mara) Maida Foundation: Olivia Becker, Briona Landis, Tyler Monahan, Matthew Ritter

Walter Schlener Memorial Award: Angel Font, Jade Moseley

CASD Summer Jobs Program Award: Matthew Ritter

Stacey Bendzlowicz Memorial Scholarship: No Award (COVID-19)

Vincent V. Suppan Music Prize: Briona Landis, Marissa Rice

Lehigh Valley Chapter National Football Foundation and College Hall of Fame Scholar: Tyler James Monahan

Lehigh Valley College Football Athlete: Derek Troxell, Hamyah Jenkins

Colonial League All-Star Academic Award 2021: Derek Troxell, Alexis Rushatz

Kenneth C. and Shirley J. Wotring Memorial Scholarship Fund: Lea Bousaleh, Emily Rivera

Erik Hirner Memorial Scholarship: Trista Graser-Jewell, Alexandra Treiber

Carl Kratzer Memorial Community Service Award: Derek Troxell

Joseph Meeko Memorial Track and Soccer Awards: Ty Reitz, Hamyah Jenkins; (Football Award for Outstanding Male and Female Defensive Player): Derek Troxell, Olivia Emery

Meeko Humanitarian Awards (Joseph John Meeko Memorial Award): Derek Troxell; (Mary B. Meeko Memorial Award): Janessa Ortiz

Debbie Linton Memorial Track and Field Award (Outstanding Male and Female Track and Field Student-Athlete, School Achievement, Community Service and Volunteer Work): Tyler Monahan, Alexis Rushatz

Gift from a friend (Senior Accountant Award): Nicholas DeLorenzo

Officers of College Club “C”: Austin Brett, President; Derek Troxell, vice-president; Sabrina Safadi, secretary; Alexis Rushatz, treasurer; Janessa Ortiz, historian / public relations

Student Council Officers: Derek Troxell, President; Sabrina Safadi, vice-president; Olivia Emery, secretary; Alexandra Treiber, treasurer; Janessa Ortiz, sergeant. weapons

Scholastic Scrimmage Awards 2020-21: No Awards (COVID-19)

Senior Debate Team Award 2021: Stephanie Crogan

2021 Brown and White Awards (for editors) – news: Lucy Brubaker, Gabriella DeMaria, Sydney Gebhardt; photo: Olivia Burnett, Julia Dolon; critic: Dijon Chambers, Colin Germano; media: Cheyenne Gioielli, Peyton Taniser; activities: Hannah Kurczeski, Mitchel Lewis; sports: Tyler Monahan, Kalman Sasdi, Derek Troxell; reviews: Alexis Rushatz, Sabrina Safadi; (for editors) – Gael Daniel, Jacob Dove, Alana Henry, Timari Wilkins

Members of the National Honor Society: Sabrina Safadi, president; Alexis Rushatz, vice-president; Emily Rivera, Treasurer, Derek Troxell, Secretary; Alexandra Treiber, historian; (seniors) – Olivia Becker, Cassidy Fischl, Angelina Grate; (inducted 2021) – Lucy Brubaker, Valerie Davidheiser, Angele Diamacoune, Caylyne Eck, Sydney Gebhardt, Aidan Gerhard, Madison Harth, Taylor Hicks, Hannah Kurczeski, Maya Moussa, Chloe Moyer, Bronwyn Pacchioli, Ashley Ritter, Juliza Rodriquez

LCTI / DCO program: Daniel Faust

CHS Senior Drama Club Award: Stephanie Emery, Senior Class 2021 Member; Hannah Kurczeski, president; Valérie Davidheiser, vice-president; Emily Abbott, secretary; Angelina Dries, Treasurer

STARS (Students Taking Active Roles) leaders: Angel Font, president; Trevor Schappell, vice-president; Jasmine Foster, secretary; Mélanie Jimenez, historian; Trista Graser-Jewell, Treasurer

LCTI Class 2021 (Printing Technology / Graphic Imaging): Desiree Diaz; Web Design / Web Programming: Emily Rivera

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Mensa data spill was caused by “unauthorized internal download” • The Register http://a1usarealestate.com/mensa-data-spill-was-caused-by-unauthorized-internal-download-the-register/ http://a1usarealestate.com/mensa-data-spill-was-caused-by-unauthorized-internal-download-the-register/#respond Tue, 15 Jun 2021 09:15:00 +0000 http://a1usarealestate.com/mensa-data-spill-was-caused-by-unauthorized-internal-download-the-register/

Exclusive Egg heads at high IQ company Mensa have ruled out claims their website was hacked earlier this year, according to an email seen by The register.

Instead, the company suggested that the personal data leak – which is still under investigation by police – could be an inside job.

A number of cyber attacks in January and February left security guards scratching their heads as they tried to figure out the issue that exposed personal details of some members and led to a website snafu.

In response, Mensa launched a series of investigations by its IT contractors, which showed that there was “no external breach”. This was followed by a thorough review of the systems security and procedures.

Keeping its members up to date, Chris Leek, President of British Mensa, said in an email published last Friday and seen by us:

A Mensa spokesperson declined to elaborate or comment further as the case was under active police investigation. He had informed the Information Commissioner’s office, Action Fraud and the West Midlands Police of the incident.

Although their systems have received a certificate of good health, Mensa reports that he has implemented a series of changes to strengthen security, such as requiring all users to reset passwords and urging people to make them more difficult. to break.

Apologizing for any inconvenience or anxiety caused by the incident, Leek added, “I can reassure members that our systems are secure and that additional measures have been put in place to ‘make them sustainable’. I also want to reiterate that we do not keep credit card or payment information in the database. “

At the end of January, two British Mensa board members, Eugene Hopkinson and Emily Shovlar, told the FT they had resigned because of their concerns about the outfit’s cybersecurity practices.

Hopkinson, who until his resignation was the UK branch’s chief technology officer, alleged at the time that members’ passwords were not hashed. Another member told the newspaper that his password was emailed to him in the clear.

A Mensa spokesperson retorted at the time that the passwords “were encrypted; were never sent or stored in plain text; [and] that further work on password hashing was “in progress”.

No one from the West Midlands Police or the ICO was available to comment on the Reg at the time of writing. ®

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Forecast for Monday, June 14, 2021 http://a1usarealestate.com/forecast-for-monday-june-14-2021/ http://a1usarealestate.com/forecast-for-monday-june-14-2021/#respond Sun, 13 Jun 2021 23:22:17 +0000 http://a1usarealestate.com/forecast-for-monday-june-14-2021/

The Joyce Theater presents the world premiere of Neo, with ABT lead dancers James Whiteside and Isabella Boylston in their first post-quarantine collaboration choreographed by ABT artist in residence Alexei Ratmansky. Based on the original score by Dai Fujikura, the work is accompanied by live music by Sumie Kaneko. Shot on the Joyce stage under the direction of Nel Shelby Productions, Neo is a joyous reunion of great artists honoring the ability to create and celebrate each other.

Watch below (until June 16):

Training and webcasts:

June 14 at 2 p.m. EST: Capture: Live Webcast on Patch Exchange with Eos and MA3: Capture completes this webcast season with a special on patch swapping with Eos and MA3. We will take a closer look at how to use LightWright and CSV files with Eos and MVR files with MA3. Look here.

June 14 at 5:30 p.m. EST: Vectorworks Entertainment Online User Group Meeting in New York: What do we want from future versions of Spotlight and Vision? Open discussion and conversation about user needs and wants for future releases. What would simplify or speed up your workflow? Open to screen sharing with the group to illustrate ideas? We can do this. You have an idea for a tool or a PIO, listen to it! Zoom link.

For the future, register in advance:

June 17 at 2:30 p.m. Eastern Time: Free Chicago Flyhouse Training: Design Factor and Material Selection: This session will highlight the role the design factor and material selection play in all work in the entertainment industry. • Understand the relationship between tensile strength, design factor and working load limit. • Why is the origin of the material important? • Review the proper use of a variety of different materials. • Equipment Q&A Instructor: Ed Leahy. register here.

June 17 at 2:30 p.m. Eastern Time: USITT: Community Conversations: LGBTQ: Join a panel of professionals from the LGBTQ community as they discuss their careers and industry trends. The presenters are: Randy Wong-Westbrooke (they / them); Calvin Anderson (he / he / they / them); Frankie Charles (He / Him); Maya Schuetz (She / She) . Register here.

June 18 at 1 p.m. EST: USITT: Stage drapery and fire prevention code: Fire safety on the stages is a big issue. On theater stages, the presence of hot lights, props and electrical sparks near flammable textiles greatly increases the risk of fire. The flame retardant they contain is an important part of fire safety systems. Brought to you by the Onsite Service Group. Presenter: Brad Davies: register here.

Webcasts and Podcasts:

• 4Wall Sunday Roundtable Episode 48: Pat MacKay Diversity Scholarships: Join the judges and past recipients of the Pat MacKay Diversity In Design Fellowships. Founded in 2019 and funded by LDI and Live Design, the goal of these unique Diversity In Design scholarships is to support underrepresented and unique voices in the entertainment design arena. The scholarships are named after Pat MacKay, former publisher of Theater Crafts and Lighting Dimensions magazines and founder of the LDI Trade Show and Conference. Guests: Sydney Dye – Projection Designer (former beneficiary); Nina Field – Lighting and Sound Designer (former recipient / judge); Roma Flowers – Lighting and projection designer (judge); Ellen Lampert-Greaux – Creative Director Live Design / LDI; Yuko Taniguchi – Lighting designer (former beneficiary). Look here.

• USITT: TECHnically Speaking: A Virtual Production Conversation with Brendon Bradley: A look at something the industry became familiar with last year: virtual production. We were joined by actor, screenwriter, director, producer and virtual production enthusiast Brendan Bradley who told us about his work on A festival in one act in your browser (WebXR) – a show produced, rehearsed and performed entirely in web-based virtual reality, demonstrating several different modes and styles of fully immersive virtual performance with a custom toolkit and user interface. Listen now.

• BPL 10 out of 10: Jennifer Tipton: This week’s guest on GLP’s 10 Out Of 10 is award-winning lighting designer Jennifer Tipton. With an incredible career in the dance, opera, and theater genres, Jennifer is also responsible for lighting design at the Yale School of Drama. Take a look below:

• Light talk with the Lumen brothers: Episode 217: The Spirituality of Projection – Interview with Wendall Harrington: In this episode of Light Talk, the Lumen Brothers interview the godmother of projection design, Wendall Harrington. Join Wendall, Zak, Steve and David as they pontificate on: Being the first projection designer on Broadway; “Stop making sense”; Pioneer of gender rights in theater; “They play our song”; Projectors vs. slide projectors; Love and miss Pani; “The Who’s Tommy” … behind the scenes; 2000 slides in 54 slide projectors; Reconcile family and professional life; Have your femininity stolen; Inspired mentors; Wise words of Sondheim; “The Wendall School”; Lead the Video Projection concentration at Yale; Visual narration; The theater is afraid of the Internet; Raise the actor in a flat medium; and Do you really need projections in your show? Listen now.

Wendall K. Harrington, winner of the KOI Awards @ LDI2019

• USITT: from a technical point of view: 2021 YDMT series: Martin Montaner, a technical supervisor and production manager who won the 2021 KM Fabrics technical production award. Listen now.

• Artistic funding: Explore the benefits of buying a New York home as theater designers, with set and garden designer Donyale Werle and lighting designer Beth Turomsha talking about their New York home buying experiences, what has happened since and what they expect to do with their homes in the future and discuss factors that affect home purchases including climate change, quality of life and inequalities . Listen now.

USITT: TECHNICALLY TALKING: 2021 YDMT Series: Costume Designer Erin Barnett: RRecipient of the 2021 Zelma H. ​​Weisfeld Costume Design and Technology Award, Erin is currently a third-year master’s student in costume design at Indiana University. She has worked as a costume designer and technician with Triad Stage, Jenny Wiley Theater, GLOW Lyric Theater and Utah Festival Opera and Musical Theater. In this episode, we discussed her price, the favorite costume pieces she’s created, and her passion for industry and crafts. Listen now.


• Presentation of ETC’s new product, Keynote by Justin Townsend:

• AVO and DRESS: Robe’s creative team have used Avolites Titan to create their shows and videos for years; Avo told Robe about the brand new Timeline feature. Take a look below:

Conferences and special events:

• USITT21 virtual conference: The 2021 USITT Virtually Anywhere conference was presented live from March 8-12, 2021. The conference is now accessible from virtually anywhere on demand. Available until September 8, 2021. On demand

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How Google’s May 2021 Algorithm Update Will Affect Small Businesses http://a1usarealestate.com/how-googles-may-2021-algorithm-update-will-affect-small-businesses/ http://a1usarealestate.com/how-googles-may-2021-algorithm-update-will-affect-small-businesses/#respond Fri, 11 Jun 2021 01:51:04 +0000 http://a1usarealestate.com/how-googles-may-2021-algorithm-update-will-affect-small-businesses/

Google’s next quarterly algorithm update, titled Page Experience, is expected to launch next month, in May 2021. As with every algorithm update Google implements, every website will be affected by changes to its Google ranking.

As one of the longest operating Digital Marketing Agency in Sydney, if there’s one thing we’re sure of, it’s never to underestimate the power of a Google algorithm upgrade. If you do, almost certainly you will see a drop in your ranking. So it’s a good idea to pay attention to this change and optimize your website according to our suggestions in this article.

What is the motivation for the update?

Page experience has always been a critical factor for web designers and user experience (UX) designers to ensure that customers feel welcome enough on a business website to buy. products and services.

Everyone on the internet wants the same thing: a fantastic page interface when they land on a website from search results. Google realized that they could improve search results for users if they implemented more stringent measures encouraging interference on a health website.

As a result, Google took additional metrics to rate the page’s experience as Core Web Vitals for website owners last year. For over a year, Google has been taking note of the page experiences that websites offer users. Now, these measures will positively or negatively affect your ranking after this update goes into effect in May.

Don’t panic, it’s not too late yet! Now is the time to take action against all page experience metrics in Core Web Vitals where your website might be underweight.

What do we mean by Core Web Vitals?

Before we can begin to understand how the page experience is measured, we need to understand how Core Web Vitals are calculated. Web Vitals are measures that web developers use to improve the quality and usability of their site.

If you are wondering why web statistics are relevant, think about this: will you stay on a website that takes more than two minutes to load? Would you like to visit a website that is not responding to your clicks? Probably not, and Google knows it.

As the world’s largest and most popular search engine, Google wants to provide users with the most useful content and well-optimized web pages. Since users are more likely to connect to a well-performing website, Google honors user-friendly pages by increasing their rankings and penalizing underperforming sites by lowering their rankings.

You can rate your website performance in the “Improvements” section of your Google Search Console account, and here you will be able to monitor the three Web Vitals.

o Largest Content Painting (LCP) measures site speed and page load times. A fast LCP is considered to be less than 2.5 seconds. LCP ensures that web pages are relevant, functional and healthy for easy user use.

o First Input Delay (FID) measures the interactivity of the site and the speed with which it responds to user action. A well-designed page should have an FID of less than 100 milliseconds.

o Cumulative Layout Change (CLS) measures the visual stability of your site and the total number of unexpected layout changes that occur. A good CLS score is less than 0.1.

LCP, FID and CLS are considered “behind the scenes” measures of websites because they are strongly tied to the technical structure of a website. Yet, they play a vital role in assessing the worth and health of individual pages and websites.

What do we mean by page experience?

According to Google’s recent post announcement, the page experience specifically refers to “how users perceive the experience of interacting with a web page beyond its purely informational value”. The page experience includes the three Web Vitals variables mentioned above, as well as the following:

o Mobile compatibility is essential for a healthy site; According to Google, a mobile-friendly website is a user-friendly website, which is vital for ranking. Pages need to load quickly and be easy to read on mobile so the site can rank higher, while lagging and clustered peers fall lower in the rankings.

o Browsing security refers to potential security issues and threats to a user’s personal information, such as malware, deceptive pages, harmful downloads, and unusual downloads.

o Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) security is similar to browsing security. It monitors all data sent over HTTPS to a user, ensuring that the data is genuine, encrypted, and protected from modification. Google started penalizing sites with unencrypted browsers and HTTPS in 2018, classifying them as “unsafe” in the URL bar. Users are more likely to trust and connect to websites that use HTTPS encryption.

o Intrusive interstitial compliance refers to “popup” ads on a website, which can be for anything from regular pop-ups to full-screen interstitials located above a website header and Full screen modal windows that block the content of a page. Google will penalize sites that have constant pop-ups.

Combine each of these metrics and they form the Google Page Experience dashboard that shows you how good or bad your website is in terms of user-centric website experience. As of May 2021, the lower your scores in these key areas, the lower your business website page will rank on Google.

To simplify new updates, the experts came up with the following motto:

Page experience = web essentials + existing metrics.

How to analyze the page experience

With the added pressure COVID-19 is putting on business owners and executives who have struggled over the past year to adapt to a new virtual digital environment, Google has handled this change with great care and attention. sensitivity.

In particular, Google has provided several free tools that allow website owners to measure, monitor, and optimize their page experience, such as:

o Different tools to help you measure and report Core Web Vitals, including LCP, FID and CLS.

o A tool to measure the usability of your pages with the Mobile-friendly test.

o Check your site for safe browsing issues using the Security issues report.

o Check if your site connection is secure. If the page isn’t serving over HTTPS, find out how secure your site with HTTPS.

o Make sure you are not using interstitial in a way that makes the content less accessible.

o As well as a tone on information relating to Web Essentials and Page Experience FAQs.

How will the page experience impact small businesses?

Google’s mission with this update is to provide consumers with the most relevant, high-quality content possible. If your website does not meet Google’s new guidelines, Google will assume that your website is not that useful or important to users. As a result, Google can lower your ranking, resulting in less visibility for your business and fewer customers on your site.

For example, among sites with similar foundations and posts, such as “Top SEO Agency in Sydney” or “Best Digital Marketing Agency in Sydney”, there is a good chance that these websites have virtually similar content. . In this case, websites with better Google Page Experience scores will rank higher in the search engine than their identical twins.

If you want to score higher than your competition, you need to start optimizing your website right away.

How can I prepare for the update?

While yes, the update will undoubtedly produce thousands (if not millions) of distinct website traffic winners and losers almost immediately. Google said that first and foremost, they will continue to prioritize pages on websites that offer the best information overall, even if there are some aspects of the page experience that are poor.

Tip: Quality content is still the most critical web design feature. A good page experience is not a substitute for quality, relevant content. Substance will always triumph over design.

If a site publishes the best content and relevant information, it will outperform those with the best page experience. A better page experience can’t hide the fact that a website’s content is bad, so your material should be both relevant and of high quality.

Small businesses should continue to create well researched content that answers the most important customer questions and make the material easily accessible on their website.

Therefore, it’s more important to create successful website content that laser-focuses on the needs and wants of your customers, rather than SEO hacks that aim to trick Google’s algorithm.

Every year, Google releases over 3,000 updates, but the page experience will be remembered… so ask your digital marketing agency how they can help you ensure success by sticking to the latest update. Google day.

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Kivari, Milkman Agency, Brandalism & Applause Entertainment http://a1usarealestate.com/kivari-milkman-agency-brandalism-applause-entertainment/ http://a1usarealestate.com/kivari-milkman-agency-brandalism-applause-entertainment/#respond Thu, 10 Jun 2021 23:11:04 +0000 http://a1usarealestate.com/kivari-milkman-agency-brandalism-applause-entertainment/

Kivari is a fast growing Australian womenswear brand, based on that of Sydney northern beaches. The creator of true style with an emphasis on effortless elevation. They have an exciting opportunity for a Store manager join the Kivari family and lead and develop their team in their newly renovated Freshwater boutique. You must love fashion and have a clear understanding of the Kivari aesthetic and our client. To be successful in this role, you will be motivated by driving sales and passionate about delivering a memorable customer experience. Check out the full job description and apply now!

Dairy is a full-service, 100% independent creative agency based in Melbourne, with local, national and global clients; they serve a wide range of industries including alcohol, automotive (not in this order), health and beauty, sports, food, technology, and non-profit organizations. They are looking for a super Web developer – to help clients with UX, web design and user interface development. Working as part of their amazing and growing multimedia team, you will be providing support with a range of technical skills. The ideal candidate will have a positive attitude, be a problem solver, self-motivated, proactive and self-motivated, and have the ability to work in a fast-paced environment. Apply now!

Brandalism is looking for a Paid Media Manager in Sydney to lead their agency’s growing performance-driven social media offering and help shape service for their clients. This role will require end-to-end paid social strategy experience and capabilities across all key platforms. From building customer relationships and designing customer-centric strategies, to implementation, optimization and performance reporting. The successful candidate should have at least 3 years of experience in paid social advertising, a collaborative force and a love for details and spreadsheets! They want someone who never has a calm demeanor and who is able to handle changing priorities. Apply now!

Applause Entertainment is one of Australia’s leading and most versatile entertainment and event consulting firms, providing entertainment concepts and products for corporate functions, festivals and private functions, as well as promotional activations and marketing across Australia. They are looking for someone with the right attitude and the right attributes, to fit into their tight-knit, fun and fast-paced Caulfield office at Melbourne, as Entertainment Sales Consultant. The successful candidate will have great attention to detail, be motivated, proactive, and possess a positive attitude, combined with the ability to multitask. Find out and apply now!

Still looking for a job? Learn about our ethical and non-profit jobs, our jobs in WA and our jobs in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Gold Coast and more.

More stuff from PEDESTRIAN.TV

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Tweed Regional Museum wins national award for exhibit celebrating inclusiveness http://a1usarealestate.com/tweed-regional-museum-wins-national-award-for-exhibit-celebrating-inclusiveness/ http://a1usarealestate.com/tweed-regional-museum-wins-national-award-for-exhibit-celebrating-inclusiveness/#respond Thu, 10 Jun 2021 04:29:35 +0000 http://a1usarealestate.com/tweed-regional-museum-wins-national-award-for-exhibit-celebrating-inclusiveness/

The Tweed Regional Museum won the Australian Museums and Galleries Association Award for Temporary or Traveling Level 2 Exhibit for its exhibit – Small Town Queer – celebrating the contribution of Tweed’s LGBTQIA + community.

This is the second time that the museum has been recognized by the Museums & Galleries National Awards (MAGNA) in the past 12 months and recognizes originality, innovation and best practice in exhibitions, public programs and projects sustainable development.

Small Town Queer explores the rich tapestry of Tweed’s LGBTQIA + history from the early 1900s to the present day. This digital project includes the Museum’s first podcast series, a story map and an interactive portal for community contributions.

The Museum has collaborated with members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual (LGBTQIA +) and Ally community to collect, share and preserve the stories of Tweed’s many and varied queer voices.

Tweed Regional Museum Acting Director Erika Taylor said the award recognizes the museum’s continued work to ensure that its collections and programs represent all of the people who inhabit the Tweed and who contribute to the wealth and the vitality of the community.

Taylor notes that “this exhibit recognizes community members whose experiences and many contributions have been largely absent from public history, and it shares stories of diversity within the queer community.”

Tweed Shire Mayor Chris Cherry praised the museum team for putting on such a unique exhibit and added: “This national award is a big deal, as the Tweed competes with the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney, so the winning is a huge credit to everyone who helped create it.

“I have followed the development of Small Town Queer from the start and am proud of the way it highlights the inclusive nature of the Tweed community in an interesting, educational and informative way. We also had a strong buy-in from the community, sharing their stories and making this exhibit a living exhibit.

NSW government funding through Create NSW helped the project come to fruition.

The museum accepted the award at a national hybrid online and in-person event hosted by the Australian Museums and Galleries Association on Wednesday, June 9, 2021.

Top of the picture: Erika Taylor, Acting Director of the Tweed Regional Museum, with the MAGNA Prize; and image above: Erika Taylor, Acting Museum Director (front), Shannon Rees, Kirsty Andrew, Bev Clark and Emma Shield celebrate national award for Small Town Queer exhibit.

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March 12, 2021 – The Penrith Council collaborates with the Museum of Contemporary Art for the C3West project

March 8, 2021 – Australian Museum appoints Laura McBride as Director of First Nations

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Motion Graphic Artist / Editor http://a1usarealestate.com/motion-graphic-artist-editor/ http://a1usarealestate.com/motion-graphic-artist-editor/#respond Wed, 09 Jun 2021 23:43:11 +0000 http://a1usarealestate.com/motion-graphic-artist-editor/

Motion Graphic Artist / Editor

Elastic Studios is a fast-paced, client-focused independent creative agency based in Sydney and Melbourne. We specialize in branding, design, production and live performance.

We are looking for a Motion Graphics Specialist to join our Sydney team, someone who can adapt effectively to any environment, with the right balance of experience, positivity and enthusiasm.

Our ideal candidate will work collaboratively with our team, be curious and determined to push the boundaries. Always helpful and inventive, striving to achieve the best results for our clients.

Desired skills and experience:

  • More than 5 years of experience as an animated graphic artist with a solid background in VFX and animation.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • The ability to work independently, problem solve, work well under pressure with exceptional time management skills.
  • Excellent editing skills in After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • Strong skills in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • Experience in Cinema 4D, Resolve and Fusion would be a plus, but not essential.
  • Strong creative thinking, showcasing a variety of styles and techniques.
  • Experience working on multiple projects simultaneously, balancing time constraints while maintaining quality.
  • Basic knowledge of color grading and sound editing.
  • Knowledge of Xero, Workflow Max, Slack and Trello is desirable but not essential.
  • Ability to problem solve and demonstrate initiative and proactive thinking.
  • Ability to liaise with team members at all levels and with clients.
  • Experience working with integrated campaigns, including digital and TV.
  • Excellent sense of organization and great attention to detail.
  • Knowledge of Mac and PC operating systems.

Major tasks:

  • Design and create attractive graphic animations for various multimedia deliverables (web, mobile, corporate communications, TVC, showreels, etc.)
  • Be open to learning, creating, and implementing new workflow processes where appropriate.
  • Work with producers and internal teams to develop creative concepts and deliver projects as per brief.
  • Oversee changes and ensure that the efficient post-flow workflow and VFX pipeline are adhered to by the team.
  • Enter music, dialogue, graphics and visual effects as needed.
  • Ensure that the quality of production is maintained at all times.
  • Maintenance of all sequences / files – Archive / backup job.
  • All sync and select for small projects.
  • General post-production assistance.
  • All web / IT skills would be beneficial, but not essential.

Start date: ASAP

Salary is based on experience.

Office based at McMahons Point.

If this sounds like you and you want to join the Elastic team, please send your reel, CV, salary expectations and cover letter to careers@elasticstudios.com.au

Applicants must have the right to stay and work in Australia without restriction. No recruiters please.

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Hume Coal dismissed as too risky for the environment in planning report | Illawarra Mercury http://a1usarealestate.com/hume-coal-dismissed-as-too-risky-for-the-environment-in-planning-report-illawarra-mercury/ http://a1usarealestate.com/hume-coal-dismissed-as-too-risky-for-the-environment-in-planning-report-illawarra-mercury/#respond Wed, 09 Jun 2021 07:00:00 +0000 http://a1usarealestate.com/hume-coal-dismissed-as-too-risky-for-the-environment-in-planning-report-illawarra-mercury/

news, latest news,

The mine proposed by Hume Coal in Sutton Forest suffered a heavy blow with the final report of the planning department strongly against the project, which it said would not be compatible with the use of rural land in the region. The miner, owned by Korean steelmaker POSCO, wants to exploit the coal resource and says it would generate 415 jobs during construction and up to 300 after. But the Ministry of Planning, Industry and Environment decided that the environmental damage caused by the mine would be too great, with “considerable uncertainty as to the design of the mine, particularly with regard to the stability of the pillars of the fabric, with unacceptable risks to health at work. and safety, and potentially for the environment. “Its final report recommends that the Independent Planning Commission (IPC) deny the authorization. Read more: Opponents of the mine say the risk to groundwater is too much Important “The Department considers the predicted impacts of the groundwater drawdown on a large number of groundwater user wells to be unacceptable, as is the feasibility of the proposed remediation strategy,” the report says. Given the very large number of significantly affected groundwater users, the use of the region’s small-scale residential and agricultural rural land and the pristine nature of the project, the impacts are likely to result in disputes and disputes. significant disturbance in the local community., and therefore, the project is not compatible with nearby rural land uses. ”There remains an inc Unacceptable uncertainty about the potential impacts of surface water on the Sydney drinking water catchment area, given the risks associated with the mine design and the lack of an emergency strategy in the event of this water discharge surface area is required. This came after the ministry’s initial report reached a similar conclusion in 2018. A public meeting is to be held by the IPC within 12 days. Peter Martin, one of the local residents who led a decade-long campaign against the mine, pointed out that 97 percent of the bids were against the project. “This decision is a huge victory, 10 years in the making. Hopefully this closes the door to a sad saga that has subjected residents to multiple court cases, struggles for access to land, a blockade and a huge amount of costs, heartache and anguish, ”he said. -he declares. “The mine never made sense, but Posco refused to give in even when it became clear that the locals were completely against it and the mining and groundwater issues were overwhelming. Mr. Martin said the fight had taken its toll. “Credit must go to the many locals and others who have rolled up their sleeves and supported the campaign against the mine,” he said. “These kinds of projects have an immeasurable impact on the community even if they are never built. Unfortunately, this is rarely, if ever, factored into the appraisal process.” Now that Planning has spoken, we expect that the CPI comes to the right conclusion and smack this project on the head once and for all. “


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Apple’s new Shareplay feature will let you stream movies and music with your friends through Facetime – Concrete Playground http://a1usarealestate.com/apples-new-shareplay-feature-will-let-you-stream-movies-and-music-with-your-friends-through-facetime-concrete-playground/ http://a1usarealestate.com/apples-new-shareplay-feature-will-let-you-stream-movies-and-music-with-your-friends-through-facetime-concrete-playground/#respond Wed, 09 Jun 2021 01:32:46 +0000 http://a1usarealestate.com/apples-new-shareplay-feature-will-let-you-stream-movies-and-music-with-your-friends-through-facetime-concrete-playground/

Last year, just as the pandemic began to put an end to our usual routines, a handy browser plug-in appeared to make life a little more bearable. That would be Netflix Party, which helps you watch movies with your friends while staying at a social distance – syncing everyone’s playback so you’re really watching every frame at the same time.

This is great if you are watching through a browser and watching Netflix. If you and your friends are fond of an iOS alternative that will slip right into your chats and expand to other platforms, you’ll soon have one. As part of its big iOS 15 announcement, Apple revealed that it is launching a new Facetime feature called Shareplay. It will let you watch movies and TV shows together and in sync – and listen to music, too – with shared playback controls.

So once you and your friends are in a Shareplay session, anyone can pause whatever you are watching or hearing. Also, not all of you will need to use an iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple TV to access the service. Apple also announced that it will extend Facetime calling beyond its own devices, so that users of Android or Windows devices can access the app through their web browser.

A bunch of other platforms will be integrated into Shareplay, if you’re wondering what you and your team can do together. They include Disney +, TikTok, and Twitch, as well as Paramount +, which will launch in Australia in August.

Obviously you will all have to subscribe to the platforms you plan to see or listen to – so this won’t be a way to watch. The Mandalorian on behalf of your friends. Shareplay will work with Apple Music and Apple’s own line of movies and TV shows, naturally, and you’ll also be able to share your screen via the feature to view other apps together.

Other updates planned for iOS 15, which are expected to start rolling out from Spring 2021, include redesigned notifications, a big Safari overhaul, a Live Text feature that will be able to read handwriting on photos, improved functionality in Apple Maps and a ramp of privacy controls. The weather and notes apps are also getting a facelift, and there will also be a new live translation feature.

Apple’s iOS 15 is expected to begin rolling out from spring 2021. For more details, visit Apple website.

Posted on 09 June 2021 by

Sarah ward

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New South Wales Government’s popular Dine & Discover initiative extended until July 31 http://a1usarealestate.com/new-south-wales-governments-popular-dine-discover-initiative-extended-until-july-31/ http://a1usarealestate.com/new-south-wales-governments-popular-dine-discover-initiative-extended-until-july-31/#respond Wed, 09 Jun 2021 00:56:24 +0000 http://a1usarealestate.com/new-south-wales-governments-popular-dine-discover-initiative-extended-until-july-31/

With over 4.23 million people having downloaded Dine and Discover vouchers since their launch in March 2021, the NSW government is extending the initiative by one month to give people more time to redeem all of their food vouchers at restaurant or try a new activity this winter, including during the next school holidays.

The latest data shows that since the launch of the vouchers, a combined total of over $ 357 million has been spent with registered businesses adding the extra expenses to the voucher amount.

Dining out was particularly popular, with customers spending an average of $ 41 for every $ 25 voucher used. This increase in spending in reception centers will have wider positive effects on the economy, through employment and purchases from upstream suppliers.

Adventure businesses have also benefited, as have cultural institutions such as galleries and museums.

Most common use of coupons overall:

  • Catering services – over 5 million exchanges
  • Movie theaters – over 1.2 million
  • Heritage activities such as museums and art galleries – nearly 370,000 exchanges.

NSW Treasurer Dominic Perrottet said the stimulus has proven popular and has played a valuable role in supporting businesses as well as restoring consumer confidence and noted that “it helps stimulate our economy. It’s not just about increasing business income, it brings new customers through their doors, eager to try a new restaurant or an exciting activity.

“People of all ages and backgrounds are trying it out and we don’t want anyone to miss it. This extension will allow everyone to have the possibility to use their four vouchers, which I am sure will be particularly useful during the school holidays.

Each NSW adult is entitled to four $ 25 vouchers with a total value of $ 100, to be spent at the 14,000 participating businesses.

NSW Minister for Digital and Customer Service Victor Dominello said the enthusiastic acceptance of vouchers showed digital initiatives were the way of the future and added “a targeted stimulus, a smart stimulus to help communities and citizens in the fight against a pandemic and Dine & Discover has been able to support a wide range of businesses and industries.

“With about two in three adults across NSW who have now signed up for the vouchers, having such a large portion of the NSW population on board means we can quickly recover from the vouchers. money in the community.

“More than $ 105 million was spent directly in regionally registered businesses, compared to nearly $ 200 million in establishments in Sydney. “

It’s not too late for businesses to sign up and customers are encouraged to sign up and spend their vouchers before they expire on the 31st.st July 2021.

“We’re giving people more time to take full advantage of these vouchers, so be sure to sign up and use them before you lose them. “

The vouchers were due to expire on the 30the June.

Vouchers can only be used at qualifying businesses that have a COVID security plan in place and are registered as COVIDSafe.

Picture: Byron Theater and Community Center is registered with the NSW Government’s Dine & Discover NSW initiative,

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March 25, 2021 – Tourism and hospitality industry calls for cash boost payments and tax breaks

March 15, 2021 – Northern Beaches Council improves outdoor hospitality in Manly

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