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You lead your tribe on foot. Wandering helplessly through a decaying world as resources and hope dwindle.

You have no home or shelter. Before you, the ground shakes and before your eyes, you see your salvation rising from the toxic ground in the form of an ancient, lovable and frustrating giant named Onbu.

You take your tribe aboard Onbu and embark on a journey through many different biomes, each with different benefits and challenges to manage as you attempt to optimize your new colony and its relationship with its host.

My first 30 minutes in the wandering village

At first, your establishment and Onbu will look more like colleagues who have just met and speak different languages.

You do your thing, and they do theirs.

However, as your camp gains a foothold, stacks up resources, and establishes a research center, you can slowly start investing in other ways to interact with Onbu, and your relationship becomes more symbiotic. In this dying world, you can’t survive without Onbu, and they can’t survive without you.