CONCRETE SOLDIERS, at the heart of the highlights of this month of February on SHELTER

Sustainable and unique housing, a mix of design between East and West and the spirit of revolution are on the program at SHELTER in February.

After exploring three unique and solitary living structures in regional Victoria, SMALL SPACES ends this month with the fourth and final episode: Eco-Friendly Shipping Home.

It’s finished with bricks and mortar, and with three 20-foot recycled green-gray shipping containers.

Combining luxury glamping with eco-sustainability, this 530 square foot solar-powered dwelling on the family farm was designed with liberating minimalism in mind.

“We wouldn’t be bound by chores and could enjoy surfing, gardening and just being in nature,”

– designer and owner Amy Plank told remain.

Nestled in the beautiful and peaceful bushland of South Gippsland and built by sustainable construction company Modhouse, the build took a shared family approach to design and build collaboration. Father, daughter and son-in-law have all come together to repurpose 3 shipping containers to meet the housing needs of a growing family in rural Victoria.

“We wanted it to look more grounded and polished, and less rustic, which you often see with container conversions,”

– continued Plank.

A beautiful and unimposing structure, Eco-Friendly Shipping Home is a perfect example of reusing and recycling while working in harmony with the natural environment.

  • SMALL SPACES: EPISODE 4 – ECO SHIPPING HOME (15 min) Australia 2022 (Available February 7 – World Premiere) Trailer of the series:


Next for Shelter this February is a portrait of the eminent Canadian architect Luc Durand, and a return to his architectural beginnings in India.

LUC DURAND LEAVING DELHI reflects on this early work in Durand’s career, where Durand “learned his trade”, and the influence it would have on some of his later creations in Montreal: including the Quebec pavilion for the iconic Expo ’67 , Place Dupuis and the monumental Athletes’ Housing Complex for the 1976 Olympic Games.

After studying with Eugène Beaudoin in Switzerland, Durand began his career in India, at the invitation of architect Jack Vicajee Bertoli, to work on an Air India pavilion for the Delhi Industrial Fair in 1961. What was initially a project short-term quickly turned into a three-year stay, where Durand designed private houses, apartments, cinemas, furniture, fabrics, carpets, paint; and even try his hand at urban planning with master plans for Delhi and Calcutta.

A Official selection for the Montreal International Art Film Festival (2019)the Winnipeg Architecture Film Festival (2019)and the Rotterdam Architecture Film Festival (2019)director Etienne Desrosiers follows Durand’s pilgrimage through his roots, as he wanders the Indian capital in search of the many projects he worked on between 1959 and 1962.

  • LUC DURAND LEAVING DELHI (80 min) Canada 2019 (Available from February 14)


From the globe-trotting design work of Durand, we move on to the Italian design revolution of the 60s and 70s, with GREAT DESIGNS.

The 1960s were undoubtedly a decade of change and radical new worldviews, and this revolution took off in the world of Italian design.

Francesca Molteni & Maria Cristina Didero’s film follows 19 of the key figures of the Italian radical movement. Through their words and stories, the film traces the history and legacy of the movement. At a time troubled by a wave of political violence and social upheaval, the energy of Italian industrialists combined with the ability and creativity of its designers sparked a “positive turbulence” and saw Italy begin to become a center world of design.

Borrowing and reorienting the language, designs and ideals of American pop art and European artistic avant-gardes, these Italian designers began to question the rational and functional past of Italian design and embark on the future of creation.

Meeting designers Emilio Ambasz, Franco Audrito, Dario Bartolini, Lapo Binazzi, Andrea Branzi and many others, SUPER DESIGNS examines the works of these architects, designers and curators; walk with them in the alleys of their cities; hears their revolutionary ideals; and asks ‘what remains today of the Radical Movement?’

A Official selection for the Architecture & Design Festival (2017)SUPER DESIGNS takes us back ‘to a time when anything seemed possible’.

  • GREAT DESIGN (62 min)Italy 2017 (Available from February 21)


The spirit of hope of the radical movement of the 60s and 70s lives on, with the refusal of communities to be swept away in the name of progress in CONCRETE SOLDIERS UK.

Nikita Woolfe’s documentary tells the story of the destruction of social housing in the UK and exposes the epidemic of social cleansing currently raging in London; under the destructive guise of “regeneration”.

Filmed just after the deadly fire at Grenfell Tower, the documentary follows the efforts of a young company, Architects for Social Housing, as they encounter communities threatened with destruction by irresponsible development.

Narrated by historian, investigative journalist and filmmaker Andy Worthington, CONCRETE SOLDIERS UK focuses on three civic estates threatened with destruction: Aylesbury Estate in Southwark, Central Hill and Cressingham Gardens in Lambeth.

The documentary seeks to amplify the voices of working-class Londoners subjected to developer-led, council-backed regeneration; where the only winners are profiteering developers and private landlords who ruthlessly price residents and divide communities.

Yet the locals do not go down without a fight. Seemingly against all odds, these activists are finding ways to keep their homes and through the will of people power.

  • CONCRETE SOLDIERS (65 mins) UK 2018 (available February 28)
    The concrete soldiers won ‘Best Documentary Film’ to European Film Awards (2018)and was a official selection for the Lund International Architecture Film Festival (2018), International Film Festival of Independent Talents (2018), Winnipeg Architecture and Design Film Festival (2018), CINETEKTON International Film Architecture Festival (2018), NCADFF (2018).


Finally for Shelter in February, Architecture+CinemaKatie Philpott is our second guest curator and her selection reflects her passion for cinematic architecture.

“Reflecting our love of cinema that features great architecture,”

– explains Philpott,

“This montage begins with several film-related or feature documentaries that include some of the biggest stars in film architecture.

“We have also chosen excellent documentaries on urban design, several inspiring titles on social/local architecture initiatives around the world and the portrait of a pioneering woman architect whose talent and influence have been neglected by his alive.”

Philpott’s selections include COAST MODERN, LA CUPOLA, THE MYTH OF PRUITT IGOE, DO MORE WITH LESS and PERMANENT CAMPING, and are accessible through Shelter’s home screen.

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