Elixus attributes its success to its employees

Based in Kuala Lumpur, Elixus is a performance-driven digital marketing agency that specializes in performance marketing, social media, CRM and email marketing, web development and SEO, said his LinkedIn. Among the list of brands with which the agency has worked are Decathlon, L’Occitane, Peugeot, Savencia, Arla and Lurpak. Recently, the agency managed to win the gold award for Performance Marketing Agency of the Year at A + M’s 2021 Agency of the Year.

In addition, he was also a finalist for Digital Agency of the Year, New Kid on the Block, Agency Manager of the Year and Most Efficient Use – Mobile at the Agency’s. year of A + M and the MARKies Awards 2021.

Elixus Regional Business Development Manager Hubert Wang Tose (pictured) told A + M that when it comes to the agency’s success, the credit goes to the people. “Our people have the capacity to provide our various services in a way where all disciplines collaborate and talk to each other,” he added. Additionally, when it comes to recruiting within the agency, Tose explained that the agency believes that technical skills can be trained, but character is in the individual. “We value the person as much as their technical skills,” he said.

This interview is part of A + M’s 2021 AOTY Awards winner and finalist interview series. To learn more about the awards, click here.

Tell us about your agency and what makes it special?

Tose: We launched Elixus – a full-fledged digital marketing agency with a strong focus on performance in July 2019 with five original team members. In just over two years we have grown to over 90 people with boots on the ground in Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, India, UK and France .

Over the past two years, we have had the pleasure of working for incredible brands, a number of which are well-known global brands including Decathlon, L’Occitane, Peugeot, Savencia, Arla and Lurpak. We have also served a number of local and regional heroes including Ayam Brand, TNGD, BigPay, KUMU, and Mr DIY. We are currently working with nearly 100 clients with both local, regional and international assignments, providing a combination of our performance marketing, social media marketing, email and animated video design services.

When we first started launching Elixus, we felt there was a significant void in the market for a new generation of digital marketing agencies to fill. With a founding team that had spent their formative years in various marketing disciplines, we felt that the market would be well served by combining the consultative approach traditionally provided by your consulting firms, the creative design, which has long been the strength. traditional agencies, data-driven technical optimization to sit at the top of the key players in today’s digital marketing landscape.

We don’t see ourselves as a digital marketing revolution, we just believe that with our scalable, performance-based methodology for digital marketing, we just do it better.

What do you think it takes for agencies to be successful these days?

Tose: I believe there are three things that make agencies successful these days: maintaining high standards of customer service, what we like to call operational excellence and performance-based results, achieve or often exceed KPIs defined by customers. The key ingredient to making this happen is people. We wouldn’t be where we are today without the unwavering commitment of our incredible team of professionals day in and day out.

Our employees have the ability to provide our various services in a way where all disciplines work together and talk to each other. Another key element of success has been for us and our clients to stop seeing social media management, paid advertising, CRM, branding and design as siled but interconnected disciplines.

A simple example of this is how we provide free static design for AB test variations for performance marketing because you cannot effectively optimize ads without it.

How to attract the right talents for your teams?

Tose: Our original core team was assembled through the network of former teammates of our CEO and founding team. The first 30 or so members of Elixus had worked for or with members of our founding team. At this point, we had worked together before, we had split up for one reason or another, and because of the “Dream of Elixus” we found ourselves under one roof again.

Personal networks cannot go further, and recently we have created a talent acquisition function to support talent acquisition for Elixus. There are three things that have helped attract talent to our teams. First of all, I think it is the corporate culture that we have created here, which is based on our core values ​​of

What I do best #KICKASS
Don’t worry brother #IGOTYOURBACK,
My second name is #HUSTLER
& FUN …
Second, people are often excited about the clients we work with, and third, I think people are drawn to work for Elixus by our history. They are excited about this new upstart agency which has taken the South East Asian market by storm and has seen tremendous growth during a period that has probably been the most difficult market conditions encountered at least. for our generation.

Plus, when people talk to our team, they learn that we are an organization that promotes equal opportunities for all. Our five board members have a 3: 2 ratio of women to men. Our team is made up of a diverse group of people of different nationalities, religions and sexual orientations. We believe that technical skills can be trained, which is why we launched our in-house academy to support this growth, but character is in the individual and we value the person as much as their technical skills.

What do you think makes great client-agency relationships today?

Tose: There is a larger picture that we often don’t see, knowing that as an agency we are a cog in a much bigger machine, the basic basis is that our cog turns so that the rest of the machine is working. If our cog does not turn in sync with the rest of the machine, the machine will inevitably seek to replace the cog with a better one.

As with all good relationships, there must be compromises, clearly managed expectations, a clear plan, and clear and careful planning of deliverables that the agency can reasonably meet and adhere to the client’s needs. High standards in customer service are paramount, they are closely linked to two of our core values ​​which are #IGOTYOURBACK and #OPERATIONALEXCELLENCE.

Compromise is extremely important when it comes to building a solid relationship between client and agency. Having clients who place unrealistic demands on the agency is ultimately untenable, but at the same time, the agency needs to be flexible in its approach to client account service. Clear lines of communication, working together towards a mutually agreed upon delivery schedule, will help build a solid foundation between client and agency.

Unrealistic or poorly managed expectations on the customer’s side are a sure-fire path to disaster. It all starts long before you actually engage the customer with the sales team. Don’t oversell and set unreasonable customer expectations. We believe in lack of promises and over-delivery. But at the same time, always aim to keep our promises.

Planning is another important part of building a strong client-agency relationship. Make sure clear boundaries are set with the client, turnaround times for ad creation and banner design. This is closely related to managing expectations, as it is also not reasonable to put the health and sanity of our team at risk in order to meet unrealistic expectations from the client side.

What capacities will you rely on as 2022 approaches?

Tose: Digital marketing is about people, we are as strong as our weakest link. In 2022, we will continue to invest in our people. Provide training and support in everything from management skills to technical skills to help our team become a better version of themselves.

That aside, we will continue to develop our channel expertise and expand the options we can offer to our clients when it comes to our digital marketing services. We launched our animated video design activity, Motionable.io, at the start of 2021. Continuing to develop and refine this activity will be at the heart of our concerns until 2022.

Building on the success we have had with our social media and performance marketing offerings, we plan to continue our growth trajectory by launching complementary services, such as digital marketing consulting and training, which help provide a complete performance-oriented offer for our customers. We will also invest additional resources in our European expansion thanks to our teams in the UK and France.

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