Fasthosts Ecommerce Website Builder Review

Launched in June 2021, Fasthosts brings to the website builder market a new drag-and-drop platform for businesses to build professional online stores without the need for a coding experience.

The ecommerce website builder enables businesses to reach customers on social media and marketplaces by automatically syncing a main store with platforms like Google Shopping, Facebook Messenger, Ebay, Amazon, Instagram, and Facebook.

As e-commerce continues to gain in importance, secure visibility on these platforms is essential for any online retailer. With Fasthosts’ easy-to-use ecommerce platform builder, all users need to do is sign up for one of the four plans offered and choose the model that works best.

The styling is sleek, the dashboard is clean and easy to use, and perhaps best of all, there are no hidden charges.

Fasthosts Ecommerce Website Builder

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Fasthosts’ Ecommerce Starter Plan, which covers everything you need to start selling products online, is free for two months, then £ 15 per month. The next step up, the Ecommerce Grow plan, is great for anyone looking to grow their business, and is also free for two months, before charging £ 20 per month. The growth plan is for those with larger stores and higher product volumes, Fasthosts Ecommerce Pro plan is free for the first three months, before charging £ 35 per month.

The final offering is Ecommerce Expert – also free for three months, then £ 50 per month thereafter, but offering unlimited products, Amazon and eBay integration, and an E-Goods file size of up to 10GB.

There is the option to cancel all plans within 30 days if you are not satisfied, without incurring any costs, giving you plenty of time to explore the entire platform, with the free trial period. giving access to all functions and services. Users also have the option to upgrade their plan to a more advanced ecommerce website builder package with the click of a button.

Ease of use

In general, Fasthosts Ecommerce Website Builder is easy to use and beginners should be able to navigate the platform comfortably.

If your needs are simple, you’ve never used an ecommerce website builder before, or you’re just in a rush to start selling your products online, Fasthosts’ platform might be the vendor for you. you need.

Fasthosts Ecommerce Website Builder Dashboard

Fasthosts Ecommerce Website Builder Dashboard (Image credit: Fasthosts)

Fasthosts also offers built-in search engine optimization for your products, categories, and page content to ensure your store ranks high in Google search results. The dashboard is also easy to navigate and lists all the products available to the user as a sidebar.

It’s a straightforward process to add new products to your ecommerce site – just add a description and price, upload an image, and post – and you can always choose to add more advanced features if you want.


Fasthosts Ecommerce Website Builder offers a wide range of additional features, including access to partner applications, to enhance the functionality of a site and customize its performance to best meet your business needs. Additionally, the platform comes with a free domain name and SSL security, along with business-class email, providing everything a retailer needs to establish a professional online store.

Fasthosts gives you the option of setting up a domain if you haven’t already created one for your online store. Your website’s IP address is visible on the dashboard and it is also possible to add a VPS.

The platform is a great way for people without technical knowledge to set up an online store – and there’s also the ability to preview your website and see how it will look on a computer, tablet, and smartphone before. to put it online, and with every step you take on your website, your Fasthosts dashboard bar moves so you can track your progress.

Fasthosts e-commerce site creation

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With a wide range of ready-made themes to choose from, you always have the freedom to change certain features of the template to your liking, and Fasthosts gives you the option to change the size of the images you want displayed for your purchases in line. page, for example by slightly darkening the background of your images to make them stand out against the store background.

The “manage store” option allows you to track your sales, including all abandoned orders and carts. Fasthosts has made it easy to choose the product details you want to display on the product list and their placement in the product sheet. Additionally, Fasthosts Ecommerce Website Builder provides 24/7 access to expert company support agents, providing customer support and advice whenever needed.

Fasthost customer support

Fasthost customer support (Image credit: Fasthosts)

The competition

There are plenty of other ecommerce website builders out there, including big names like Shopify, as well as Squarespace, Wix, GoDaddy, and IONOS, all of which offer similar services. Unlike some of its competitors, Fasthosts Ecommerce Website Builder doesn’t limit you when it comes to customization and also accepts payments through all major payment providers including PayPal and Worldpay.

Final thoughts

Fasthosts e-commerce website builder is a high-quality platform that puts ease of use first. Its support website is full of articles and how-to guides that will help you build a beautiful website that has all the features you need.

All customizable eCommerce website templates automatically scale when viewed on any device, so your online store will look the best whether accessed via mobile, tablet, or a computer. You can also make changes to your online store from your smartphone or tablet, making it easier for newbies to start an online store right away.

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