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Dominic Wong stepped down as Director of InterContinental Hotels Group, Malaysia-based Digital Marketing Manager after more than a year to join blockchain technology incubation platform, Master Ventures, as a Marketing Advisor. blockchain. As a blockchain marketing advisor, Wong is responsible for supporting clients by investing, advising and building blockchain-based projects through internal incubation.

Wong said A + M that it has always been his passion to enter the blockchain and fintech space. With the hospitality and tourism industry hit hard by the pandemic, he felt it was the right time to pursue his next career goals.

“The marketing department is constantly expanding with new hires every month this year. We expect to exceed more than 10 new hires within the account management team which includes account managers, content managers, designers and project managers, ”said Wong.

He joined IHG in late 2019 to lead regional digital growth and drive customer acquisition through brand building and direct booking funnel optimization across Asia-Pacific through programmatic marketing, AI and affiliate. Wong’s LinkedIn said he oversees brands such as Intercontinental, Holiday Inn, Hotel Indigo and Kimpton. A + M reached out to IHG for comment on Wong’s replacement.

Prior to that he worked at m / SIX as Commercial Director, during which he led a team to focus on best practices for delivering strategic and innovative solutions to clients. Wong has experience in the hospitality industry, having worked at Sunway International Hotels and Resorts as Group Director, Digital Marketing. Spending nearly three years there, Wong led a 360 ° digital, social and mobile implementation, e-commerce optimization and new emerging technologies in the market. He has also overseen group-level digital marketing initiatives for other hotel properties such as Sunway Putra KL, Sunway Georgetown Penang, Sunway Hotel Seberang Jaya, Sunway Hanoi, The Banjaran and Phnom Penh.

Prior to that, Wong also worked at FleishmanHillard as Digital Account Manager, Mirum Agency as Account Manager, Vocanic as Senior Project and Engagement Manager and Catcha Group as Services Manager. customers, among others.

Asked about the transferable skills Wong has learned from his past experiences, he said learning doesn’t stop when it comes to digital marketing. “This space keeps growing and what I’ve learned is how to reach consumers and use the right tools at the right time is key. Adapting to new technological environments and implementing new marketing strategies at the right time is key. good time has always been the same, never stop adapting, ”he explained.

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Dominic Wong Joins Client Side of m / SIX Malaysia as Digital Manager

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WalkMe makes $ 2.6 billion. IPOs while Israeli startups raise over $ 200 million. http://a1usarealestate.com/walkme-makes-2-6-billion-ipos-while-israeli-startups-raise-over-200-million/ http://a1usarealestate.com/walkme-makes-2-6-billion-ipos-while-israeli-startups-raise-over-200-million/#respond Wed, 16 Jun 2021 17:18:00 +0000 http://a1usarealestate.com/walkme-makes-2-6-billion-ipos-while-israeli-startups-raise-over-200-million/

It’s another busy day in the Start-Up Nation. WalkMe, whose business orientation and engagement platform helps companies better realize the value of their software investments, completed its initial public offering on the Nasdaq market on Wednesday. The company, which trades under the ticker symbol “WKME, has raised about $ 287 million at $ 31 per share, or a valuation of nearly $ 2.6 billion.” The Tel Aviv-based company is the fifth Israeli company to go public in the United States with a valuation of more than $ 1 billion, after games company Playtika, traffic analysis company SimilarWeb, the platform. Global-E e-commerce form and Monday labor management platform. com, which went public last week.
Meanwhile, Israel’s record fundraising year continued on Wednesday, with more than $ 200 million. raised in a day. Israeli start-ups have raised more than $ 10.7 billion. since the start of the year, exceeding the total raised for 2020 less than half the time.
Bringg, a last-mile delivery and fulfillment cloud platform provider, said it achieved unicorn status by closing $ 100 million. $ 1 billion Series E investment round. Evaluation. The funding will be used to rapidly scale the company’s platform through mergers and acquisitions and by developing its ecosystem of strategic and technology partners. The Tel Aviv-based company said the tour, which makes it the only unicorn in the execution space, was led by Insight Partners with the participation of seven existing investors, including Cambridge Capital, GLP, Harlap, Next 47, Pereg Ventures, Salesforce Ventures, and Viola Growth.

Jerusalem-based KAHR, a cancer immunotherapy company developing new, multifunctional immuno-recruitment proteins, has raised $ 46.5 million. The funds will be used to advance the clinical development of the Company’s flagship product candidate, a fusion protein targeting for the treatment of solid and blood cancers.

Gloat, whose talent marketplace platform aims to reinvent work and careers in global companies, has announced an investment of $ 57 million. Series C financing round led by Accel, with participation from existing investors Eight Roads Ventures, Intel Capital, Magma Venture Partners and PICO Partners. With total funding of $ 92 million, the company will accelerate product innovation and market expansion, he said.
Trigo, whose technology allows buyers to skip the checkout with frictionless payment technology, has raised around $ 10 million. German retail giant REWE Group and Viola Growth, a large Israeli tech investment firm, taking its lifetime investment above $ 100 million. The investment comes with a partnership with REWE, Germany’s second largest grocery retailer, to provide a ‘take out’ shopping experience for REWE customers at a new store in Cologne city center . Tesco, the UK’s largest grocery retailer, invested in the Tel Aviv-based company and opened a similar store last year.
On Tuesday, Duda, a website building platform for digital agencies and SaaS businesses, said it had raised $ 50 million. in Series D funding, led by Claridge IL along with existing investors Susquehanna Growth Equity and Vintage Investment Partners, bringing its total raised to $ 100 million. There are now one million websites published and created by more than 17,000 web professionals worldwide on the Duda platform, the Tel Aviv-based company said. the new funding will be used to accelerate growth by developing new products and features and increasing investments in all departments.
Israeli emergency response technology company Carbyne said on Tuesday it had raised $ 20 million. just four months after raising an additional $ 25 million. The new funding was led by Global Medical Response, the largest private provider of emergency medical services in the United States, and the two partners will team up to develop advanced interactive communications solutions for the healthcare and healthcare sectors. Medicine.

Also on Tuesday, digital insurance company Libra raised NIS 24 million. with its IPO on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange on Tuesday at NIS 450 million. Evaluation. The company plans to obtain a license to sell life insurance in Israel in the coming year.

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Catasauqua High School Price Class 2021, Scholarships – Times News Online http://a1usarealestate.com/catasauqua-high-school-price-class-2021-scholarships-times-news-online/ http://a1usarealestate.com/catasauqua-high-school-price-class-2021-scholarships-times-news-online/#respond Wed, 16 Jun 2021 15:48:54 +0000 http://a1usarealestate.com/catasauqua-high-school-price-class-2021-scholarships-times-news-online/

The following awards and scholarships were presented to members of the 2021 Catasauqua High School class at an event on June 2.

Catasauqua Women’s Club: Olivia Emery, Stephanie Emery, Cassidy Fischl, Sabrina Safadi

Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Seminar-Representative: No Prize (COVID-19)

Catasauqua Women’s Club (for the highest average in applied English): Olivia Becker, Alexis Rushatz; (for the highest average in English-academic): Evan Webber

Catasauqua Lions Club: Donovan Ahart, Léa Bousaleh

Scholarships for Catasauqua high school alumni: Alexis Rushatz, Sabrina Safadi

Commemorative Prize of the Class of 1937: Olivia Becker, Alexis Rushatz

Class of 1951 Memorial Prize: Kaitlyn Weiss

Class of 1952: Stéphanie Crogan, Cassandra Kaeppel, Hailey Senatore Deschaine

Class of 1956 Lucille H. Lambert Memorial English / Journalism Achievement Award: Gabriella DeMaria, Sabrina Safadi

Commemorative Prize of the Class of 1957 (Outstanding Seniors in the TV Production Class): Janessa Ortiz, Alexandra Treiber, Ciani Vassa

Class of 1958 Memorial Award: Cassidy Fischl, Hamyah Jenkins

1959 Class Memorial Award (good attendance and good grades and is involved in extracurricular and community activities): Cole Schiffer

Class of 1961: Dominik Bennett, Janiyah Graves

SCH Class of 1976 (involved in city government): Trista Graser-Jewell

Class of 1984 Commemorative Prize (Senior Male or Female College Athlete accepted into two or four year college): Alexis Rushatz

Class of 2002 Prize: Angel Font, Angelina Grate

Class of 2004 Joseph Galm Memorial Science Award: Donovan Ahart, Briona Landis

Milne / Fahringer Arts Scholarship 2014: Maylea Cora, Stephanie Emery

Bruce A. Frankenfield Memorial Award (top ranked male and female): Matthew Ritter, Olivia Becker

Al Marhefka Memorial Music Prize: Kassidy Gruver

Catasauqua Garden Club Prize: Cassidy Fischl

Director’s Award for Outstanding Academic Service (outstanding service to the school over the past four years): Sabrina Safadi

Catty Crew Prize: Derek Troxell, Olivia Emery, Alexis Rushatz, Sabrina Safadi

Sage Stauffer Memorial Award (senior men and women on a football team considering further education and interested in football): Donovan Ahart, Madison Warren

Salem Kindergarten Alumni Graduation Award: Kaitlyn Bachman

Whitehall Chamber of Commerce Stock Exchange: No Reward (COVID-19)

Catasauqua Community Partnership Award (Most Contributing Senior Citizen to Community Service): Janessa Ortiz, Derek Troxell

Tracy Holmes Award (senior member of the field hockey and track teams who has had good attendance in high school and maintained good grades): Alexis Rushatz

John Phillip Sousa Concert Band Award: Cassidy Fischl

Frank “Jive” and Janice “Nin” Snyder Memorial Award (NHS and Varsity “C” Club senior men and women): Alexis Rushatz, Derek Troxell

Jeffrey Greb Memorial Scholarship: Emma Hawk

Alex Sofish Memorial Award (Students attending Penn State): Derek Troxell, Olivia Emery

Catasauqua Area Education Association Memorial Scholarship: Olivia Becker, Stephanie Crogan

Leonard Carlton Peckitt Scholarships: Alexis Rushatz, Derek Troxell

Arthur Williams Cross Country Prize: Luke Colon, Dorian Hoagland, Alexis Rushatz

Arthur William Business Prize: Destany Montanez

David Cunningham Memorial Girls Basketball Award: Alexis Rushatz

American Legion Post 215 (senior who through her interest in industry and social science student courses shows the clearest understanding of the world, our government and our community): Janessa Ortiz

Senior Frank J. Troxell Memorial Award: Austin Brett, Tyler Monahan, Janessa Ortiz, Alexis Rushatz, Sabrina Safadi, Cole Schiffer

Valley Forge Chapter-Pennsylvania Society Sons of the American Revolution: No reward (COVID-19)

National Daughters of the American Revolution Society: Sabrina Safadi

Mark Moser Memorial Scholarship: Kassidy Gruver

Charles “Chink” Gallagher Memorial Scholarship: Douglas Scott

Catasauqua Fire Department Community Service Award: Austin Brett, Janessa Ortiz, Ty Reitz, Sabrina Safadi, Derek Troxell

Sheckler Teacher’s Award: Olivia Becker, Mercades Watt

Michelle Shinsky Mason Award Class of 1970: Lea Bousaleh

West Point Dwight D. Eisenhower Leadership Award (Outstanding Character and Achievement): Angele Diamacoune

Deb Nothstein CAST Prize, Catasauqua Area Showcase Theater: Stephanie Emery

Alva R. Davies Art Grant: Alexandra Treiber

Barrasso Prize (in honor of Dale Buss to a senior pursuing a Bachelor of Science Education with a specialization in Biology): Tyler Monahan; (in memory of Vincent E. Spess to an elder who is a leader in the community): Alexandra Treiber; (from the Barrasso family to a student pursuing a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and / or science): Gabriella DeMaria

Sports Award to honor the memory of Michael and Emma Brosky and in memory and honor of Gail Brosky Gillespie (class SHC 1956): Derek Troxell, Hailey Senatore Deschaine

University Club “C”: Derek Troxell, Alexis Rushatz

Earl Stengel Memorial Scholarship (Outstanding Students & Senior Soccer Player): Tyler Monahan

National School Choral Prize: Kaitlyn Weiss

Slovak Center Social Club scholarship: Derek Troxell

CYAA Youth Award: Austin Brett, Cole Schiffer, Derek Troxell

Catasauqua Booster Club Award: Tyler Monahan, Hailey Senatore Deschaine

Catasauqua Hall of Fame Award: Alexis Rushatz, Derek Troxell

Michael H. Yaroma Memorial Fellowship for Integrity: (a senior graduate who has demonstrated integrity and recognizes why this is an essential life skill): Olivia Becker

Jim Kappes Memorial Scholarship: Lea Bousaleh, Maylea Cora, Gabriella DeMaria, Stephanie Emery, Jade Moseley, Emily Rivera, Mercades Watt

Robert S. Spengler and Bernadine S. Wehr Memorial Award (seniors considering medical specialization): Olivia Emery, Trista Graser-Jewell

Mark Reccek Memorial Award (seniors interested in one or more: law, politics, journalism and nursing): Angelina Grate, Janessa Ortiz, Marissa Rice, Sabrina Safadi

Gerald Case Memorial Award: Cole Schiffer

Jesse Crossley Award: Tanner Laudenslager

Quincy Jones Music Prize: Cassandra Kaeppel

National Walking Prize: Stéphanie Crogan

National School Color Guard Award: Stéphanie Crogan

Travelers Protective Association of America Selflessness Award Allentown Post L: No Award (COVID-19)

Raymond Hoffman Prize: Olivia Becker

Thomas Delong Memorial Award (Outstanding Senior Basketball Player): Derek Troxell

James P. O’Mara Scholarship awarded by the James and Sharon (O’Mara) Maida Foundation: Olivia Becker, Briona Landis, Tyler Monahan, Matthew Ritter

Walter Schlener Memorial Award: Angel Font, Jade Moseley

CASD Summer Jobs Program Award: Matthew Ritter

Stacey Bendzlowicz Memorial Scholarship: No Award (COVID-19)

Vincent V. Suppan Music Prize: Briona Landis, Marissa Rice

Lehigh Valley Chapter National Football Foundation and College Hall of Fame Scholar: Tyler James Monahan

Lehigh Valley College Football Athlete: Derek Troxell, Hamyah Jenkins

Colonial League All-Star Academic Award 2021: Derek Troxell, Alexis Rushatz

Kenneth C. and Shirley J. Wotring Memorial Scholarship Fund: Lea Bousaleh, Emily Rivera

Erik Hirner Memorial Scholarship: Trista Graser-Jewell, Alexandra Treiber

Carl Kratzer Memorial Community Service Award: Derek Troxell

Joseph Meeko Memorial Track and Soccer Awards: Ty Reitz, Hamyah Jenkins; (Football Award for Outstanding Male and Female Defensive Player): Derek Troxell, Olivia Emery

Meeko Humanitarian Awards (Joseph John Meeko Memorial Award): Derek Troxell; (Mary B. Meeko Memorial Award): Janessa Ortiz

Debbie Linton Memorial Track and Field Award (Outstanding Male and Female Track and Field Student-Athlete, School Achievement, Community Service and Volunteer Work): Tyler Monahan, Alexis Rushatz

Gift from a friend (Senior Accountant Award): Nicholas DeLorenzo

Officers of College Club “C”: Austin Brett, President; Derek Troxell, vice-president; Sabrina Safadi, secretary; Alexis Rushatz, treasurer; Janessa Ortiz, historian / public relations

Student Council Officers: Derek Troxell, President; Sabrina Safadi, vice-president; Olivia Emery, secretary; Alexandra Treiber, treasurer; Janessa Ortiz, sergeant. weapons

Scholastic Scrimmage Awards 2020-21: No Awards (COVID-19)

Senior Debate Team Award 2021: Stephanie Crogan

2021 Brown and White Awards (for editors) – news: Lucy Brubaker, Gabriella DeMaria, Sydney Gebhardt; photo: Olivia Burnett, Julia Dolon; critic: Dijon Chambers, Colin Germano; media: Cheyenne Gioielli, Peyton Taniser; activities: Hannah Kurczeski, Mitchel Lewis; sports: Tyler Monahan, Kalman Sasdi, Derek Troxell; reviews: Alexis Rushatz, Sabrina Safadi; (for editors) – Gael Daniel, Jacob Dove, Alana Henry, Timari Wilkins

Members of the National Honor Society: Sabrina Safadi, president; Alexis Rushatz, vice-president; Emily Rivera, Treasurer, Derek Troxell, Secretary; Alexandra Treiber, historian; (seniors) – Olivia Becker, Cassidy Fischl, Angelina Grate; (inducted 2021) – Lucy Brubaker, Valerie Davidheiser, Angele Diamacoune, Caylyne Eck, Sydney Gebhardt, Aidan Gerhard, Madison Harth, Taylor Hicks, Hannah Kurczeski, Maya Moussa, Chloe Moyer, Bronwyn Pacchioli, Ashley Ritter, Juliza Rodriquez

LCTI / DCO program: Daniel Faust

CHS Senior Drama Club Award: Stephanie Emery, Senior Class 2021 Member; Hannah Kurczeski, president; Valérie Davidheiser, vice-president; Emily Abbott, secretary; Angelina Dries, Treasurer

STARS (Students Taking Active Roles) leaders: Angel Font, president; Trevor Schappell, vice-president; Jasmine Foster, secretary; Mélanie Jimenez, historian; Trista Graser-Jewell, Treasurer

LCTI Class 2021 (Printing Technology / Graphic Imaging): Desiree Diaz; Web Design / Web Programming: Emily Rivera

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Install and configure Virtualmin on the Ubuntu 20.04 / Debian 10 server http://a1usarealestate.com/install-and-configure-virtualmin-on-the-ubuntu-20-04-debian-10-server/ http://a1usarealestate.com/install-and-configure-virtualmin-on-the-ubuntu-20-04-debian-10-server/#respond Wed, 16 Jun 2021 15:45:00 +0000 http://a1usarealestate.com/install-and-configure-virtualmin-on-the-ubuntu-20-04-debian-10-server/

Virtualmin is an open source web hosting and cloud control panel available for installation on Linux with an automated script. Here we explain how to install Virtualmin & Webmin on Ubuntu 20.04 / 18.04 or Debian 9/10 server

The “VirtualMin” program has proven itself to be able to manage an online server as simply as possible. It allows access to the server through an SSL encrypted HTTP line (i.e. through a standard browser) and provides a clear user interface. (Almost) all server settings and options can be managed and controlled on it. Relatively little technical knowledge is required

Like Webmin, Virtualmin is free, although there is a paid version called Virtualmin PRO which offers specialized support and includes more tools than the normal version.

When you install it, you will be able to easily manage your domain and website. Where Webmin, which is a front-end server management tool, will be responsible for providing you with the tools to deal with pure server issues; Virtualmin is an advanced front-end virtual host management tool and will be in charge of controlling all part of emails, web pages, user spaces, etc.

Installation of WebMin / VirtualMin on Ubuntu 20.04 or Debian server

1. Run the system update command

First of all, make sure that all the existing packages on your system are up to date. Also, I recommend using a new server without any prior installation of another hosting platform or software.

sudo apt update

2. Download the Virtualmin script

Now let’s download the script that will atomically install both Webmin and Virtual minute on our Ubuntu 20.04 or Debian server.

sudo apt install wget
wget wget http://software.virtualmin.com/gpl/scripts/install.sh

3. Define the hostname – fully qualified domain

The fully qualified domain that you want to use and managed by Virtualmin should be defined as the hostname for your server where you plan to install Virtual minute. It can also be a subdomain. For example- we want to use demo.how2shout.com and managed by Virtualmin. So, we set our system hostname to it.

sudo hostnamectl set-hostname demo.how2shout.com

Replacedemo.how2shout.com with your domain or subdomain. Also make sure that the IP address of the server on which you are installing Virtualmin, the A domain registration is pointed to it through your DNS, usually available from where you purchased your domain name or from your domain registrar.

4. Change the permission of the script to make it executable.

As we already have the Virtualmin or Webmin install script on our Ubuntu 20.04 LTS server, let’s move on to authorization so that we can run it on the system using sudo rights for the installation of various components.

chmod a+x install.sh

5. Run the Webmin & Virtualmin installation script on Ubuntu 20.4

If you are using the root user, you do not need to use sudo with the following command, but under the standard user, run it with sudo rights, this will automate the installation process. Everything will be set up from here without your intervention.

sudo ./install.sh

To note: If your domain set as the host name could not resolve the pointed IP address, the installer may ask you to reenter the domain manually.

Installation completed.

Virtualmin installation is complete for Ubuntu Server 20

6. Firewall for Virtualmin on Ubuntu 20.04 or Debian

If you are using a cloud platform like Google, Amazon web server, Digital Ocean or any other, you need to open the Virtualmin port first “10,000“in their firewall. However, those using Ubuntu’s built-in firewall can use the command:

sudo ufw allow 10000

7. Go to Webmin or the virtual web interface and log in

Now is the time to access the graphical user interface of the Webmin, just open your browser which can access your server’s IP address and point to its IP address or the fully qualified domain you defined as the hostname for Virtualmin at port 10000 example-



Default Virtualmin / Webmin username and password

When you see the login page, enter your server name root username and password. Example username– root the passwordthe one you set for the root user on your server.

Logging in to the VirtualMin web interface

8. Dashboard

Finally, you will have the dashboard from where you can access the various settings and options needed to start hosting websites.

VirtualMin and Webmin Dashboard Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

9. Post-installation of Virtualmin Server

Step 1: This post-installation wizard allows you to configure Virtualmin optimally for your system. You can make selections depending on whether you want to host websites, emails, or databases, and depending on the memory and CPU power of your system.
To continue, click on the following button below. To ignore it and use the default settings, click Cancel.

Virtualmin post-installation wizard

2nd step: Virtualmin can be tuned to improve the performance of its user interface and email processing, but at the cost of increased memory usage. The best choice depends on how your system will be used. So, depending on your needs, select the options or leave the default as it is.

Memory usage virtualMin min

Step 3: Enable virus scanning with ClamAV: If your system is going to host domains that will receive a large amount of e-mail, scanning incoming e-mail for viruses may generate a high CPU load. Since scanning is performed using the ClamAV clamd scan server, it consumes RAM even when you are not processing emails. If your system does not host email, virus scanning may be disabled. Or whether it’s on-demand scan

Enable virus scanning with ClamAV min

Step 4: Run the SpamAssassin Server Filter? If your system is going to host domains that will receive a large amount of email, filtering incoming messages for spam can place a heavy CPU load. This is due to the CPU usage by the SpamAssassin mail filter when starting it, which can be avoided by running the SpamAssassin spamd filter server in the background. This consumes RAM, but reduces the CPU load and speeds up mail processing.

Run the SpamAssassin min server filter

Step 5: Virtualmin supports both the MySQL and PostgreSQL database servers, but you may want to run only one (or none) on your system. Each consumes RAM while running, even when not in use.
Depending on the websites and apps you plan to host, running MySQL this may be sufficient, as most web applications do not support or require PostgreSQL. If your system will only be used for messaging or DNS hosting, you don’t need to run it either.

Select Min Database Server

Step 6: In order for the DNS zones created by Virtualmin to be resolvable, the primary nameserver record for each zone must be set to something that can itself be resolved by other systems on the Internet. Just press the following and Virtualmin will set it automatically after making sure it is available.

DNS configuration virtualmin min

Step 7: Virtualmin gives you the option to store passwords in plain text for virtual servers and mailboxes or to store only one-way encrypted (hashed) passwords. Plain text passwords are more convenient, but less secure if your system is compromised.

Remember: When hashed passwords are used, password recovery for virtual servers will no longer be possible. In addition, the MySQL password for new servers will be different from the administration password and will be generated randomly.

Minimum password storage

Step 9: Virtualmin can create a default virtual server that will serve web requests to your system that do not match any other domain. It can also be used to request a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate to be used by Virtualmin’s own user interface.

Create a server virtualmin min

10. Upload files for the website

By default, if you access the domain set to Virtualmin, the HTML demo page will appear saying “Under construction”.

Site under construction on webmin

Now if you want to install a CMS like WordPress click on the button File manager, under Public_html you will find the index.html drop off. Delete it and upload the WordPress file to it by clicking on the File menu and correspondent Download option. Once it’s done. Create a database using Webmin. After this refresh, the URL of your domain showing the Page under construction, and this time you will see the WordPress setup page, provide the required details.

Start installing website on Virtualmin on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Final thoughts:

Although WHM Cpanel users may find it a bit difficult to use Webmin and Virtual minute, however, if you don’t want to pay for Cpanel, then this one is a good option. Nevertheless, Virtualmin is not the only one here, there are much better alternatives available- See our list- Webmin or Virtualmin fees and open source alternatives

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White Glove Hires New VP of Marketing and VP of Group Shop Products http://a1usarealestate.com/white-glove-hires-new-vp-of-marketing-and-vp-of-group-shop-products/ http://a1usarealestate.com/white-glove-hires-new-vp-of-marketing-and-vp-of-group-shop-products/#respond Wed, 16 Jun 2021 14:09:00 +0000 http://a1usarealestate.com/white-glove-hires-new-vp-of-marketing-and-vp-of-group-shop-products/

BIRMINGHAM, Mich., June 16, 2021 / PRNewswire / – White Glove, a technology-based marketing services company that specializes in turnkey client acquisition and development strategies for financial advisors, has hired Kaijsa Kurstin as vice president of marketing and Chris Hooper as vice president of group workshops products.

“As our business grows and progresses towards our long-term goals, we diligently seek ways to improve our services and prepare for success,” said the CEO of White Glove, Evan kramer. “Kaijsa and Chris are two exceptional additions to our team, both bringing years of marketing and management experience within the consulting industry.” Kramer adds, “Because White Glove was founded by Advisors for Advisors, we’re looking to hire talent who truly understand the industry. Their understanding of what really matters and works for financial advisors gives us an unmatched advantage. We are looking forward to the future. with them on board. “

Kurstin, more recently known as Vice President of Marketing at DMI, is responsible for leading White Glove’s overall marketing strategy, increasing brand awareness and managing the efforts led by acquired and owned media, direct marketing and creative services. Kurstin has spent 20 years working in marketing and public relations, bringing demand generation expertise to the company with multi-faceted digital and integrated marketing programs.

“I am delighted to join this team,” says Kurstin. “Working alongside the talented marketing professionals of White Glove and driving their overall marketing strategy is a privilege. I look forward to helping develop, develop and nurture their marketing efforts to ensure the success of the business. ”

As Vice President of Group Workshop Products, Hooper, most recently known as Director of Digital Marketing and Events at M&O Marketing, is responsible for the development, improvement and improvement of Workshop Products. group of White Glove. Hooper brings over 20 years of strategic marketing and communications experience with a proven track record in promoting brand awareness through social media.

“I saw a huge opportunity working with White Glove,” Hooper said. “Their Done-For-You group workshops are revolutionary within the consultant community, so it’s very exciting to drive the strategy behind improving this product. I am energized by the chance to help this amazing business grow. “

To learn more about White Glove, visit www.whiteglove.com or dial 844-949-9497.

About the white glove
White Glove is a technology-driven marketing services company dedicated to helping financial advisors grow their businesses. White Glove’s exclusive Done-For-You platform gives financial advisors access to powerful marketing solutions to help them reach more clients. With its core service offering of seminars, webinars, one-on-one workshops, social impression management, podcasts and other digital media, White Glove’s Done-For-You model takes the stress out of marketing and frees up time for financial advisors to do what they do best: serve clients. White Glove seminars and webinars are backed by a quadruple guarantee, which means advisors only pay for performance.

Media contact:
Rebecca Steffen
[email protected]

SOURCE white glove

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Web hosting services market by technological advancement and demand 2021-2026 http://a1usarealestate.com/web-hosting-services-market-by-technological-advancement-and-demand-2021-2026/ http://a1usarealestate.com/web-hosting-services-market-by-technological-advancement-and-demand-2021-2026/#respond Wed, 16 Jun 2021 13:21:38 +0000 http://a1usarealestate.com/web-hosting-services-market-by-technological-advancement-and-demand-2021-2026/

Seasoned analysts combine their intelligence to compile a report on the Web Hosting Services Market, which provides insight into important aspects of this industry field and contains a Covid-19 impact study.

This research study on the web hosting services market is a suitable exposure of this area of ​​the industry. It includes a detailed analysis of this vertical along with substantial information about this business space, with respect to crucial aspects such as current revenue, profit projections, latest market trends, market size, share of market and various other deliverables, during the forecast period.

Request Sample Web Hosting Services Market Report at: https://www.marketstudyreport.com/request-a-sample/2472862?utm_source=groundalert&utm_medium=RV

A brief overview of the performance of the web hosting services market over the forecast period has been provided. Information on the driving factors affecting the outlook of the Web Hosting Services market has been provided along with the growth rate that this business space is expected to register over the anticipated time. Furthermore, the Web Hosting Services Market research provides a detailed notion of the many challenges prevalent in this business space. In addition, an in-depth understanding of the growth opportunities existing in this vertical is provided in the study.

Key Indicators Presented in the Web Hosting Services Market Report:

  • Recent market trends
  • Geographical dissection
  • Industry engines
  • Latent market competitors
  • Revenue predictions
  • Competitive framework
  • Main challenges
  • Market concentration rate analysis
  • Competitive ranking analysis
  • Market concentration rate
  • Consumption growth rate
  • Rate of growth

Unveiling of the Web Hosting Services market in relation to geographic terrain:

Segmentation of the web hosting services market: USA, Europe, Japan, China, India, Southeast Asia

Information provided in the market report with respect to key industry metrics:

  • Consumption rates relative to the regions concerned
  • Anticipated increase in consumption rates over the projected years, covering the geographic areas listed
  • Market estimates for each region listed in the report
  • Share of consumer industry based on regional contribution
  • Market share recorded by each geographic area of ​​the industry

A comprehensive overview of the web hosting services market with respect to product and application spectra:

Product landscape:

Types of products: cloud-based and on-premise

Key information provided in the report:

  • Market share that each type of product is likely to represent
  • Estimated revenue for each product segment
  • Product sales
  • Consumption graph based on each type of product

Application spectrum:

Application segmentation: Public website, intranet and other services

Details given in the report:

  • The estimated remuneration of the application segments delivered in the report
  • Market share that each application segment can hold over the projected period
  • Consumption market share impacting each type of application

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Other important points included in the report:

  • The study details some of the key drivers that will impact the marketing prospects of this commercial space.
  • The study provides a detailed assessment of these drivers that can positively influence the profit scale of this industry.
  • The study also lists information relating to the elaborate number of challenges that may hamper the expansion of the market.

Here are some details about the competitive landscape of the web hosting services market:

Industry supplier base: GoDaddy, hostname, Bluehosting, WirenetChile, INC, SolucionHost, Superhosting and Hosting.CL

Competitive analysis pointers mentioned in the report include:

  • Product pricing models
  • Industry assessment of respective players
  • Sales and distribution area
  • Company Profile
  • A brief overview of the company
  • Product sales statistics
  • Income margins

The analysis of the web hosting services market also deals with important details relating to such parameters as the market concentration rate.

For more details on this report: https://www.marketstudyreport.com/reports/global-web-hosting-services-market-growth-status-and-outlook-2020-2025

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Hosting.uk Reviews | TechRadar http://a1usarealestate.com/hosting-uk-reviews-techradar/ http://a1usarealestate.com/hosting-uk-reviews-techradar/#respond Wed, 16 Jun 2021 04:18:36 +0000 http://a1usarealestate.com/hosting-uk-reviews-techradar/

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Nokia Deepfield finds most DDoS attacks come from less than 50 internet hosting companies http://a1usarealestate.com/nokia-deepfield-finds-most-ddos-attacks-come-from-less-than-50-internet-hosting-companies/ http://a1usarealestate.com/nokia-deepfield-finds-most-ddos-attacks-come-from-less-than-50-internet-hosting-companies/#respond Tue, 15 Jun 2021 11:27:14 +0000 http://a1usarealestate.com/nokia-deepfield-finds-most-ddos-attacks-come-from-less-than-50-internet-hosting-companies/

Looking for community intelligence consultants in Nokia Deepfield discovered that almost all DDoS attacks originate from less than 50 internet hosting companies.

The researchers analyzed a large network model and traced the origins of most DDoS attacks (by frequency and quantity of site visitors).

Nokia Deepfield undertook the analysis following its remark that visitors to the DDoS site increased by 40 to 50% following the implementation of the COVID-19 lockdown measures. Since then, the depth, frequency, and class of attacks have increased further.

Daily “high levels” of DDoS increased by 100%, from 1.5 Tbps in January 2020 to over 3 Tbps in May 2021.

By no means has the need for robust connectivity been more evident than in the past 12 months. Unfortunately, this is something cybercriminals have taken advantage of with high prevalences of DDoS attacks and malware.

Nokia Deepfield CTO Dr Craig Labovitz said:

“It is also essential for every participant within the community security ecosystem – end customers, distributors, service providers, cloud builders, regulators and governments – to understand the risks that DDoS poses to the delivery of web content,” demanding connectivity functions and businesses. .

With this information and a group commitment to correcting the DDoS downside, we’ll go a long way in making our networks, businesses, and subscribers more secure. “

Nokia has recently improved its Deep Field Defender resolve to help support rapidly advancing and evolving attacks. Resolution can reach petabytes and facilitates agile mitigation of volumetric DDoS attacks at the community edge.

“We take a unique approach by leveraging the combined power of high-performance IP networks and big data analytics to protect the network on all fronts against all volumetric, petabit-scale DDoS attacks without lifting the main, ”added Dr. Labovitz.

“This will allow network operators to take a big step forward in improving the overall security and availability of their networks and services for all of their customers. “

(Photo by JJ Ying at Unsplash)

Learn more about Digital transformation week North America, taking place November 9-10, 2021, a digital opportunity and convention exploring superior DTX methods for an “all digital” world.

Keywords: cyberattack, cybersecurity, ddos, deepfield, featured, networks, nokia, nokia deepfield, analysis, security, examine

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Mensa data spill was caused by “unauthorized internal download” • The Register http://a1usarealestate.com/mensa-data-spill-was-caused-by-unauthorized-internal-download-the-register/ http://a1usarealestate.com/mensa-data-spill-was-caused-by-unauthorized-internal-download-the-register/#respond Tue, 15 Jun 2021 09:15:00 +0000 http://a1usarealestate.com/mensa-data-spill-was-caused-by-unauthorized-internal-download-the-register/

Exclusive Egg heads at high IQ company Mensa have ruled out claims their website was hacked earlier this year, according to an email seen by The register.

Instead, the company suggested that the personal data leak – which is still under investigation by police – could be an inside job.

A number of cyber attacks in January and February left security guards scratching their heads as they tried to figure out the issue that exposed personal details of some members and led to a website snafu.

In response, Mensa launched a series of investigations by its IT contractors, which showed that there was “no external breach”. This was followed by a thorough review of the systems security and procedures.

Keeping its members up to date, Chris Leek, President of British Mensa, said in an email published last Friday and seen by us:

A Mensa spokesperson declined to elaborate or comment further as the case was under active police investigation. He had informed the Information Commissioner’s office, Action Fraud and the West Midlands Police of the incident.

Although their systems have received a certificate of good health, Mensa reports that he has implemented a series of changes to strengthen security, such as requiring all users to reset passwords and urging people to make them more difficult. to break.

Apologizing for any inconvenience or anxiety caused by the incident, Leek added, “I can reassure members that our systems are secure and that additional measures have been put in place to ‘make them sustainable’. I also want to reiterate that we do not keep credit card or payment information in the database. “

At the end of January, two British Mensa board members, Eugene Hopkinson and Emily Shovlar, told the FT they had resigned because of their concerns about the outfit’s cybersecurity practices.

Hopkinson, who until his resignation was the UK branch’s chief technology officer, alleged at the time that members’ passwords were not hashed. Another member told the newspaper that his password was emailed to him in the clear.

A Mensa spokesperson retorted at the time that the passwords “were encrypted; were never sent or stored in plain text; [and] that further work on password hashing was “in progress”.

No one from the West Midlands Police or the ICO was available to comment on the Reg at the time of writing. ®

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New integrated marketing communication book addresses academic-professional disconnections http://a1usarealestate.com/new-integrated-marketing-communication-book-addresses-academic-professional-disconnections/ http://a1usarealestate.com/new-integrated-marketing-communication-book-addresses-academic-professional-disconnections/#respond Tue, 15 Jun 2021 07:26:19 +0000 http://a1usarealestate.com/new-integrated-marketing-communication-book-addresses-academic-professional-disconnections/

DUBUQUE, IA, Jun 15, 2021 / 24-7PressRelease / – While university business and communications programs are essential to the marketing talent supply chain, some professionals say there are critical disconnections.

Students are not getting the skills to work in a digitally transformed, data-driven, metrics-driven marketing communications environment. Digitally savvy faculty members say a long-standing problem is the lack of up-to-date, professional-oriented textbooks.

“I’ve searched for years for a marketing textbook that really focuses on the communicative aspects of marketing,” said Karen Myers, professor and director of graduate studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara Department of Communication. “My current book was good about 10 years ago, but it hasn’t kept up with the latest digital trends. ”

Kendall Hunt’s new version, Integrated Marketing Communication: A Consumer Centric Approach for the Digital Era, by Thomas R. Flynn, James R. Smith and Michael F. Walsh is based on best practices and covers the most sustainable principles of marketing communication, while providing contemporary and digitally focused approaches to key topics in the field.

“The chapters in the book are packed with information that will really give students a feel for how marketing works today with effective visuals and up-to-date examples. It’s fantastic! ”Myers added.

“In addition to being a comprehensive academic textbook, it is also an industry text for professionals,” says Anthony Palomba, visiting professor at the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia. “The recent cases are nuanced enough to show how important digital marketing is to the IMC ecosystem. This book also does a great job discussing digital strategies, targeting and using categories of consumer data to refine marketing efforts.

Journalist assets, reviews and content highlights

Contact the authors for interviews / comments / quotes / high resolution cover photo at: [email protected]

Publisher Link / Landing Page: Kendall Hunt Publishing Company: https://he.kendallhunt.com/product/integrated-marketing-communication-consumer-centric-approach-digital-era

Amazon US Landing Page: https://www.amazon.com/Integrated-Marketing-Communication-Consumer-Centric-Approach/dp/1524943827/

© 2021, Kendall Hunt Publishing Company, Dubuque, IA ISBN-10: 1524943827 ISBN-13: 978-1524943820
Available in: paper version, digital manual and personalized edition.

“As a professor in the field of communications, I’ve been looking for years for a marketing textbook that really focuses on the communicative aspects of marketing. My current book was good about 10 years ago, but hasn’t kept up with the latest digital trends. “Integrated Marketing Communication: A Consumer-Centered Approach in the Digital Age” is extremely valuable as it combines the expertise and experience of three authors from different backgrounds. They have created a book that combines theory, industry terminology, and the latest trends in marketing and advertising from an industry insider’s perspective. The chapters are packed with information that will really give students a feel for how marketing works today with effective visuals and up-to-date examples. It’s fantastic!”
—Karen Myers, Professor and Graduate Director, University of California, Santa Barbara Department of Communication (April 2021)

Publicity. Scroll down to continue reading.

“In addition to being a comprehensive college textbook, it’s also an industry text for professionals. The recent cases are nuanced enough to show how important digital marketing is to the IMC ecosystem. This book also does a great job discussing digital strategies, targeting and using categories of consumer data to refine marketing efforts. The full chapters cover major topics such as; attention economy, brand management, campaign budgeting, content marketing, loyalty programs, social media, strategic planning and traditional media. I really appreciate the details and focus on the metrics.
—Anthony Palomba, Visiting Professor, University of Virginia, Darden School of Business, (May 2021)

Highlights of the content
– Integrates the three fundamental IMC documents: consumer profile, creative brief and media plan.
– Focuses on the consumer journey, touch points and improving the consumer / customer experience.
– Identifies critical metrics and KPIs for digital tools: digital signage ads, content marketing, e-commerce, email, experiential marketing, mobile, search, social, social analytics, audio / video streaming, traditional media and Web sites.
– Understands the impact of COVID-19 on various BMI processes and consumer behavior.
– Covers hot topics such as: 5G, AI, brand focus, digital voice assistants, podcasting, public relations metrics and social media analytics.
– Explains the application of strategic, theoretical and data-driven approaches to the message creation process.
– Details budgeting, branding, creation, data analysis, public relations, promotion, traditional and digital media strategies, as well as tactics to improve results.
– Describes marketing and messaging automation software powering data-driven BMI, advertising / marketing technologies, CDPs and programmatic media buying to software suites like Adobe and Salesforce.
– Examines critical issues of regulation and protection of consumer privacy.
– Help readers speak using the language and terms currently used in digital marketing.
– Designed and written for use in academic and professional training environments.

Kendall Hunt Publishing, headquartered in Dubuque, Iowa, is a dynamic provider of quality educational products and services. Using a collaborative, solutions-based approach, Kendall Hunt partners with educators to develop affordable content tailored to the needs of students. Through a combination of superior service, innovative technology applications and an exceptional content library, Kendall Hunt delivers proven results for educators and students. Visit us at www.kendallhunt.com to learn more.

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