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The Joyce Theater presents the world premiere of Neo, with ABT lead dancers James Whiteside and Isabella Boylston in their first post-quarantine collaboration choreographed by ABT artist in residence Alexei Ratmansky. Based on the original score by Dai Fujikura, the work is accompanied by live music by Sumie Kaneko. Shot on the Joyce stage under the direction of Nel Shelby Productions, Neo is a joyous reunion of great artists honoring the ability to create and celebrate each other.

Watch below (until June 16):

Training and webcasts:

June 14 at 2 p.m. EST: Capture: Live Webcast on Patch Exchange with Eos and MA3: Capture completes this webcast season with a special on patch swapping with Eos and MA3. We will take a closer look at how to use LightWright and CSV files with Eos and MVR files with MA3. Look here.

June 14 at 5:30 p.m. EST: Vectorworks Entertainment Online User Group Meeting in New York: What do we want from future versions of Spotlight and Vision? Open discussion and conversation about user needs and wants for future releases. What would simplify or speed up your workflow? Open to screen sharing with the group to illustrate ideas? We can do this. You have an idea for a tool or a PIO, listen to it! Zoom link.

For the future, register in advance:

June 17 at 2:30 p.m. Eastern Time: Free Chicago Flyhouse Training: Design Factor and Material Selection: This session will highlight the role the design factor and material selection play in all work in the entertainment industry. • Understand the relationship between tensile strength, design factor and working load limit. • Why is the origin of the material important? • Review the proper use of a variety of different materials. • Equipment Q&A Instructor: Ed Leahy. register here.

June 17 at 2:30 p.m. Eastern Time: USITT: Community Conversations: LGBTQ: Join a panel of professionals from the LGBTQ community as they discuss their careers and industry trends. The presenters are: Randy Wong-Westbrooke (they / them); Calvin Anderson (he / he / they / them); Frankie Charles (He / Him); Maya Schuetz (She / She) . Register here.

June 18 at 1 p.m. EST: USITT: Stage drapery and fire prevention code: Fire safety on the stages is a big issue. On theater stages, the presence of hot lights, props and electrical sparks near flammable textiles greatly increases the risk of fire. The flame retardant they contain is an important part of fire safety systems. Brought to you by the Onsite Service Group. Presenter: Brad Davies: register here.

Webcasts and Podcasts:

• 4Wall Sunday Roundtable Episode 48: Pat MacKay Diversity Scholarships: Join the judges and past recipients of the Pat MacKay Diversity In Design Fellowships. Founded in 2019 and funded by LDI and Live Design, the goal of these unique Diversity In Design scholarships is to support underrepresented and unique voices in the entertainment design arena. The scholarships are named after Pat MacKay, former publisher of Theater Crafts and Lighting Dimensions magazines and founder of the LDI Trade Show and Conference. Guests: Sydney Dye – Projection Designer (former beneficiary); Nina Field – Lighting and Sound Designer (former recipient / judge); Roma Flowers – Lighting and projection designer (judge); Ellen Lampert-Greaux – Creative Director Live Design / LDI; Yuko Taniguchi – Lighting designer (former beneficiary). Look here.

• USITT: TECHnically Speaking: A Virtual Production Conversation with Brendon Bradley: A look at something the industry became familiar with last year: virtual production. We were joined by actor, screenwriter, director, producer and virtual production enthusiast Brendan Bradley who told us about his work on A festival in one act in your browser (WebXR) – a show produced, rehearsed and performed entirely in web-based virtual reality, demonstrating several different modes and styles of fully immersive virtual performance with a custom toolkit and user interface. Listen now.

• BPL 10 out of 10: Jennifer Tipton: This week’s guest on GLP’s 10 Out Of 10 is award-winning lighting designer Jennifer Tipton. With an incredible career in the dance, opera, and theater genres, Jennifer is also responsible for lighting design at the Yale School of Drama. Take a look below:

• Light talk with the Lumen brothers: Episode 217: The Spirituality of Projection – Interview with Wendall Harrington: In this episode of Light Talk, the Lumen Brothers interview the godmother of projection design, Wendall Harrington. Join Wendall, Zak, Steve and David as they pontificate on: Being the first projection designer on Broadway; “Stop making sense”; Pioneer of gender rights in theater; “They play our song”; Projectors vs. slide projectors; Love and miss Pani; “The Who’s Tommy” … behind the scenes; 2000 slides in 54 slide projectors; Reconcile family and professional life; Have your femininity stolen; Inspired mentors; Wise words of Sondheim; “The Wendall School”; Lead the Video Projection concentration at Yale; Visual narration; The theater is afraid of the Internet; Raise the actor in a flat medium; and Do you really need projections in your show? Listen now.

Wendall K. Harrington, winner of the KOI Awards @ LDI2019

• USITT: from a technical point of view: 2021 YDMT series: Martin Montaner, a technical supervisor and production manager who won the 2021 KM Fabrics technical production award. Listen now.

• Artistic funding: Explore the benefits of buying a New York home as theater designers, with set and garden designer Donyale Werle and lighting designer Beth Turomsha talking about their New York home buying experiences, what has happened since and what they expect to do with their homes in the future and discuss factors that affect home purchases including climate change, quality of life and inequalities . Listen now.

USITT: TECHNICALLY TALKING: 2021 YDMT Series: Costume Designer Erin Barnett: RRecipient of the 2021 Zelma H. ​​Weisfeld Costume Design and Technology Award, Erin is currently a third-year master’s student in costume design at Indiana University. She has worked as a costume designer and technician with Triad Stage, Jenny Wiley Theater, GLOW Lyric Theater and Utah Festival Opera and Musical Theater. In this episode, we discussed her price, the favorite costume pieces she’s created, and her passion for industry and crafts. Listen now.


• Presentation of ETC’s new product, Keynote by Justin Townsend:

• AVO and DRESS: Robe’s creative team have used Avolites Titan to create their shows and videos for years; Avo told Robe about the brand new Timeline feature. Take a look below:

Conferences and special events:

• USITT21 virtual conference: The 2021 USITT Virtually Anywhere conference was presented live from March 8-12, 2021. The conference is now accessible from virtually anywhere on demand. Available until September 8, 2021. On demand

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