Genshin Impact Holds To Ensnare a Prey Web Event to Celebrate the Release of New Character Yelan

To celebrate the upcoming massive patch and new character, Genshin Impact is going to hold one of its famous web events by May 31st, this one is called To Ensnare a Prey. Themed about the next hero Yelan, this event will see you complete various tasks for the Gardening Ministry to unlock free in-game rewards.

In case you’re unfamiliar with how Genshin organizes these web events, the bottom line is, basically, there will be tasks you can perform in the browser-based window that To Ensnare a Prey is in. hosted, and as you complete these tasks, they will reward your linked account with in-game gear and consumables to help you progress before the next patch is released.

The challenges To Ensnare a Prey covers all relate to trying to figure out who leaked information outside of the Garden Ministry’s inner circle. The main force you’ll be working with during the event is indeed new character Yelan, who will show off her cunning and ruthless spirit that she normally hides when you’re chasing this villain.

Completing what is asked of you with these challenges will unlock both Primogems, Genshin Impact’s premium currency, and some character ascension materials, which are usually quite rare to obtain, so this is a nice free chance to gather what you might need to upgrade Yelan when it comes out alongside the update.

If you need these ascension materials or the free premium currency, you can visit the web event on the Genshin Impact website. Here you will also find the links to Google Play and the App Store, where you can also download the game for free, so go ahead and get ready before Yelan finally drops in the coming weeks!

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