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If you rely on a web page to run your business, Google Analytics is arguably your greatest asset. The data tracker allows you to see who is visiting your website and how they found it, as well as which pages on your website have the longest engagement and which pages are shared the most often. According to StackShare, Uber, Airbnb, and Spotify are just a few global companies that rely on Google Analytics, but a host of other global and smaller-scale companies are also using data tracking software.

Needless to say, Google Analytics skills are a must have for any website builder or entrepreneur. The Google Analytics Master Class Bundle will teach you how to leverage this tool and get insights from data that you can use to your advantage. And right now, it’s on sale for just $ 9.99 as part of our Pre-Black Friday Doorbuster Price Drops deal.

The Google Analytics Master Class Bundle covers all the skills you need to get started with this tool. The collection even includes Google Analytics Certification: Become Certified and Earn More, which contains a comprehensive training guide, the actual certification exam, over 100 bonus prep questions, and even a guide on how to promote your certification. Likewise, the bundle includes a course entitled Marketing analysis in Google Data Studio, which teaches you how to set up an analytics dashboard, understand your audience, and more.

Over 4,500 people are currently enrolled in the courses, with the package earning 4.5 stars on a 5-star scale from previous students. “Very informative and enjoyable teaching process. It showed me things that I had no idea Google Analytics was capable of.,writes Vanessa J., verified 5-star buyer.

Accurate and informative data is invaluable when examining the performance and use of a website. With it, you can better determine who is visiting your website as well as how to adapt to reach and maintain your target audience. Take the guesswork out of the Google Analytics Master Class Bundle, which you can grab for just $ 9.97 as part of our Doorbuster Doorbuster sale before Black Friday.

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