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It’s easy to see how the pandemic has changed the way people use apps, and it’s led to widespread changes to the mobile app ecosystem as a whole. While the pandemic was no longer something new or mysterious in 2021, suffice it to say that it still had quite a strong impact on the app industry, with everything considered and taken into account and the industry has used several techniques to survive.

Sensor Tower has released a report that sheds light on how the mobile app ecosystem has weathered 2021. With all of that said and now dismissed, it’s important to note that while some apps have benefited from the pandemic due to a more widespread use among consumers, other apps weren’t so lucky, with travel apps in particular being hit hard by the lack of international travel that year.

However, 2021 has seen a massive resurgence in travel and other apps, and the same can be seen for other apps that have seen reduced usage in 2020, such as ridesharing apps, etc. These apps saw a 40% lower download rate in 2020 compared to 2019. The said apps experienced a resurgence that brought them back to pre-pandemic levels in the summer of 2021, but the new Omicron variant still has them. suffers a decline. .

Business apps have seen the strongest growth, with remote working increasingly becoming the norm as new Covid strains make it difficult for businesses to get their employees back to the office. These apps have seen a massive growth rate in 2021, now reaching more than double their pre-pandemic download rates. That’s pretty impressive considering the decline they’ve seen over the last few months of 2021, and medical apps have also done well with their steadily increasing number of downloads for most of 2021.

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