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It’s almost, but not quite, possible to feel sorry for Labor in Tower Hamlets after their weekend kick, because now their own party is on their case.

Today, Wednesday, was the day set aside for the Tower Hamlets Labor Party’s Annual General Meeting, but this was abruptly canceled by the London Regional Party after the election.

One bright spark suggested it might be the perfect time to examine the reason for their election GBH while another with a little more common sense suggested it would be akin to rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

Either way, it seems ex-mayor John Biggs is still on board with the whole “just John Biggs” thing.

Tower Hamlets Labor is now leaderless and rival candidates are quick to stand for the next competition, should TH Labor be given such an important task. Which is not very likely.

To no one’s surprise, Cllr Abdal Ullah thinks he would be just the person to be the next Labor TH leader because he really, really wants to be mayor.

Nobody else thinks that.

Cllr Asma Begum thinks she would be a great leader too.

And John Biggs too.

So much so that he expressed his support for her to all who listen to him while avoiding Ullah.

Cllr Ullah may soon find out that it’s not enough just to be dressed like you’re in charge. Many wondered if he had a hidden country estate somewhere along with his distinct country attire.

Biggs is doing himself a disservice by joining the discussion about his successor, but it seems he has no intention of shutting up and walking away.


Mole was told that after the election results were released, he immediately left the Labor Councilors WhatsApp group without a word of explanation.

At least his leadership style is consistent.

Speaking of leaders, how’s the new kid doing? The scale of Labour’s defeat can be easily understood with a quick glance at the Tower Hamlets Councilors page.

Well at least Cllr James King is happy!

It’s mostly ‘No picture available’ where the Labor councilors were smiling at all of us, some with those boyish smiles that confirmed that yes they really thought they were in the Student Union bar playing to politics.

Sad, huh? Not at all, but Mole said to throw that away to make it look like he doesn’t care.

What he doesn’t do.

The next big question (after what color of the mayor’s new car Mole assumes he’s getting?) is what will be the first big problem facing the new administration?

Something very Tower Hamlets we think.

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