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Regents seek comments on proposed operating budget

At its meeting on June 10, the Board of Regents will consider Annual operating budget recommended by President Gabel for fiscal year 2022. The Regents welcome comments from the college community on the proposed budget through written comments or participation in a public forum on June 11. The Regents will hold a special meeting on June 29 to consider the final adoption of the budget. A online feedback form was created to collect feedback from the academic community and the public.

2021-2022 Flexible Spending Account Opportunities

Due to federal relief opportunities that affect Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA), the University offers faculty and staff the ability to change FSA elections, spend FSA money, and repay with FSA accounts. . During the month of June 2021, change a 2021 flexible spending account choice (dependent care or health care) without a change in family status or a qualified life event, or create a new account and use that money there. ‘to come up. Learn more and get the forms.

UMN cloud services are now available

UMN cloud services are now available to faculty, researchers, staff and departments. If you currently use or want to explore using public cloud computing and web services such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services, sign up for UMN Cloud Services. Take advantage of U of M negotiated rates and educational discounts, legal protection, account management, security policy compliance advice, and more.

New course on digital accessibility

The Digital Accessibility Badges Program workshop, Digital accessibility: create accessible Canvas course sites, is open for registrations. This workshop is intended for instructors and staff who provide any type of education online through Canvas. Participants will learn how to apply accessibility concepts to content, interactions, and assessments in an online course site. Learn more on the Accessible U website.

Reflections and Recommendations from Instructors for Future Teaching: Report from the April 2021 Instructor Focus Group

Instructors have reflected on teaching during the pandemic and offered guidance for future teaching in recent focus groups. View a report of their ideas and resources that you can use to put their recommendations into practice.

End of restrictions on international travel

the the restriction on international travel for university purposes ended on June 1. Remember, University policy requires all students, staff, and faculty traveling for university purposes to register their trip. Travelers are also responsible for researching and following all applicable public health guidelines in place at their destination. Students traveling to areas with a level 3 or 4 travel advisory must also apply for travel authorization.

Polymer “pads” placed under the tongue could deliver the vaccines of the future

A team of researchers, led by University of Minnesota Associate Professor Chun Wang, has designed a polymer “wafer” that, when placed under the tongue, can effectively deliver and preserve protein-based vaccines. against diseases. the research could open the door to vaccines that can be more easily produced and distributed to communities around the world.

The killer flies, ignoring the help of gravity, leads a powerful airstrike to catch prey

The researchers found that to reach their next meal, tiny killer flies (Coenosia attenuata) sometimes dive down, bombarding their prey, achieving accelerations that exceed those of diving falcons – and more than three times what would be provided by gravity alone. This research may have implications for further development and design of small machines, like drones to monitor the atmosphere.

Researchers find the planet is heating up, the world’s lakes are rapidly losing oxygen

Oxygen levels in temperate freshwater lakes around the world are decreasing at a faster rate than in the oceans, new research finds from the University of Minnesota and the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Researchers have found that this is a trend largely due to climate change and land use, threatening freshwater biodiversity and the quality of drinking water.

Grassland biodiversity appears to be a key factor in the climate crisis

A trio of scientists from the University of Minnesota have found that the level of biodiversity in the world’s grasslands is vital for their ability to continue to function as carbon “sinks” as global levels of carbon dioxide rise. Grasslands cover about a fifth of the world’s land surface and play a vital role in the global carbon cycle.

Talking about animal anxiety with the U of M

woman with dog on lap at laptop

The anxiety of being left home alone can be real for many pets, especially dogs. Kristi Flynn, Assistant Professor in the Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences, and Dana Emerson, Certified Training Partner at the Veterinary Medical Center, offer advice on how owners can help reduce their pet’s anxiety during the transition to the office. View more recent “Speak with the U of M“features.

Extension resource showcases 57 plants for pollinator-friendly landscapes

If you are planning pollinator-friendly features for your yard or garden, visit the new “University of Minnesota Extension”Web page “Trees and shrubs for pollinators” to find recommendations for trees, shrubs and vines, as well as descriptions of plants, growing conditions and photos.

June webinars help you take control of your finances

LSS Financial, the University’s official provider of financial advice, offers free webinars to develop financial skills and reduce debt and loans. Coming in June: Financial stress hunters (June 15) and Protect your finances from scams (June 22). For details and other events, see the Office of Human Resources’ Events and workshops web page.

June 16 – Webinar for Supervisors: Managing Flexible Teams

The pandemic has shown us that work is not about where we go but what we do, followed by how, when and where we do it. The University has provided preliminary guidelines for its “Job. With flexibility. “approach and supervisors are uniquely positioned to support this flexible work culture by determining the types of flexibility suited to their teams. Learn more about the supervisor’s role in the Manage Flexible Teams webinar (register). 12 p.m. to 1 p.m.

Featured U of M events

people doing yoga outdoors

June 9 – The Power of Art: Creating a Public Space for Racial Justice

June 10 – Grow North: Conversation with David Swinghamer, Former CEO of Shake Shack and Industry Advisor

June 10 – You need trust! Partnership with communities to increase vaccination against COVID-19

June 17 – Innovation in healthcare from COVID-19

June 17 – Social somatic: the alchemy of returning to coexistence embodied on campus

June 19 – Summer Solstice Yoga Retreat at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

June 21 UROC Community Day / The Art of Transformation

See the full calendar of events

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