Kangana Ranaut to host ‘controversial’ reality show Lock Upp, Ekta Kapoor jokes about actor’s FIRs | Web series

Ekta Kapoor announced on Thursday that Kangana Ranaut will host his new reality show Lock Upp, which will air on both Alt Balaji and MX Player. The show, which Ekta promised will be “full of truth and controversy”, revolves around the contestants locked up in prison, with the host holding the power over their release.

Although she and Kangana didn’t reveal much about the show’s format, at a big event in Mumbai, Ekta said there would be 16 celebrity contestants locked in with Kangana as the host, deciding to their fate. “It’s Kangana’s confinement. She’ll be in charge here. She’s had a lot of FIRs coming. Now she can deliver some. She’ll review the candidates and finalize them,” she said with a laugh.

Ekta said the show’s concept was local and “not copied from the West”. She said: “In the last two years, there are few celebrities who haven’t heard the word FIR, legal fees. So here’s a show where people are locked up in jail with a concept of bail. C is a massive reality show for Bharat. Hum India me reh kar Bharat ko bhool gaye hain (living in India we forgot Bharat). We don’t need international formats. Why should we copy from there ?” Taking an apparent dig at Bigg Boss, who has a similar concept, she said: “For two years everyone’s been locked up in my house. Now there’s nothing new to it. The new thing is to be locked up in jail.”

Ekta added that for the first time in a reality show in India, 50% of the power over which contestant to keep and which to eliminate will belong to the host – Kangana. She asked Kangana, “Without revealing much about the concept, would you share the secrets of your life on the show?” Kangana replied, “I would like to be involved. I want to know the competitors and I know that since I will have 50% of the power, they will also want my participation. So, I am very open to participation. My life is like a open book.”

Kangana Ranaut, Ekta Kapoor and MX Player CEO Karan Bedi at the show’s launch event.

Kangana also touched on the controversies in life and why she chose to partner with a controversy-focused show. “I’d like to believe that I focus on the good part of every situation and not the bad. But that’s not how life works. You have to deal with the bad part. I don’t mind face shit if I have to be on top,” she said. Kangana added that the show will encourage being “brutally honest.” She said, “Our winner won’t be a candy-two-shoe. This person does not bear the burden of being loved or not. She’ll be brutally honest.”

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She also said she wouldn’t look to any other actor or host for inspiration. “When you host a reality show, you have to be yourself. It’s not in my character to copy anyone. It’s below my dignity to copy anyone,” a- she declared. Kangana had announced that she would be hosting the show on Instagram Stories earlier before deleting the post later.

Ekta informed that the show will start streaming live on AltBalaji and MX Player from the end of February. “For the first time in the history of reality TV shows, it will be broadcast live on both platforms.” The show will also have a companion game that the creators call the “world’s first metaverse-based fantasy game,” also named Lock Upp.

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