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There have been increasing demands from web hosting companies these days; With the urgent digital requirement, there has been a possible lack of supply in this area. Again, Haider Ali Khan started his own web hosting company in 2014, launching Sudoly to promote a safer and more secure alternative, made available to all.

By definition, a web hosting company is simply a service provided by the hosting provider, allocating space to individuals, businesses, organizations, and certain institutions on their web servers. As the name suggests, it’s completely online and requires everyone involved. But what about the safety factor?

Security has been a huge issue since the dawn of time, and cybercrimes are on the rise today; and this is why different organizations and companies have all the more reason to be in quite a hurry on this subject. Sudoly is the perfect web hosting service provided by a cybersecurity expert and analyst, besides being a serial entrepreneur, Haider Ali Khan.

Haider Ali Khan is a well-known, popular serial entrepreneur who invests not only in one particular type of business, but in several others. There are several other commitments in other websites, but he prefers to keep all of this confidential for certain reasons. He was born in Pakistan and currently as an Australian national he was brought up in WA in a very innovative way. This young man in his twenties has been working for almost a decade now, starting at the age of 18. It was at this point that he decided that his main goal would be to become an independent cybersecurity analyst first. The job was very well done. Indeed, he was quick to salute his efforts and establish himself in several large technology companies by interacting with them, working for them, but also by working with them. Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Facebook are no strangers to it; he even had his name listed on their bug bounty in addition to being a responsible member of the Disclosure Hall of Fame. All of these accomplishments might be too much, but it was just the start back then for him.

Slowly, by setting up her website hosting company in 2014, she became very popular due to her security methods. Some are as big as GoDaddy and Bluehost. And came iLounge in 2019, when he bought the blog from its former owner over bankruptcy issues and popularized it in Apple tech news. He was then running several news blogs.

However, Haider Ali Khan’s primary goal has always been to become an independent cybersecurity analyst, and because of these qualities; he was able to extend his domain. Now you know who to turn to if you need exceptional web hosting services with full privacy security. Do not worry; over 50,000 websites have been hosted with them from all over the world. With the contact details below you will surely get a lot out of it. Don’t just be safe, be safe and rest assured.

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