Lenovo Legion gaming laptop series – it’s the little things that add up

Shown off at PAX last weekend, Lenovo’s new line of Legion gaming laptops showcased some impressive features.

Speaking at the company’s booth at PAX, Lenovo’s AP Category Manager, Clifford Chong, told iTWire that after extensive consultation with users, they realized that gamers prefer to own a single PC that could be both their work computer AND their gaming computer. After all, “you have to make money to buy the games”, as Chong put it.

From that simple conclusion, Lenovo quickly realized that running with a single form factor that included all gaming and business requirements would be the best outcome. Chong added, “it’s what the players tell us works for them.”

Thus, all laptops in this range have extended keyboards with numeric keypads AND full-size arrow keys (apparently a rarity on modern laptops!). Obviously the games don’t require it, but the “excel warriors” most certainly do, and it’s become very apparent in recent years that there’s a significant intersection between these two groups.

Essentially Lenovo has been producing portable desktops, and of course given the wider chassis there’s more room internally for more powerful add-ons – graphics being the obvious addition. Battery life is pretty good too, Chong cracked open his own machine (the Slim 7i) to show that Windows claimed he still had over 11 hours of battery left – we’re guessing that was in mode ” professional application”.

Too many modern laptops come with flimsy plastic frames, but not this range – they’re solid metal, but of course there’s a trade-off – they’re a little heavy! However, it does mean that the owner has a professional machine that won’t look out of place in a meeting room.

Of course, being gaming machines, they all come with a rainbow of key illumination, but that was easily configurable in a single color (phew!).

Full specs for all the machines in the line can be found on Legion’s website, but a few highlights include 12th Gen Intel Core H-series processors, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070, and display resolutions up to WQXGA.

Looking around the machine, there were a few obvious wins. First, there were very few ports or connections on the sides – pretty much everything was on the back – for those of us who use a mouse (especially on limited desk space), it’s just wonderful! Additionally, there are cooling vents in just about every spare on the side or bottom to ensure the built-in fans can run as efficiently as possible.

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Press the “Function” key and a small number of keys will remain lit – these represent all the commands available through this method. All the typical keys related to the top row of keys (sound volume, screen brightness, etc.) are there, but in addition, the user can choose between silent, balanced and performance modes to optimize between various demands. system and battery life. . Additionally, on-board systems monitor game demands and can balance the resources provided to the CPU and GPU to ensure optimal gameplay.

Chong and his colleague (AP Gaming Lead Ian Tan) showed us a small box containing a set of easily replaceable keycaps for the A, S, D and W keys – gamers will know why! A small tool easily detaches from an existing key and the replacement simply snaps into place.

As Tan concluded, they are “gaming machines, but not just for gaming.”

After spending time with the Lenovo line, iTWire walked around other company booths near PAX, all with a variety of laptops on display and immediately realized how impressed we were with the machines. Lenovo. Somehow, none of the others seem to reach the same sweet spot.

Review units have been requested, pay attention to our deeper impressions of these.

The author attended PAX as a guest of Lenovo.

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