Lisa Wilkinson’s daughter in awkward Photoshop fail at The Aus Daily

A huge photoshop mistake has brought unwanted attention to The Daily Aus, the website edited by Lisa Wilkinson’s daughter, Billi FitzSimons.

A Huge Photoshop Mistake Has Brought Unwanted Attention To The The Daily Austhe site edited by Billi FitzSimons, daughter of Lisa Wilkinson.

The website mistakenly published a doctored photo of the German flag atop the Sydney Harbor Bridge, in a story about the government’s recent decision to spend $25 million to permanently fix the Aboriginal flag to the landmark.

In a statement, co-founder Sam Koslowski said: “It was a simple mistake.

“One of our web designers was mocking up new designs and inadvertently uploaded a dummy design.

“This was a design testing error and had nothing to do with our editorial team. It was intended for internal design review only and was published in error.

“We have reviewed our internal design and testing processes so that this does not happen again.”

Critics were quick to weigh in on Billi FitzSimons’ appointment as editor of the youth website earlier this year, with some claiming her position was the result of nepotism.

But the 24-year-old immediately stopped saying the job was undeserved, saying she wanted to chart her own path in the industry and not rely on her parents’ success as presenters and columnists. of TV.

“I want to be known for my work and not my parents’ name – and I hope the work I do justifies that,” she told in March.

Both parents hit back at the criticism on Twitter, drawing attention to the fact that the post’s target audience was young people of Billi’s age.

“Our daughter, @BilliFitzSimons is 24. The Instagram platform she just became editor of is a great new way to get your news. Aimed at young people, many of whom do not trust MSM. I use it everyday. If you’re not following @TheDailyAus on Instagram, you’re missing out,” Lisa wrote.

“His mother was appointed editor-in-chief of Cart at the age of 21, and it went well,” Peter wrote.

“In Billi’s case, she’s the editor of a platform that preys on a crowd her age, in her twenties, and attracts them in droves. 330,000 subscribers over the past two years or so. She works like a demon and will be fine.

Ms FitzSimons said she sees her job as a “huge responsibility” and thinks her age is an asset to the youth publication.

“I know there’s been a lot of talk about my age, but I think you also have to recognize that in this role, my age is an asset,” she said. “We are a team of young people, talking to young people.

“Editing is something I’ve always hoped to do, and I’m lucky to have had the opportunity, in such a small team, to grow and lead a team of young journalists.

The Daily Aus was founded by lawyer and journalist Sam Koslowski and former political aide and journalist Zara Seidler.

Billi’s career started as an editorial assistant in 2018 at Mama Miawhich was created by Mia Freedman, whom Lisa hired as an intern at Cart reviewed 30 years earlier.

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