Mantra of the Accidental Undertaker

Elain Younn became an entrepreneur by accident, and it’s something she’s grown accustomed to doing ever since.

Prior to creating her therapy and wellness platform, SoulAdvisor in 2020, Ms. Younn launched four other businesses. Each came into being as a result of a problem that it had to solve.

SoulAdvisor founder Elain Younn became a global entrepreneur by accident.

In 1997, Cambodia-born Ms Younn had just returned from Sydney to her homeland and had her first child, but discovered that there were very few good schools available.

So she started hers. “From 2003, I started a preschool with 16 children, and after a year we had 100,” Ms. Younn told the Sydney Morning Herald and Age.

She added a note each year her child grew up. Kindergarten quickly became a primary school and then a secondary school. It eventually became one of the top three schools in the area.

Next, Ms. Younn embarked on real estate development and built a luxury apartment building that primarily served wealthy clients. In 2011, her love of singing led her to create a non-profit organization designed to provide children and local communities with a safe environment to sing in, after finding that Cambodian school programs did not encourage the arts and extracurricular activities. Two years later, Ms. Younn unexpectedly received the keys to the BraveHearts program, a center for children with special needs.

“It is important to do something that comes from your heart, that you are passionate about. So I think everything is going well. It becomes effortless, ”she said. “This has always been my philosophy… you don’t have to try so hard and struggle. If it were to be, it should be effortless. “

The idea for SoulAdvisor came to her completely after signing up for a two-week retreat for sound healing practitioners in Bali in 2014, mistaking it for a two-week retreat for consumers.

“I thought it was Bali – you know, I love Bali,” Ms. Younn said. “I signed up and later realized this was a one-year practitioner course. She ended up finishing the entire year. “Okay, well, it’s too late now,” she said to herself at the time. “I’m just going to follow what the universe sent me.”

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