Modern CPA Firm launches all-in-one marketing service for accounting firms

Modern CPA Firm is a digital marketing agency that speaks the language of accounting. They are leading the charge in helping accounting firms attract top talent to increase their bandwidth. At the same time, attract higher quality leads from their target market.

Martin Popiel, CPA: Founder

Modern CPA Firm has launched a revolutionary offering for accounting firms looking to save time.

“It’s no secret that most accounting brands look alike. If businesses want to stand out in 2022, it’s time they got up to speed with their digital marketing. This is where we come in. Not only are we focused on bringing in higher quality customers who will pay a premium, but we are also building stronger brands for companies looking to hire, especially with the labor shortage in the industry. », declares Martin Popiel, founder. of the modern CPA firm. Martin himself is a Chartered Accountant who focuses on implementing data-driven marketing strategies.

“The landscape has changed, especially after COVID-19. Websites and social media platforms are now the business cards of modern times. He further explains: “Referrals are not reliable. Building an online pipeline directly from a niche allows you to be more selective and pick the customers who will pay the most for your expertise. Not to mention that a consistent customer profile improves efficiency and allows you to further standardize your work.

“From a recruitment point of view, a job offer will not be enough. With such a competitive job market, having a strong brand presence is essential. Candidates will check the companies they are applying to online. That’s how things are. Today, 80% of candidates use social networks in their job search.

Martin knows that business owners are busy and lack the ability to learn keyword research for a blog or develop an effective website. That’s why Modern CPA Firm bridges the gap between accounting and digital marketing. Their CPA team creates content on all niche accounting topics.

“You could work with a local marketing agency, but then we would have to change the generic accounting content. Our CPA team knows accounting language and how your business works, so you never have to worry about the quality of your content.

Modern CPA Firm offers four main services:

1. Web design and development
2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
3. Blog writing
4. Social media management

SEO, social media and blog writing services are designed to drive qualified traffic to a website, whether for recruitment or business development. Businesses can showcase their expertise and become an authority by providing valuable and engaging content for their target audience. They can modernize their brands with cutting-edge technology and design, with creatives in a variety of formats such as video, carousels, and reels.

Modern CPA Firm focuses on generating organic traffic because it is much more scalable than other strategies that require ad spend. Plus, they bring together advanced metrics for businesses looking to make more informed decisions for their target market.

Rodney Reese: co-founder, creative director

The website services are backed by modern data-driven strategies to maximize conversion rates for accounting sites. With a custom design and mobile responsiveness, these sites are optimized to turn website visitors into customers. After all, what’s the point of driving traffic to a website that doesn’t convert?

Businesses looking to improve their marketing ROI can start outsourcing their digital marketing needs by contacting the Modern CPA Firm team. To learn more about Modern CPA Firm, visit their website and social media.

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