mParticle Launches Next-Gen Audience Journeys to Personalize CX

Journey Builder helps marketers design audience sequences to continuously update audience buy-in throughout the lifecycle.

mParticle, the leader in customer data infrastructure, today announced the launch of Journeys, a set of next-generation audience tools to help teams optimize every step of the customer journey. Journeys uniquely combines multi-path journey analysis, testing and orchestration into a single workflow, helping brands to continuously optimize the customer journey and deliver personalized experiences in the moments that matter.

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Create multi-agency, multi-step customer journeys.

“Journeys enables marketers to do more with less, maximizing the impact of every customer interaction.” – Microphone

Digital marketing teams often struggle to deliver adaptive experiences due to customer data challenges created by technology, organizational, and process-driven silos. Individual departments, like retention marketing teams, can manage dozens of micro-journeys within their own set of tools such as marketing automation platforms. Yet there is often little or no experiential connectivity between journey sequences and key customer lifecycle stages, such as customer acquisition, loyalty, or retention teams. Because of this, brands tend to lack actionable insights and the ability to leverage journey performance across the customer lifecycle. Teams may have robust analytics for certain parts of the journey, such as email engagement or loyalty status, but they cannot determine the impact of a single touchpoint on the overall customer journey .

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With Journeys, teams can collaborate on a range of new features to create the most optimal journey for each customer. Today’s release includes:

  • Journey analysis: Powered by Indicative, improve customer context with rich reporting capabilities focused on multi-path journey analysis
  • trip builder: Design multi-step routes with an easy-to-use visual interface. Using cross-channel behavioral events or user data, define key customer journey milestones and sequences.
  • Travel integrations: Continuously sync audiences in real time with any of mParticle’s Audience API partners, such as Meta, Twitter, Braze, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Google and hundreds of others who serve the ads, messages and last mile multimedia experiences.

Brands that harness these capabilities together develop a virtuous circle between discovery, experimentation, delivery and optimization. Starting with Journey Analytics, brands discover optimal conversion paths that they would like other customers to follow. By leveraging this information, brands can use Journey Builder to create detailed journey journeys designed to maximize user acquisition or retention. With journey integrations, brands can reach customers on any channel: email, mobile, or social. Essentially, brands can compare entirely different engagement strategies and their impact on later stages of the journey.

Due to the two-way nature of the integrations, teams can close the performance loop by incorporating cross-channel engagement metrics such as email opens and clicks, SMS responses, and attribution data into mParticle. With a constantly updated user profile view, brands can easily optimize the journey sequence and maximize ROI across all engagement channels.

“Following the changes brought by Apple’s iOS update last year, the entire marketing ecosystem has been significantly impacted, and teams must continue to drive growth in the face of rising costs. customer acquisition and changing economic conditions,” Michael Katz, CEO of mParticle said. “Journeys enables marketers to do more with less, maximizing the impact of every customer interaction.”

Journeys is in beta with select customers and a series of additional investments are planned throughout 2022. Existing mParticle customers can request access to Journey Builder directly on the mParticle website.

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