Novecore expands its music distribution business

Novecorethe global music distribution company, has expanded its reach and influence in the music industry through its rebranding as well as changes to its corporate structure.

The following comes from Novecore, a company DMN is proud to partner with.

The service helps musicians around the world sell their music through major platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, YouTube Music and others.

It has already served tens of thousands of artists and generates billions of monthly views on streaming platforms and social networks. It is now taking its platform to the next level by introducing new innovative features and expanding to more countries.

Earlier this year, Novecore went live with its new branding, revamping the visuals and completely rebuilding its website. According to Matthias Merkel, the company’s chief operating officer, the company is now looking to expand its platform into an all-in-one solution for musicians, having launched a streaming monitoring feature last year and now introducing a variety of unique features including a Service Marketplace and Website Builder.

In addition, Novecore is working on a neighboring rights publishing and administration service, which for the first time will allow artists to collect all of their royalties through a single service with no upfront or recurring fees.

To enable all of its new features, Novecore announced the acquisition of music aggregator AnyGaming Ltd. (also known as Staclar Aggregation), with whom it had previously partnered for its music distribution service. He renamed the company to Novecore Licensing Ltd. Novecore said this acquisition will also enable an even greater number of features that have not yet been announced.

“While Novecore partners with many different companies to offer its services, we believe we can provide the best possible experience and most innovative features to our users by controlling key elements of our supply chain. To make our services more accessible to artists around the world, we are also expanding our corporate activities to several new countries, starting with the United States,” said Merkel.

Many of these services are already available to some artists, but their integration with each other and affordability provide an opportunity for a new group of artists who may not have the resources to invest in traditional services. . Novecore continues to serve artists around the world by offering innovative, easy-to-use and accessible services that allow them to share and monetize their music and expand their audience, regardless of their location and available resources.

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