Pale roses pack a serious punch in this hybrid live workspace

“Alexander House is a cinematic and architectural rabbit hole, full of surprises and delights”, Jeremy Bull, director and founder of the Australian design studio Alexander & Co., thinks. He talks about a 3,229 square foot space that was rebuilt in eight months during the COVID-19 pandemic. The result – a hybrid work-direct structure – is the product of love and creativity. It’s also a place to come together, explore new ideas and foster leadership, all under one roof.

“The pandemic has accelerated the hybrid concept of working from home,” adds his wife, Tess Glasson, who heads the marketing department of Alexander & Co. practicing our trade. From the start, the couple shared the same ambitious vision for this four-story multi-purpose home, located in Bondi Junction, in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. “I have a personal interest in exploring the ideas of a postmodern and post-industrial office,” says Bull. “I see the challenge of being a human-centered practice and the tensions that this brings with the traditional conception of the workplace.”

Musk rose colored subway tiles Sydney Tile Gallery, an outdoor shower and an ice bath Slightly obsessed with the garden, and terracotta pots of Garden life make an unforgettable outdoor space. Alexander & Co. worked with the team of Re.Studio Collective to create this line of outdoor furniture called This Hima Series.

Each floor of the multi-level structure is dedicated to a single use. The basement includes sample materials, desktops and informal meeting spaces, thus functioning as a traditional studio for the Alexander & Co team. Referred to as the cafe, the ground floor is a dining room, a group meeting and a lounge-hall with a courtyard. Above, a mezzanine opens onto the impressive kitchen and contains its own intimate library. A top floor, with bedrooms, a pink bathroom, and a steam shower, is intended to be a quieter retreat.

The Rosso Crema tiles in this pink bathroom are Teranova. The marble side table is from Manyara Home.

Space, clearly, is more than your standard office-filled office environment. Living next door in their family home with four sons, Bull and Glasson see Alexander House not only as a proving ground and showcase for their work, but also as an extension of their own residence. “Outside of working hours, we use the kitchen, living room and courtyard to entertain regularly,” says Glasson. But it doesn’t stop there. Personal and professional life are subtly intertwined every moment, especially after school hours when it comes to their children.

“We go in and out; kids usually steal food from the pantry and watch meetings or interactions go on, ”says Bull. “Alexander House has deeply linked work and family life. Surprisingly, it did not blur the lines in a complicated way; he just seems to have [further] connected us.

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