Privapp Network expands its activities to web technologies and web 3.0

Zurich, Switzerland – (Newsfile Corp. – December 8, 2021) – The Privapp network is the next generation of privacy-based web technologies and the future of Web 3.0. But before introducing the decentralized web on an industrial scale, it is very important to test Web 3.0 at smaller scales. For this, Privapp has taken on the role of providing a leader in the future of blockchain technology.

Figure 1: Privapp Network Expands Business to Web Technologies and Web 3.0

Privapp has been straightforward with its tools and use cases for the internet community. As the project is a modern digital solution to the drawbacks of the Internet, it has induced a new generation of privacy-based web technologies, described as follows.

Private Domains

The user can register a domain name of their choice, including a top level domain on the Priva domain service. Cover the record with Priva tokens, the utility token of the project. The network aims to protect all domain hosting information until it cannot be accessed through an external IP address or other traditional hosting name.

Private Accommodation

Host servers with global hosting providers based on the user’s current location. Privapp provides its services as a network bridge influencing the connection between the hosted services and the people who access them, making it work as an additional layer of security. The Privapp network encourages users to provide accommodation to other users, for which the user is fired with a Priva token as a reward. In addition, all online businesses hosted on the Privapp network will have the option of reducing transaction fees if they are covered by PRIVA payments.

Private browser

The Privapp network is the future of privacy-based web technologies, extending to a browser containing all of the effective properties that a modern, state-of-the-art browser should contain. Observe private and secure browsing experience for all kinds of hosting services without sharing any personal information. Access Privapp network applications more easily through the browser and use Priva Wallet in the browser to better control online transactions.

Private Wallet

As the user keeps their PRIVA tokens on any exchange or application, Privapp provides their dedicated wallet. Transactions made on the wallet are only observed by the Privapp network, which keeps them protected and private from outside networks.

What does the Privapp network intend to bring to the world?

The Privapp network operates on the basic principles of chain signatures; an effective technique applied to mask addresses and amounts across the ecosystem. While operating under this technique, Privapp operates with the main belief of offering privacy at all levels. By extending this conviction through its tools, Privapp wishes to increase its influence by developing more innovations. Priva Marketplace is the upcoming innovation that would influence the sale and purchase of physical or digital items while maintaining anonymity. Priva Share will be another influenced app introduced with the ecosystem, which would allow Privapp users to host channels and discussion boards anonymously.

With so much to bring to the web technology industry, Privapp Network aims to become the leading innovator in web 3.0 technology and provide users with a diverse set of options to use on a single platform. There are quite a few things that are practiced in the digital ecosystem by Privapp Network; however, the network has remained involved in today’s digital world. While working in the market for a near launch, Privapp has forged some impressive partnerships within the digital ecosystem. Recently, the platform announced its partnership with Smaugs and Promodio, which shows the futuristic and directed nature of Privapp Network to bring the world closer with Web 3.0.

About the company

Privapp Network is a Switzerland-based company that intends to provide a secure service system within a decentralized cryptocurrency ecosystem. With its dedicated system, the project intends to provide multiple services in web technologies and integrate into the existing crypto ecosystem to connect and bring the community closer to decentralized systems.

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