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Jimdo is known for their website builder and online store builder, but did you know that they also offer a free logo design service? Let’s see how good free is.

To start

Create your logo for free with Jimdo’s offer… (Image credit: Jimdo)

To start

Point your browser to Jimdo Logo Maker Page and click on the big blue button “Create a free logo”. Now, obviously, Jimdo will try to convince you to enter a website at the same time (and increase your chances of paying for something), but just click “Create Logo” to bypass this step and continue.

Like most other similar services, you will need to login or register. Luckily, you can do this before venturing too deep into the creative process, which is a definite plus. With that done, you can get started with logo design.

If you’re used to these types of offers, you’ll know that you need to name your business and explain what your business is about.


Unlike other services which will then proceed to display various templates for you to choose from, Jimdo goes straight to the customization process.

Even though it’s a free service, your options seem extremely limited. The page is now divided into two sections of approximately the same size. On the right is a preview of your design and on the left are all the tools available to you.


Your customization options are limited, but you can have an icon if you want… (Image credit: Jimdo)

You start with ‘Icon’. If you want to add one, you will find the list of potential candidates quite extensive. Fortunately, there is a search box to help you narrow down your search.

Next is ‘Layout’, where Jimdo presents you with 30 different layouts, with your icon in various positions relative to your business name. Some have borders, some have color fills, some even get very minimalistic and only display your company initials. Whichever you choose will be your end result: as far as we can tell, you may not modify, alter or customize any of the layouts in any way.


Change your font, but you won’t have any control over its size, style, alignment, spacing, etc. (Image credit: Jimdo)

The same goes for ‘Fonts’. Yes, you can choose a different one, from five different categories, but you won’t be able to change its size, position, spacing, style – that’s what you’re given, and that’s it.

Finally, ‘Colors’ allows you to select two different colors, one for your name, the other for your icon. There are a handful of pretty ugly presets, but at least you have a custom button that lets you choose the color you want.

And that’s all. Once you click ‘Next’, you will be redirected to the download option.


At least you get multiple versions of your logo when exporting, including a vector version, which is a big plus (Image credit: Jimdo)

To download

Jimdo will once again try to get you to create a website with them, showing you how nice your new logo would look on one of their pages, but again, if you’re not tempted, just click “Upload logo only”. …and be honored with an are-you-sure-you-don’t-want-a-website pop-up…

Throw it away and you can finally upload your logo. It’s available in different sizes and formats, including a vector format, which is an unexpected bonus for a free service.

final verdict

“You get what you pay for,” they say, and a free service won’t offer all the bells and whistles you might expect… except we’ve come across other free logo makers that have a lot more. features like this. Still, the inclusion of an SVG file is commendable, but there’s not much here to blow your mind.

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