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July 3, 2021

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Many successful entrepreneurs agree that one of the best habits for success is lifelong learning. When you commit to learning new things, you can better stay on top of trends and innovations and serve your businesses more efficiently and productively. To help you get into the habit, we’ve rounded up some of the best online learning resources available today for learning a variety of skills. Plus, they’re all for sale in honor of Independence Day.

1. The 2021 Full Stack Digital Marketing Certification Pack

Marketing has become more competitive and complex than ever in recent years. With so many channels and opportunities to market your products and services, it’s important to be as profitable as possible. In this bundle, you will cover Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, and many other vital digital marketing platforms.

Get The 2021 Full Stack Digital Marketing Certification Pack for $ 20 (reg. $ 2,400) for a limited time.

2. The Mastering Presentation & Public Speaking Certification pack

It is almost inevitable that as an entrepreneur you will have to pitch your ideas or speak to crowds. Overcome your fear of public speaking with this expert-led set that covers memorization tips, presentation structuring tips, speaking exercises, and more.

Get The public speaking mastering and certification presentation pack for $ 20 (reg. $ 594) for a limited time.

3. The Ultimate Cyber ​​Security and IT Career Certification Training Package

Every business works online these days, so it pays to have some knowledge of IT and cybersecurity. Whether you just want to brush up on your IT skills or want to become an IT professional, this set of eight courses offers nearly 170 hours of training on today’s major Cisco and CompTIA certifications.

Get The Ultimate Cybersecurity & IT Career Certification Pathway Training Package for $ 20 (reg. $ 1,592) for a limited time.

4. The Master Learn to Code 2021 certification pack

Would you like to learn to code in college? In 2021, there is much more you can do for your business if you know how to code. Fortunately, you can learn in this 13 course bundle that offers over 120 hours of training in web development, application development, software engineering, data science, and more.

Get The 2021 Master Learn to Code certification pack for $ 20 (reg. $ 2,594) for a limited time.

5. The Learn Python and Django developer set

Python is one of the most common programming languages ​​for novice programmers to learn. In this set, you will learn Python and see how far your new knowledge can go. You’ll cover web development, GUI programming, data science, and even learn how to automatically design Instagram posts using Python.

Get The Learn Python and Django Developer Pack for $ 20 (reg. $ 1,600) for a limited time.

6. The Ultimate Deep Learning and NLP Certification Pack

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are changing the way we do everything from purchasing to running businesses. In this set of six courses, you’ll get an advanced foray into core AI topics such as computer vision, deep learning, natural language processing (NLP), and more.

Get The Ultimate Deep Learning and NLP Certification Package for $ 20 (reg. $ 1,200) for a limited time.

7. The fundamentals of the real estate investment package

Real estate is one of the best investments you can make, even in hot markets like today. In this set, you will learn how to do the pre-analysis and forecasting to understand the true income potential of a property before you buy it. Additionally, you will delve into topics related to commercial real estate like wholesale investing.

Get The fundamentals of real estate investing for $ 20 (reg. $ 1,000) for a limited time.

8. The Ultimate Candlestick Trading and Analysis Masterclass Pack

Not everyone can afford to start investing in real estate. Anybody can afford to go public, however. Here, you will learn the technical analysis methods and tools used by finance professionals to maximize return on investment.

Get The Ultimate Candlestick Trading and Analysis Masterclass Pack for $ 20 (reg. $ 1,000) for a limited time.

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