| Saugus high school student injured in gunfight crosses hurdle in trial

Survivors of the Saugus High School shooting have lifted a major hurdle in its case against a website that sells kits and parts for the type of ‘ghost gun’ gun used by Nathaniel Berhow. Gracie Mule Burger and Dominique Blackwell, November 14, 2019.

Miatretta, 16, one of the Centurions who was injured in the shooting, filed a complaint in December and named the owner and operator of the builder in 1911. No background check – as a defendant.

A Chatsworth court ruling on Monday dismissed the gun seller’s claim to dismiss the case because Tretta’s attorney correctly asserted the facts supporting his claim to the online seller and its owner .

“In this case, the pistol kit used in the shooting was banned from purchasing guns due to its dangerous mental health history, but there was no background check from in 1911. The procedure alleges that they were able to order online at. “A statement on the Everytown Act ruling, Tretta’s lawyer.”

“The gun used by the shooter was a .45 caliber 1911 type phantom gun,” the statement said. “The disputed seller sells this Ghosts’n Guns kit at 1911 Builders, which includes the complete kit, tools, and videos needed to build a complete house.”

Tretta is also represented in this case by the San Francisco-based companies Walkup, Melodia, Kelly and Shane Kelly.

At the time this story was published, it was not possible to seek comments from those responsible for the builder in 1911. The website is currently password protected.

“The proceedings allege that the 1911 builder was negligent and caused pollution,” the press release said. “We are asking the court to order the website to stop selling Ghosts’n Guns frames, receivers or kits until they comply with federal and state law, and we are also asking damages. ”

Tretta’s attorney says neither the website nor its owner is licensed to sell guns and the case is still being uncovered. | Saugus high school student injured in shooting crosses hurdle in trial | Saugus high school student injured in gunfight crosses hurdle in trial

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