Shopify just bought the Deliverr shipping network for $2.1 billion

Deliverr has a light infrastructure, while Shopify has a “network of high-capacity autonomous hubs”. These Shopify warehouses can be used with Deliverr’s connections, which include carrier partners and last mile partners.

“Our goal is not only to level the playing field for independent businesses, but to tip them in their favor – turning their size and agility into a superpower,” said Tobi Lütke, CEO of Shopify. “With Deliverr, Shopify Fulfillment Network will give millions of growing businesses access to a simple, powerful fulfillment platform that will keep their customers happy time and time again.”

Deliverr already operates from warehouses across the United States, which will allow Shopify to expand its reach. Ultimately, the benefit for merchants using Shopify is an easier, streamlined, and reliable way to get their products into the hands of shoppers.

Deliverr has a lot to offer

The press release notes that the current “hyper-fragmented” market of third-party logistics companies and transportation providers can make fulfillment very complicated for merchants.

With Deliverr, all aspects of inventory management and delivery can be managed together: receiving and inspecting inventory, optimizing fulfillment across online and physical channels, and last-mile delivery services that can deliver packages to people’s doorsteps.

Additionally, Shopify explains, “inventory placement algorithms” can predict demand to better route inventory. This all adds up to make Shopify a better rival to Amazon when it comes to delivering goods.

Is Shopify for you?

We’ve already given Shopify a pretty high rating for software, and this huge acquisition makes Shopify look even better going forward.

We’ve yet to see exactly how well Deliverr can deliver on Shopify’s promises, but both companies have strong track records and there’s no reason to think they won’t provide end-to-end fulfillment. ultimately even more powerful than that of Shopify. existing.

We can, however, confirm that Shopify’s eCommerce-centric website builder is the top choice for small eCommerce businesses in particular, thanks to solid features, 24/7 support via phone, chat live and email, and prices start at just $24 per month.

However, it charges transaction fees for all merchants who don’t use Shopify’s own payment processing system, which may be a hassle for some. You can read all the pros and cons in this article, where we compare Shopify to industry heavyweight, Wix.

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