Social brand strengthens in renovated Broadway headquarters

Like many of those who refrained from holding in-person meetings during the pandemic, Victory Harbin has spent a lot of time on Zoom, and she’s pretty much overwhelmed.

“Some love it!” she says. “Personally, I like being in person – being able to go to my clients, see their locations and meet people. Everything in business is social.

Harbin is now able to do a lot more of this. She founded her digital marketing company The Social Brand in Knoxville with a strong start in 2018, and has since rolled with the punches, returning to live with her family in Johnson City for much of 2020. Now, she is. back in Knoxville, with a newly remodeled seat at 600 Broadway, and busier than ever.

“We have remote workers all over the country, but our customers are here, so we wanted to have a space where we could meet them. I like where we are geographically. The space is open and we were able to make it our own. We didn’t want something corporate, we wanted something a bit more us. She and her team – now made up of 16 people – have just recently opened, with over 100 people in attendance.

Social branding services include social media, websites, SEO, and content creation. “We bring all of their marketing under one roof,” says Harbin. “Each member of our team has a specialty, so our clients don’t have to search for the videographer, web designer, copywriter, and photographer. It’s quite a contract.

“I think companies could do without the online brand before the pandemic; now it takes more to be competitive. Having a consistent connection with your customers allows you to do whatever it takes – pivot, abandon a sale, change your schedules. You can do this much faster when you already have a developed line of communication. Our approach to marketing highlights the reality of who customers are as people.

Harbin loves his job and, at last count, has obtained 35 marketing certifications. “I love to learn. It’s something I’ve always done in my spare time. I like taking classes, learning marketing, always improving myself. His first business was the Tech Nav computer repair service, which is still in operation. “I was marketing for that, and other small businesses would come up to us and say, ‘I really like your social media; I really like your website, can you help us? ‘ “

Harbin is close to his family; her father is one of her part-time employees and her dog Willow comes to work with her every day. “It is going very well. We have amazing clients and we can be creative and be on Facebook for a living. It’s really cool!”

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