Squarespace avoids some of the patent litigation of website builders

Squarespace has withdrawn one of its claims against Squarespace in a patent litigation involving a website builder.

Last September, web 2.0 and mobile technology company ExpressMobile launched Atlassian, Dropbox, eBay, Expedia, Facebook, Google, HubSpot, Microsoft and, of course, Squarespace.

Under these procedures, XMO Founder, President, CTO and Founder and Chairman of Express Mobile, Steven H. Rembpell, developed the patents and technology at the heart of these procedures in the late 1990s. XMO holds key core patents covering how web services are developed and how web services are integrated into web and mobile solutions.

In last year’s press release, Rembel gave a more detailed look at the ongoing proceedings in court, saying:

“I am a longtime inventor and have been developing software technologies for businesses around the world for almost 50 years. I don’t want to prevent defendants or anyone else from using patents. Make them pay fair royalties. I just wanna. “

Squarespace Patent Litigation

As Law360 reported, Squarespace said U.S. District Court Judge Richard G. Andrews would revoke the claims of provocation, contribution, and intentional infringement of one of Express Mobile’s five patents. By granting the request, you can avoid some patent litigation.

However, Squarespace could not evade the direct infringement action by claiming that the complaint did not adequately state how the website building platform respected the limits of the claims. Instead, Justice Andrews agreed with Express Mobile that Squarespace was “prematurely seeking a detailed infringement action”, which is not necessary at this stage of the proceedings.

At the same time, Judge Andrews dismissed Squarespace’s claim that Squarespace’s claims did not point to “direction or control” or “consortium” with third-party users, thus breaking due process in this case. I kept the claim.

ExpressMobile’s lawsuits against Squarespace and other ecommerce and tech companies are still ongoing, and more may come to light as they progress.

Via Law360

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