Squarespace now lets you make money from your videos

Squarespace has added a new tool to its website builder – the ability to monetize video content.

Squarespace customers will be able to sell their videos for a one-time fee, or even set up a recurring subscription for them. Videos will be hosted directly by Squarespace.

Customers will be able to add 30 minutes of video for free, with content beyond that only available to paid Squarespace users.

Squarespace adds video monetization tools

Videos can now be monetized on Squarespace-created websites through its Membership portal, a tool that was added in 2020 and is intended to allow website builders to offer paid content to their customers.

Squarespace creators will now be able to sell access to video content, either for a one-time fee or with a recurring fee. The tool allows for a high level of video customization, including the ability to customize titles, URLs, thumbnails, metadata, and more.

Video content is natively hosted on Squarespace itself, but it also supports eternally hosted videos on YouTube and Vimeo.

How much will video monetization cost?

All Squarespace customers will have access to Video Tools, but the level of access depends on the level they are subscribed to.

Anyone, even those on Squarespace’s free tier, can upload 30 minutes of high-resolution video to their site. If you want to do more than that, you’ll have to start paying.

Video monetization is available to those with access to the Members Area – an add-on product for Squarespace subscriptions.

Squarespace plans start at $12, for the Personal tier, and its Enterprise tier is set at $18 per month. There are also more advanced options – Basic Commerce and Advanced Commerce are for those looking to build an e-commerce site, at $26 per month and $40 per month respectively.

To access these video monetization tools, you will also need to add the members area. It starts at $9, rising to $35 depending on the number of member areas and video storage required.

Here’s a breakdown of the Squarespace pricing plans:

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