Stick the Suez blocking ship ever given in more places it shouldn’t be with this web app

The 400m-long container ship Ever Given has been firmly stuck in the Suez Canal for days, blocking traffic and slowing global trade. It’s a economically terrible situation, but hilarious in almost every other way, with the beached ship providing enough food for memes and jokes. Now, a new web app allows users to visualize what Ever Given stuck in other places might look like.

Created by a card enthusiast Garrett dash nelson, Glitch Web Application Never given anywhere allows users to place the large barge anywhere on a satellite map of the world. Do you want to drop it in the Hudson? Made. The Seine? No problem. Now you too can ruin everything by putting a big boat in places it shouldn’t be.

You can press a button to make the Ever Given roughly to scale, if you’re curious about what it would look like next to Dodger Stadium. You can also enlarge, shrink, and rotate the ship to suit your own needs, whether you want to block out a backyard pool or the entire Pacific Ocean.

Unfortunately, Ever Given Ever Ywhere is a bit difficult to use. You can’t enter an address or location, so you have to manually move the map around to find the waterway you want to obstruct. I spent several frustrating minutes trying to accommodate the Ever Given in Sydney Harbor, but just couldn’t locate it.

However, if you are better at geography than I am, or care less about what you block and more about the act of blocking, this app will give you a few minutes of fun to stop world trade.

UPDATE: March 29, 2021, 2:55 p.m. AEDT The never given has now been successfully refloated, ending our overall analysis. Fortunately, anyone with nostalgia can always use the app to relive the glory.

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