Sydney’s Whitehat agency launches new website and branding

Sydney’s Whitehat agency is launching a new website and branding today.

Full-service digital marketing agency Whitehat Agency today launched its new website and branding, with the end-to-end project being done by its own team of web designers, developers and experienced UX specialists.

The new website was designed to respond seamlessly on every device, using media-rich pages optimized for superior performance. The site integrates Universal Google Analytics and each interaction on the site is personalized in order to enrich the user experience.

Shuey Shujab, CEO and Founder of Whitehat Agency, said, “We were so busy working on websites and digital marketing projects for our clients that we didn’t really have time to focus on our own site. and our own brand image. When we spoke to clients, it was really about “doing what I say, not what I do”! Now with our new website and new look and feel, we can truly include Whitehat Agency in our portfolio of amazing designs that we are showing to potential new clients.

The new Whitehat agency logo represents the data-driven synergy inherent in the way the agency works with clients, where the combined impact is greater than the sum of its parts. The multiple colors used in the branding represent the various industries in which the agency works, as well as the different skill sets of each department within the agency.

“We’re a high performance agency driven by passion, and we’ve designed our new website and branding to reflect that. We love to produce beautiful products for our customers and now we are delighted to have our own website and branding as well, ”added Shujab,

The launch of the new website and branding comes at an exciting time for the agency as it continues its upward trajectory after the COVID-19 pandemic. While initially experiencing a downturn in March and April 2020, the Whitehat agency was quickly able to leverage its e-commerce experience to help existing brick-and-mortar retail customers pivot into the online space, with impressive results at all levels.

The Whitehat agency has had a very positive 2021 to date, hiring nine new clients from a variety of industries including organizations in the pet, fashion, health food and waste management industries. The agency also welcomed two new senior executives to the team.

“2021 is the year of recovery for businesses, and we wanted to make sure we project the reality of our success to our clients, to give them the confidence to trust us to help them with their own recovery. We’re incredibly proud of how we’ve recovered from the pandemic – and helped our customers bounce back as well – and now we think our website and branding truly aligns with who we are as a. business, ”concluded Shujab.

Whitehat Agency is a full service digital marketing agency based in Surry Hills, Sydney. The team of over 30 digital marketing experts specialize in SEO, Google Ads management, social media marketing, e-commerce services, and website design. In addition to its head office in Sydney, Whitehat Agency also has offices in Brisbane, Kathmandu, the Philippines and India, with expansion plans in Australia currently underway.

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