The best US cities for freelancers revealed

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For many, working full time in the office feels like an eternity. With the introduction of work from home and hybrid working in response to COVID-19, many workers in the United States no longer use traditional office spaces. This increasing flexibility and lack of travel has led to an increase in the number of freelancers, with nearly 51% of the U.S. workforce is expected to be freelancing by 2027*.

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Deciding to become self-employed is an important decision in itself, given the importance of insurance coverage, the headache of self-employment taxes and other factors, choosing where to be self-employed can make or break the benefits. potentials. Will it be financially viable with the additional resources a freelancer might need, such as Wi-Fi costs or the price of renting a meeting room? Will you need access to coworking spaces and offices to meet the demands of your role?

A new study from ToolTester analyzed exactly that, in order to educate potential freelancers on where they will make the most of their income.

The 15 best cities in the United States to be a freelancer

Rank Town State Number of coworking spaces Avg. cost of coworking spaces/month Avg. Wi-Fi cost/pm Number of coworking offices Number of meeting rooms Avg. meeting room cost /ph Index score
1 dallas TX 50 $267.39 $92.49 140 47 $32.04 79.4
2 Jacksonville Florida ten $244.57 $78.17 89 18 $37.06 76.4
3 Houston TX 62 $254.28 $68.33 366 88 $34.47 76.0
4 Memphis NT 24 $310.75 $78.17 60 9 $27.30 76.0
5 Indianapolis IN 39 $229.83 $96.49 65 20 $29.25 74.8
6 Kansas City MO 34 $249.88 $103.33 70 12 $29.40 74.3
seven Salt Lake City Utah 32 $288.44 $55.00 26 14 $28.75 74.1
8 Knoxville NT seven $254.00 $78.17 22 5 $31.30 73.1
9 denver CO 94 $283.92 $54.16 69 36 $35.60 72.6
ten Miami Florida 33 $219.78 $78.17 170 33 $42.78 72.6
11 Durham CN 11 $222.33 $92.49 37 13 $34.53 72.4
12 Charlotte CN 44 $274.54 $92.49 100 30 $29.28 71.9
13 Tampa Florida 30 $270.44 $86.66 77 21 $39.43 71.2
14 Irving TX 6 $207.00 $88.33 41 12 $25.30 70.9
15 fort worth TX 11 $280.60 $92.49 42 11 $24.94 70.5

Dallas wins gold and Texas takes the crown

With a low cost of living, great (albeit warm) weather, and a vibrant social scene, coupled with necessities for freelancers (like relatively low Wi-Fi and coworking space costs), Dallas is the best place for a freelancer to maximize their personal life. and professional well-being. That said, while Dallas may have come in first place, three other Texas cities (Houston, Irving, and Fort Worth) landed in the top 15. The high number of Lone Star cities makes Texas the best state in the country for freelancers.

Jacksonville is the second best American city

Known as Jax by locals, Jacksonville is a great destination for freelancers – with a low cost of living and plenty of beaches, parks, and cafes for non-office workers to open their computers and get to work. Additionally, Jacksonville offers one of the lowest monthly Wi-Fi costs, the fifth lowest cost to rent coworking space, and 89 coworking offices, putting the Florida city in second place. If you’re an independent who loves warm weather, Jacksonville, Miami, and Tampa are your best options in the sunshine state.

Torrance is the worst city to be self-employed in the United States

With just five coworking spaces and the average office space costing you $103, Torrance, California is the worst city for freelancers. With a working population of around 72,000 people, there is only one coworking space for every 14,400 employees. With only two meeting rooms available for rent at monthly costs of $420 for office space, Torrance earned the lowest score on our Freelancers Index.


For a detailed breakdown of the 20 worst cities and other metrics such as the number of free Wi-Fi points and tax rates by city, check out the full study here.

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