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Ransomware infections from large companies may attract attention, but they don’t mean micro businesses aren’t vulnerable.

In fact, according to GoDaddy, many small UK businesses have been hit by ransomware over the past year, resulting in financial losses and a negative impact on their reputation.

In addition, most micro businesses do not have website protection.

More than a third (34%) of UK micro-businesses have suffered a cybersecurity breach in the past year, costing them around $ 226 million, according to the website’s creator.

A fifth (21%) lost more than $ 1,300 as a result of the breach, and many had their websites shut down for a week or more in 14% of cases.

Reputation damage can be serious.

Many businesses are concerned about reputational damage from a data breach, and GoDaddy found that 15% of customers would avoid doing business with a breached business, while 47% said such an event “would have a negative impact on their likelihood of buying there again “.

As a result of a data breach, consumers’ opinions of a business “regardless of size or brand name” could drop dramatically. A quarter (23%) would even advise family and friends to stop shopping on the site.

Small businesses have a lot more to lose in percentage terms, as the financial impact can be greater, according to Ben Law, director of GoDaddy UK & Ireland.

“With the right tools and solutions in place, you can dramatically improve the integrity of your online business and your business as well as the protection of customer data,” he said.

Micro businesses were found to be less likely than large businesses (69% vs. 70%) to have some form of website security or protection.

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